Aston University was established in 1895 near the city center of Birmingham as the Birmingham Municipal Technical School. The city is the largest center of higher education outside of London in the entire country, and the school received official university status after receiving its royal charter in 1966. While being renamed Aston University, the school has continued its tradition of harboring an innovative approach to learning in order to provide education to a diverse group of intelligent and dedicated students, such as being one of the first universities to offer a placement year so that students could gain valuable employment experience and expanding their study. International students are eligible to receive Aston University scholarships!

There are over 10,000 undergraduates and an additional 2,500 postgraduate students at the University. Courses are taught at five different schools, including a Medical School. Besides the strong emphasis on continuing to offer placement years, another example of the unique education approaches is the Aston University Engineering Academic. This school at the edge of campus provides opportunities for students aged 14-19 to begin taking university-level classes. Another example is the success of the Aston University Online program, which extends the classroom beyond the walls of Aston.

Outside of Aston University Online, all of the Aston academic faculties and departments are contained within a beautiful 60-acre campus in Gosta Green. Aston University even a long history of partnering with the city to support the  Birmingham Science Park Aston beginning in 1983.

Continued investment in the £2.93m endowment allows Aston University to supply grant income to support student organizations such as the Student Union, as well as campus amenities such as a 24-hour library and athletic and sports facilities.

Aston University proudly publishes a list of the fifty greatest alumni in the school’s history. Inspired by the research and intellectual dialogue cultivated at Aston, these individuals along with countless others have found success as leading doctors and surgeons, CEO’s, highly regarded academics, and beyond. Almost all of these individuals can trace their success to their formative years and experiences established at Aston University.

Aston University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Unfortunately, there isn’t any financial support offered by the school for undergraduate students. If you do want to apply for scholarships, you will need to apply for external scholarships.

Aston University Scholarships (Graduate)

For those that are wanting to go to graduate school, there are many Aston University scholarships available for international students. For more information, visit the Scholarships Page.

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If you want to apply to Aston University, visit the Admissions Page. On this page, you will see various information such as Language requirements, fees, accommodation, rankings, and application procedures. So, please look through and thoroughly read the information that is found on this page.

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