Ajou University is an excellent university located in Suwon, Korea. It is established in 1973 through an agreement between France and Korea when Korea went through the industrialization period. This university was a critical part of the industrialization of Korea because it supplied many scientists, engineers, and intellects needed for industrialization. Since its founding, it has continued to educate many students.

After its foundation, Ajou University has been taken over by Kim Woo-Jung, the chairman of Daewoo corporation. The chairman has gained much wealth through his corporation and wanted to contribute his wealth to society. In order to do this, he has contributed much of his wealth to the operation of Ajou University and took a critical role in its development.

The motto of this university is “Asia’s best university for the 21st century” and strives to be Asia’s best. It has very good programs in Business Administration, physical sciences, engineering, International Studies, and computer science. Also, Ajou University is famous for its hospital and the School of Medicine which is one of the best university hospitals in Korea. Also, another goal that this university had was becoming “MIT of Asia.” Because of this motto, they have put many resources to expand their engineering facilities.

Ajou University currently has approximately 10,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students studying at various programs in 10 colleges and a graduate school. These students get an excellent education from qualified faculty of 1,700 professors. Also, this university has the vision to gain more international students and welcomes approximately 750 international students a year.

Ajou University Rankings

This university is widely regarded in Korea to be one of the best universities in the nation. You ranked it to be 16th in Korea. Also, Top Universities ranked it to be 138th best university in Asia, and Times Higher Education has ranked it to be the 151-160th best university in Asia. This academic quality and the qualified professors at Ajou University are some of the reasons for these high rankings among thousands of universities.

Admissions and Acceptance Rate

Ajou University welcomes international students and wants to make the admissions process to be smooth and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, they have an admission guideline for international students that includes the admission timeline, required documents, and resources for international students. If you want to see this information, visit the Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions Page.

The acceptance rates of Ajou University for international students are around 30%-50% depending on the major. These acceptance rates are much higher for international students than for Korean students because the university wants to recruit international students to improve the global rankings.

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Ajou University Tuition

The tuition for undergraduate students is $3,000-$4,000 per semester depending on the field of study, and the tuition for graduate students is $5,500 per semester. There are also additional fees such as housing and meals. If you want more information, visit the tuition fee pages for undergraduate and graduate students.

Ajou University Scholarships

Although the tuition fee itself is very high, this university offers scholarships to help offset the cost for international students. Some students might come from not a good financial background and could not attend Ajou University without scholarships.

Undergraduate students who get a level 4 in their TOPIK can get up to a 100% tuition fee waiver. Qualified graduate students can also get tuition waivers of up to 80% for Masters and 100% for PhDs.


For more information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Page.


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