Appalachian State University is a university that values experience and a conducive learning environment. It upholds the virtue of knowledge, acceptance, and global awareness. If you share these same ideals, you might enjoy your University life with Appalachian. In this article, we will be looking at the Appalachian State University acceptance rate.

This University is one of the seventeen academic institutions under the University of North Carolina System. Also, Appalachian State University, or App State, ranked third in the number of students who engage in temporary international study grants. Thus, multicultural responsiveness is part of this institution’s culture.

Established in 1899, Appalachian State University was brought forth by the spirit of overcoming mountains of hardships and struggles. This essence embodied this university and continues to pass on the same to its higher education institutions. Thus, despite the passing of more than a century, Appalachian students continue to strive their best to surpass challenges. In the end, they all share the Appalachian experience that goes beyond changing their lives and perspective – a world-changing experience.

Eventually, Appalachian State University became the premier public undergraduate and graduate institution in North Carolina. It is proud to preparing its students to steer them into living purpose-driven lives. Also, it inculcates social awareness and responsibility to raise them as upright global citizens. With these, students are encouraged to engage in projects, discussions, and research activities about international sustainability.

App State is also pleased with its inclusive environment. Students with diverse nationalities, religions, and ideologies come here together to collaborate and grow in stature respectively. Each of them had acquired an academic passion and real-life fortitude while maintaining respect for each other. Indeed, Appalachian is a great multi-cultural University for students from every corner of the world. If you would like to study at this institution, it is quite easy since the acceptance rate at Appalachian State University is 70%.

This state university encourages learning through mentorship. Every school year, App State has more than 19,000 student enrollees. Despite this number, it maintains a low student-to-faculty ratio. This allows professors to know and understand their students, and the opportunity for the students to delve more into the different subject matters.

There are more than 150 undergraduate and graduate programs at Appalachian State University. Notwithstanding that it also offers certificate, doctorate, and even pre-professional programs. Among their well-known majors are Accounting (BSBA), Chemistry (BS) – Environmental, Criminal Justice (BSCJ) – International Studies, Psychology (BS) – Sustainability, Sustainable Development (BS) – Environmental Studies, among many progressive others.

Simultaneous with App State’s challenging academic degrees, the University also encourages its students to engage in various co-curricular activities. App State holds that only through these experiences outside the classroom can students become involved and accountable global citizens.

Acceptance Rate at Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University has an acceptance rate of 70 percent. In other words, you are likely to get admitted to this university provided that you pass their minimum standards.

To be admitted, it is recommended that your SAT score ranges from 1150-1220. Also, your ACT score should at least be between 23-27. If you scored better than these, then you could be rest assured to get into this institution.

After all, Appalachian State University is an inclusive academic institution.


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