Baylor is a proud university located in the beautiful city of Waco, Texas. It holds the distinction of being the oldest running university in the whole state of Texas. Baylor is a private Christian university under the Baptist denomination. However, even if the university naturally operates under strong Christian values, students from every faith and belief are welcome. In this article, we will be discussing the acceptance rate at Baylor University.

The Baylor campus is a large 1,000-acre area sprawled along the majestic Brazos River. Baylor has 12 academic divisions that each has several undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs students can choose from. These add up to about 120 undergraduate programs, more than 70 master’s programs, and about 40 doctorate programs. Baylor’s scientific research facilities and programs are especially strong and so too are its health sciences programs. Music and theatre arts are also prioritized and major musical and theatre productions are held several times every academic year. It is also very important to note that the business program in Baylor is superb, and this is made evident by the fact that the building for their business program looks like a Fortune 500 company. Baylor Law is also top-ranked not only in Texas but also in the entire US. Baylor University simply is just a very strong academic university.

At any given time, Baylor will have a total student population of about 17,000 with 14,000 undergrads and 3,000 graduate students. About 40% of these students live on campus in the 12 residence halls in Baylor. The female to male ratio is about 6:4. The student-to-teacher ratio is about 14:1, and most average classes will have a class size of about 25 students. The professors employed are world-class but still foster relating to their students on a more personal level. If you would like to attend this excellent university, you will need to be an excellent student because the acceptance rate at Baylor is quite low.

There are quite a few traditions at Baylor that make life studying there a very enjoyable experience. The first tradition that each freshman experiences is Moving Day. On Moving Day, hundreds of upperclassmen, professors, and university staff help the freshmen and their families with their luggage. This serves as a nice warm welcome to the university as well as practical and much-needed help with the logistics of moving heavy bags and the overwhelming emotions of saying their goodbyes. Another unique Baylor tradition is the Baylor Line where the freshmen stand under the bleachers of the football field, run towards the field and welcome the players in with cheers and high fives. Go Bears! Since Baylor is along the Brazos River, students and Waco residents who like to enjoy the game can upgrade their tailgating into sail gating where they enjoy the game on their boats.

Baylor has over 300 clubs and student organizations that students can choose to affiliate with for both their personal, professional, and academic growth.

Acceptance Rate at Baylor University

Baylor has an acceptance rate of about 40%. Baylor considers composite scores for ACT and SAT. Mean ACT scores for accepted students are about 1280 and mean composite scores are about 29. Since they are considering composite scores, applicants are encouraged to send in their best test ratings for both ACT and SAT upon application.


I hope that this article on Baylor University’s acceptance rate was helpful. Interested to study abroad? Check out these Available Programs for International Students.