Do you possess a genius musical talent? Or at least, you have a knack for playing musical instruments and wish to make a great career out of it? Whatever your reasons may be, as long as it has something to do with music, Berklee College of Music is a place to be. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Berklee College of Music.

Berklee College of Music is the largest autonomous college of music in the whole world. A private music college in Boston, Massachusetts, Berklee is popular for the study of both jazz and modern American music, among other musical genres from classical to heavy metal. Throughout its establishment in 1945, Berklee alumni have notable brought home 294 Grammy Awards, 95 Latin Grammy Awards, 19 Emmy Awards, 5 Tony Awards, and 5 Academy Awards. This is significantly more than any other music school there is.

These successes can be attributed to Berklee’s dedication to nurturing both the creativity and career potential of its students. The institution holds that with the students’ commitment to arts education together with the guidance of its notable faculty, they could all become the world’s best artists – which most of them are becoming. If this college is your dream, you need to be a very good musician since the acceptance rate at the Berklee College of Music is 53%.

Berklee College of Music was established by Lawrence Berk in 1945. It has a humble beginning as Schillinger House – the first college-level academic institution in the United States where the basis of its program revolves around jazz.

This establishment was brought forth by Berk’s desire to develop talents through contemporary music education. Through providing the students with both theoretical and practical application in music as an art discipline, they were geared to become world-class musicians. Two decades later, this passion boomed – a then tiny studio grew into a large music school that housed many popular artists we know today.

Today, Berklee continues its mission to discover, educate, and develop students to strive and excel in music as a profession. The core philosophy behind its curriculum is the development of the students’ musicianship through self-discipline, empathy, and creativity.  These qualities are expressed through a wide array of academic and hands-on learning experiences combined with writing and performance.

Indeed, Berklee College of Music became the world’s leading learning laboratory of music where artistic virtuosity and ingenuine passion integrate and interplay.

Berklee offers a variety of programs: undergraduate, graduate, online degrees, certificates, and individual online course programs, among many more others. In all these options, the courses are taught by the college’s handpicked talented faculty members. Further, Berklee is a partner of a lot of music education institutions and other organizations around the world. This provides its students with a lot of opportunities to further their talents and career.

Indeed, Berklee College of Music is a remarkable academic institution of music that has a proven track record in producing fine artists and musicians.

Acceptance rate at Berklee College of Music

With the popularity and exclusivity of Berklee College of Music, it has maintained a relatively competitive admission rate among its applicants. After all, it takes commitment and aptitude to get into this prestigious music school. Berklee College of Music has a competitive acceptance rate of 53 percent.

If you would like to attend the university, you should polish up your skills, hold on to your dreams, and get into Berklee College of Music.


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