Funded by the Filipino Government, CHED Scholarship Scheme was established to provide funding to talented students; however, this news might disappoint the majority of our readers since CHED Scholarship is only for Filipino citizens. Yes, that’s right, I thought you might need to hear this bad news first since Filipino citizenship is one of the eligibility requirements for this government scholarship. If you are from the Phillippines, then you are can continue to read on, but if you are an international student whose origin is not of the Phillippines, then please visit our homepage for updated scholarship posts.

Eligibility Requirements of CHED Scholarship

There are several key requirements that you need to pass in order to apply for CHED Scholarship. You already heard the basic one, which is Filipino citizenship, and the next ones cover your academic scores, financial background, and your future academic programs. Even though you might think that these requirements might be harsh, CHED Scholarship was established to award financial aid mainly to talented students from poor economic background. To make it easy for your eye, I have bolded and listed the five eligibility requirements of CHED Scholarship.

  • Be a Filipino Citizen
  • Be a Graduating High School Student Or a High School Graduate
  • Have a General Weighted Average (GWA) That is 90% Above or Its Equivalent
  • Your Parent’s Gross Income Should Not Be More Than Php 400,000.00
  • Be Enrolled in Any of the CHED Priority Courses

To go more in-depth with the eligibility requirements, the GWA is the academic merit that you need to provide, and the financial background is basically your parent’s income. Last but not least, you can see the CHED priority courses listed on the bottom of the official scholarship website. To give you guys a little encouragement, I will also list the values of CHED Scholarship, but you need to remember that this award is given in Filipino pesos and not in dollars. Also, I did a little research behind the scenes, but the CHED Scholarship Award only covers a quarter of tuition fees for popular universities in Phillippines. Don’t be discouraged by this news since you might be able to find great universities that offer affordable education to Filipino citizens.

Scholarship Values

  • PSP 60,000.00 per year ~ Psp 20,000.00 per year

There are two different categories of scholarships, and those two categories divide into full and half scholarships. Just to give up guys a heads up, the CHED Scholarship Committee mainly focuses on two things, which are academic achievement and financial need. Among those two factors, academic achievement plays a more important role since your hard work is seen through your academic grades and not through your parent’s income. Even if your parents gain a higher income than parents of other applicants, you can still pull through if your academic merit is way off the charts.

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How to Apply for CHED Scholarship

You looked through the eligibility requirements and the scholarship values, and you are probably thinking, “Now what?” The next step that you should probably take is to file an application form for CHED Scholarship. In order to make the application process way easier, CHED Scholarship Program has established different offices dedicated to CHED Scholarship Applications. These offices are called CHEDRO, and each of these offices covers a different region in Phillippines. Since there is no detailed list of high schools in each of these regions, the first step that you need to make is to call one of the CHEDRO offices to check where your high school is located.

1. Determine the Region Where Your High School is Located

I think one of the omitted eligibility requirements is that you need to attend one of the high schools located in Phillippines. You might be a Filipino citizen, but you can’t really apply for CHED Scholarship if your high school isn’t located in the Phillippines. Also, it really doesn’t make sense to convert the Filipino pesos into dollars or to some other currency since PSP is worth way less than most currencies around the world. After covering that factor, you probably have figured out the which region that your high school is located, and CHEDRO stands for CHED Regional Office.

2. Apply Through Your CHEDRO Link

For each of the corresponding regions in Phillippines, there will be a CHEDRO designated for each region. Since you have already figured out the corresponding CHED Regional Office to your high school, you just have to click on your CHEDRO link to submit the scholarship application. After that, you are on your own since you need to submit the scholarship application with your own personal information. Also, be sure to apply on time since there is an application deadline for CHED Scholarship. To see the links provided by CHED Regional Office, please click on this link.

Video Guide for CHED Scholarship

For those of you who might not know this information, we also have a youtube channel dedicated to scholarship application and admissions application. Currently, we are trying to couple our posts with youtube videos, so that you have a video source to go to when you need help applying for a scholarship or for admissions. As always, good luck and have fun!


I hope that this article on CHED Scholarship was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.