On the 12th of March 1885, Arizona State University was created and it was situated around the Phoenix metropolitan area. Based on the number of students in the institution, ASU is among the largest in the US. In this article, we will cover the history and the acceptance rate at Arizona State University.

There is an estimated undergraduate student population of 83,544, while the graduate students are estimated to be close to 20,000. When it was established, ASU went by the name “Territorial Normal School” created with the aim of training teachers in Arizona before it became Arizona State University in 1958.

There are 16 faculties at ASU offering various academic courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The College of Letters and Sciences and School for the Future of Innovation in Society established in 2015 are the newest faculties at ASU.

The Tempe campus in Tempe, the Downtown Phoenix camp, the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, and the West campus in Glendale are the four campuses of ASU in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Despite having four campuses, the institution has continued to describe itself as “one university in many places.”

The institution also offers accommodation to a lot of students, and there are over 15 school-owned hostels on all the campuses.

Asides from the area of research and student population, ASU also stands in terms of its unique academic program. The school offers online courses to students, and its online program has the highest number of students in the US, with an estimate of 30,000 students enrolled as of 2018. There are over 300 bachelor’s degree awarding courses at ASU and almost 100 graduate disciplines on offer. If you want, you can easily be enrolled at this school because the ASU acceptance rate is 82%.

Based on the Shanghai ranking in 2018, ASU is positioned between the 47-58th spot in the US, while the institution seats comfortably between the 101st-150th position in the world. The online bachelor degree program at ASU was listed to be the 4th among universities offering online degrees in the US, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

The student community at ASU is a vibrant one, with students belonging to different organizations, fraternities, and societies. In the institution, the Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU) is the student governing body, consisting of all the union governments of each campus. For all students living on campus, the Residence Hall Association is the student body in charge of the administration of the halls.

The Acceptance Rate at Arizona State University

The admission rate at ASU is very high. In the last five years, the acceptance rate at ASU has been between the range of 79-85%. During the latest academic session, about 34,000 students applied to ASU, and a whopping 28,000 freshmen were offered admission into the institution, which means that the acceptance rate at Arizona State University is 82%.

However, only 36% of the students offered admission enrolled at the school. As regards international students, ASU has a population of 10,268 students from different parts of the world, representing 14% of the population. This gives credence to the fact that ASU is a diverse community.


I hope that this article on the Arizona State University acceptance rate was helpful. For more information about studying abroad, feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students.