Baylor University, or simply Baylor, is a prestigious Baptist private university based in Waco, Texas. Founded in 1845, Baylor became one of the first-ever universities in the, then, Republic of Texas, and is now the longest operating one in the state of Texas.

Religion plays a big part within the institution, as Baylor is often considered the largest and most important Baptist university in the world. Its main campus in the historical city of Waco is set in a picturesque location allowing the students to participate in all sorts of activities outside of school and is considered to be one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. Since 1914, Baylor’s official mascot is “the Bear”. In this article, we will be looking at Baylor University scholarships for international students.

International Students at Baylor University

Due to its religious background, Baylor University isn’t particularly popular and famous with international students. There are currently only around 715 international students attending Baylor, making up about 4,5% of the total student population.

Despite the limited interest from international students, Baylor Is dedicated to making all foreign students comfortable and engaged in the school and considers them a valued part of their community. They offer a specialized Resource Hub where international students can find resources on a variety of different topics that will help them address their issues.

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Tuition Fee at Baylor University for International Students

With a tuition fee of $50,000 per year, Baylor is one of the most expensive universities in the US, and with that, in the entire world. In addition to that, students will also have to pay just over $12,000 for accommodation and food. For graduate students, the tuition fee is around $40,000.

Since Baylor is a private institution, this tuition fee is charged to all students, regardless of their residency status. You can find more information on tuition and other fees here.

International Admissions Guide at Baylor University

Students can begin the admission process either during the Early Decision or the Regular deadline. Applications can be completed in three different ways: Baylor Online Application, Common Application, and ApplyTexas. The university doesn’t have a preferred method of application, but it does require every applicant to create a goBAYLOR account.

During the application, students will be asked to provide all of the necessary documentation including high school or bachelor’s degree transcripts, test scores, an essay, and potentially some other documents required by the specific program that one is applying for. Both graduate and undergraduate applicants can check on their application status through their goBAYLOR account.

Application Fee at Baylor University

Unlike most other well-known universities in the world, Baylor doesn’t charge any application fees for undergraduate applicants, and they can complete the entire application process for free. Graduate applicants, however, have to pay an undisclosed application fee.

Admissions Requirements at Baylor University for International Students

The most important admission requirements that Baylor takes into account when making a decision on a certain applicant is their SAT and ACT scores, as well as their high school class rank. Applicants are expected to be near the top of their class and meet the minimum SAT and ACT scores. A completion of a college preparatory program is also required to be accepted. During the application process, applicants are also required to write an essay.

Recommendations are also a plus, but not required. The only additional requirement that international students need to meet is providing proof of their English language proficiency. Applicants from certain countries may also need to have their diplomas or degrees accredited before applying.


Baylor is highly regarded among many national and international rating services. It currently stands at the 76th position on the list of National Universities according to the US News University Rankings. When it comes to specific subjects, Baylor accounting graduates are considered the 6th best in the entire nation. Baylor is also considered as one of the most innovative universities in the US, occupying the 25th spot in that category.

Acceptance Rate

With an acceptance rate of 45%, Baylor is a moderately selective university when it comes to admission, and is much less strict than some of the other top universities in the US. Considering the fact that the application process is free, this number is very high. The average GPA of students who are currently attending Baylor is 3.72 on a 4.0 scale. However, the minimum accepted GPA is lower. SAT and ACT scores are also taken into account.

Baylor University Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. International Student Scholarship

All first-year or transfer international students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at Baylor can apply for the International Student Scholarship. Students can apply for this Baylor University scholarship through their go BAYLOR account once they have officially been admitted to the university. Students must meet the application deadline for the scholarship.

Applications for this scholarship will be reviewed based on the CSS / Financial Aid Profile that the students created either during the application process or after they have been admitted.

2. Need-based scholarships

All Baylor students, including international ones, are eligible to apply for a need-based scholarship. To demonstrate financial need, students are required to complete their CSS / Financial Aid Profile to express their financial need, and type in the Baylor University’s code (6032) to make sure that your submission is shared with Baylor’s Financial Aid office. Not all students who apply will be granted Baylor University scholarships, and the amount received varies based on the financial need of the student.

Baylor University offers many other scholarships for its undergraduate students. You can learn more about the different options available on the following link.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Fellowships

Baylor University offers its graduate students a variety of fellowships that they can complete and work on during their studies in order to financially support themselves and gain some valuable knowledge and experience in their chosen field. To apply for this Baylor University scholarship for international students, students need to simply complete an online application form.

2. Tuition Remission and Stipends

Nearly all Ph.D. students attending Baylor University have their tuition fees waived as part of their involvement in various research projects or teaching assistantships. They also have 80% of their health insurance covered.

Masters students are also eligible for Baylor University scholarships in the form of stipends which can cover either the entirety or half of the tuition fees. Considering Waco’s low cost of living, this means that students can comfortably complete their graduate studies. For specific stipends or assistantship opportunities, students should consult with the department of the program that they are attending. Most departments have a variety of funding options available.

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