With the privatization of the space industry, aerospace engineering has greatly increased in popularity due to companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin. What may be most convincing for you in the field apart from the prestige of working for a space program, or as an airplane engineer, is the good salary that comes with the job. So considering you are an enthusiastic student searching for the best education, here are some of the best aerospace engineering schools in the world.

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Top Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning MIT. The institute is widely known for having some of the best engineering programs in the world. Besides the fact that the average MIT graduate earns six figures, if you dream of having a big role in the space industry, MIT students have had the opportunity to work directly with NASA and have famously engineered the scientific payload MOXIE used in NASA’s Mars mission. The crown jewel of aerospace engineering at MIT is Aeroastro spanning the sectors of air, space, and computing. With scientists of the greatest caliber, Aeroastro is the world’s greatest research hub for working on aerospace technologies.

In the end, the main aspect that determines a great program is its people, and MIT is the home of the world’s greatest minds. Indeed, MIT is one of the best schools for aerospace engineering.

2. California Institute of Technology

Although not an Ivy League school, it’s easy to say that Caltech is a contender for being among the top aerospace engineering institutions. Caltech, unfortunately, does not offer a Bachelor’s Degree, but its graduate studies are particularly attractive for their shortness, and well-renowned reputation. Students at Caltech have great opportunities to hone their research skills and participate in research on fields such as space technology and aerospace autonomous systems to name a few.

Being ranked lower than MIT and outperformed in focuses such as research and achievement, Caltech is considered as a tiny powerhouse in science & engineering, though it outperforms MIT in its learning experience, being the best school for a quality learning experience.

3. Beihang University

If you are interested in pursuing your degree in Asia, Beihang University is as good as it gets. Ranking first on the shanghai list in the field, Beihang is one of China’s most prestigious universities in the field of engineering. The university’s department takes part in leading research on aircraft and spacecraft design in China and is the best gateway to becoming part of China’s space program.

One of Beihang’s top qualities derives from its international academic exchange, having hundreds of scientists and professors from around the world give lectures, participate in seminars and conferences. With this program, Beihang also gives the opportunity of 600 BUAA faculties to go abroad to collaborate in research and give lectures in top universities.

Since its founding, this excellent aerospace engineering university has had countless research projects being ranked as first in China and receiving countless awards. Some honorary mentions are:

  • The first light aircraft in China
  • The first unmanned aircraft in China
  • A silicon compiler in computer science
  • Shenzhou spacecraft

4. Stanford University

Stanford University is another top aerospace engineering school as its role in the study of engineering and science is unquestionable. Stanford’s research groups work intimately with government research facilities and are leading in aerospace research in the USA. Some of their research focuses on:

  • Autonomous Systems and Controls
  • Cyber Safety and Transportation
  • Future Aircraft and Design
  • Multidisciplinary Computational Aerosciences

Ranked as No.2 in Aerospace Engineering in the US, Stanford is a great choice for both airplane and space enthusiasts. It uniquely offers the opportunity to work on leading research and simultaneously have a highly prestigious degree in engineering.

5. University of Cambridge

The most recognized university in Europe definitely has one of the best Engineering programs. Aside from the prestigious diploma, Cambridge’s course is structured in a way that the first 2 years are focused on general engineering giving its students the flexibility to better look at their interests & talents to help decide their future specialty.

Cambridge graduates of course have many well-paid job options both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Continuing an academic career is a bit different though. Cambridge is internationally known for its research into some of humanity’s most important topics, although their research in Aerospace is incomparable to some of the US universities.

6. National University of Singapore

Singapore is a dream city full of green infrastructure and a multicultural landscape with likely the best educational programs for international students looking for the highest quality. With Singapore being a technological hub, student research opportunities can be alluring for applicants. The university’s engineering branch researches topics such as:

  • Satellite Technologies
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Quantum Engineering

What is most unique about their program is that aerospace & aeronautical engineering are an integrated part of a larger mechanical engineering program, giving the graduates more diverse work opportunities. Although, if that doesn’t satisfy you, Singapore’s university is an amazing stepping stone into pursuing a Master’s Degree abroad.

7. Princeton University

Aerospace engineers from Princeton University have had major roles and impacts in laser technologies, fluid flow modeling, propulsion, and aerospace dynamics for half a century. That being said, Princeton is another excellent aerospace engineering school as it offers top-quality education from an undergraduate to a Ph.D. with great potential for those interested in pursuing a career in scientific research and discovery.


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