As one of the many liberal arts colleges in the United States, Berea College stands for something different. While hosts of other universities and academic institutions charge tuition fees and room & board, Berea College provides extensive financial support to every incoming student. If you are reading this post, you are probably an international student who is trying to study abroad, but the main problem that you are facing is your financial need. You are already spending a lot trying to get over here to the United States, but you have to spend way more than that depending on the cost of attendance charged by your university. If you have been struggling with your financial burden, then you have good news since Berea College is here to help. 

Berea College Scholarships for International Students

As I have said before, Berea College offers financial support to every student, which meant that every student at Berea College is charged zero dollars for his tuition. Even better, international students are given a full-ride scholarship which lasts for their whole academic career, and you even get to participate in a work-study program that pays for your personal expenses. To basically give you a quick background, I will list all the financial benefits that Berea College offers only to international students. 

Scholarship Values for International Students

  • Free Tuition
  • Free Room & Board (Living Expenses and Food-Related Costs)
  • Coverage for Mandatory Fees (Insurance Plus Other)
  • Work-Study Programs*

*For some students out there, work-study program might be a new term that you haven’t heard before. It is basically an on-campus job provided by Berea College, and it is not just for international students with a specific major. The work-study programs are for everyone to participate since it mostly involves working with paperwork, with people, and with your wor supervisors. Since work-study students are paid by how much they work, you can use your wage as a monthly allowance for personal expenses.

There is additional good news. Even though Berea College Scholarships are full of benefits, you don’t have to compete for this scholarship since it is given to every international student who gets admitted into Berea College. Yes, you will automatically receive all these financial benefits if you get admitted into this institution. You might be highly doubtful of this information, so you might need proof. I’ll be happy to provide you with concrete information by providing you with the link to Berea College financial website, so be sure to double-check my words before you go further in. 

For Written Proof of Berea’s Automatic Scholarships, Click Here

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How to Apply for Berea’s College Scholarships

After you have finally convinced yourself of this great news, you might be wondering how you will get the Berea College Scholarship is the first place. In order to provide you with the helpful information, I have created a video guide that you can use to apply for this scholarship, so be sure to take advantage of this video guide by following the steps for application. Before I finally lose you to the video guide down below, I want to give you advice when you are searching for scholarships. Keep in mind that there is no limit on how many scholarships that you can apply for, and there is no restraint on your potential since you choose to overcome an obstacle or not. Be sure to take advantage of this helpful information since we are always here to help.


I hope that this article on Brea College Scholarships was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.