Auburn University’s rich history can be traced back to the East Alabama College established in 1856. The school’s name was changed to Mechanical and Agricultural College of Alabama in 1872. AU was the first institute of higher learning in Alabama to have both male and female students in 1892. Seven years after it became coeducational AU also undertook another change of name as it became Alabama Polytechnic institute. As a result of offering more than technological and agricultural programs, it became Auburn University in 1960. To know the acceptance rate at Auburn University, continue to read this article.

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and the college of agriculture were the first two faculties established at AU in 1872. The college of education launched in 1915 changed the orientation of the school from being a technological and agricultural school. However, it should be pointed out that two faculties that could be categorized under technical-based orientation were in existence before the college of education namely: James Harrison School of Pharmacy, and the college of veterinary medicine launched in 1885 and 1907 respectively. There are 13 faculties at AU, offering over 100 bachelor’s degree courses.

For several years, AU has been ranked among the best institutes of higher learning in the US. Based on the recent report of the U.S. News & World Report, AU is not among the top 100 universities in the US, and it sits in 52nd position on the list of top public universities in the US. The same report ranks AU as the 652nd university in the world. QS ranks the university in the 801st-1000th position in the world. The Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs at AU are regarded as one of the best in the nation, and it was ranked among the top 10 in 2013. You can join this excellent university quite easily because the acceptance rate at Auburn University is 77%.

The school has five dormitories for students’ accommodation on campus, while other students are residing in the environs of the school. The Greek life at AU is quite factional as some of the fraternities and sororities are categorized based on gender. The Auburn Plainsman is the student-controlled radio station of the institution. The institution is among the elite group of schools that have a Youtube channel to broadcast happenings within the school.

The Acceptance Rate at Auburn University

The acceptance rate at Auburn University is quite high. During the latest admission cycle, an estimated 19,400 freshmen applied for admission at the institution, and 15,000 of the applicants were offered admission, representing 77% of applicants. Out of those offered entry, 4,900 freshmen enrolled at the institution, representing 32% of those given admission.

The ACT range of students offered admission into the university has been from 26-28, while the average GPA of students is between 3.5-3.8. The university has a large population of European Americans with an estimated 78% of the student population being white, an issue the school is working towards resolving.


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