Accounting is one of the best-paid fields in Europe, with many qualified accountants making over $40,000 per year. Even so, accounting is also a challenging field to get into, with students needing a background in mathematics and the theory of accounting. For students interested in pursuing a career in this field, there are several interesting options. Today, we will discuss some of the best accounting schools in Europe.

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Top Accounting Schools in Europe

1. University of Amsterdam

Students interested in studying accounting will have plenty of options to choose from at the University of Amsterdam, which is considered one of the best accounting schools in Europe. There are several degree courses available at all levels, from bachelor’s to Ph.D. Just some of these include the bachelor’s in Economics and Business Economics as well as a master’s in accountancy and control. Completing these courses gives students the chance to become registered accountants within the Netherlands.

Outside of accounting, the University of Amsterdam has an incredible reputation around the world. The QS World University Rankings, for example, ranks it as the 55th best in the world. Students that attend this university will benefit not only from the quality of teaching but also from the strong position the university has.

2. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Founded in 1913, Erasmus University Rotterdam has grown into one of the most important universities in the Netherlands. For prospective students of accounting, there are several great courses available at the master’s and doctoral levels. Some of these degrees include accounting, auditing, and controls, as well as the masters in accounting and financial management.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is ranked as the 62nd best university in the world, according to US News. This is a clear demonstration of the academic prowess of the university. Outside of this, however, the university also has a vast array of extracurricular programs that are worth getting involved in. With over 20 sports clubs and many more covering a wide range of interests, there is always something interesting taking place on the campus.

3. Aalto University

Founded in 2010, Aalto University is one of the best accounting schools in Europe. Prospective students can look to join a variety of courses at all levels. In each of these courses, students will learn about important accounting principles, as well as develop their analysis and mathematical skills. All of these skills will be incredibly useful in any accounting role, and Aalto is one of the best places to learn them.

The university itself is also well-regarded outside of its accounting program. As of today, Aalto University ranks as the 112th best university, according to the QS World University Rankings.

4. HEC Paris School of Management

Founded over 140 years ago in Paris, the HEC Paris School of Management is known as one of the best accounting and management schools in Europe. For students that want to study accounting, the department offers an option at Masters and Doctoral levels.

While studying at the school, students of this excellent accounting school will learn advanced principles of accounting, such as bankruptcy prediction, earnings management, and auditing. These programs are oriented towards professional development, with many lectures being held by industry leaders.

The HEC Paris campus is built around a 19th-century chateau, giving the campus a unique look when compared to many other universities. The school is home to a wide variety of facilities, such as many walking lanes, a large number of restaurants, as well as a contemporary art center.

5. Bocconi University

Located in the majestic city of Milan, Bocconi University is widely regarded as one of the best universities in Italy. For example, the university was recently ranked as the 5th best international business school, according to Bloomberg.

The university offers several degrees at bachelor’s and master’s levels. As a leading accounting school in Europe, Bocconi University’s students will study topics such as managerial accounting and financial statements analysis. These topics will give students the chance to improve their accounting skills in preparation for their future careers.

6. University of Cambridge

The Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge is home to the Master of Accounting. Students that successfully join this program will get the chance to study topics such as data analysis, predictive analytics, and financial statement analysis. Once this course is completed, students can either continue their education with Cambridge, earning either the unique Business Doctorate or the Ph.D. related to a topic of interest to the student.

One of the most famous universities in the world, the University of Cambridge is home to many excellent programs. Students who graduate from this excellent accounting school will benefit from the university’s famous reputation. As of today, the university is ranked as the 5th best in the world, according to the Times Higher Education rankings.

7. Tilburg University

Regarded as one of the best business colleges in the Netherlands, Tilburg University is home to some of the best accounting programs in the country and continent. As of today, the accounting programs available at Tilburg are ranked as the 36th best in the world, according to the QS rankings.

The Department of Accountancy is home to programs at all levels, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. Students interested in accounting must first complete their bachelor’s in economics and management before moving on to the master’s of accounting.

Students who complete any of these degrees can be sure that they are learning from the best. All of these degrees are supported by the CFA Institute, giving students the chance to be recognized as chartered financial analysts.

In conclusion, there are a large number of European colleges that offer excellent accounting programs. The universities discussed above are just some of the best.


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