Do you want to learn English through an excellent ESL online course that costs only $99 for 100 lessons? You can even do a free trial that includes 10 lessons without any obligations! You don’t even have to enter your credit or debit card number to activate the free trial. If you are satisfied, you can purchase the full package that includes 100 lessons.

A Beka Online ESL Program

This online ESL program is from A Beka, the largest publisher of the Christian homeschooling curriculum. Every year, ABeka sends countless books to millions of people around the world. Its renowned ESL program has taught thousands of foreign students to master the English language, allowing them to study at many different universities. Featuring ESL teachers who have taught for years, its program is one of the most affordable and comprehensive programs in the nation with three different levels. To watch a sample video from level 3, click this link.

Online ESL Program Breakdown (Level 3)

  1. 100 Video lessons—over 50 hours of online video instruction
  2. 1 Language Skills eBook
  3. 3 ESL Reader eBook
  4. 1 Comprehension Read and Think eBook
  5. 40 Optional Phonics Video Lessons
  6. 15 Optional Penmanship Video Lessons
  7. 1 Optional Penmanship Practice workbook

How will this online ESL Program help me in TOEFL?


This program will greatly help you to pronounce words correctly through their 40 optional phonics videos. Also, this program thoroughly teaches words that are commonly mispronounced by foreigners in their video lessons.

Reading Comprehension 

In level 3, they have 3 ebooks that are approximately the same difficulty as the TOEFL. By reading those books and answering questions, your reading comprehension skill will greatly be enhanced.


The online lessons include vocabulary sessions that practice vocabulary. Also, you can strengthen your vocabulary through the use of ebooks.


The teachers at this ESL program have taught for years and are excellent at pronouncing words correctly.  Also, the online ESL program contains a listening and conversation section to improve your listening skills.

Three Levels of the ESL Program

Abeka offers three levels of ESL programs. I included the description of each level from their website.

Level 1 

“A Beka ESL Level 1 (Beginning) is recommended for learners of any age who desire introductory and basic lessons in English vocabulary, pronunciation, and reading and listening comprehension. The teacher begins with individual English sounds, common words, and simple stories that build throughout the course. Extended vocabulary and listening skills (through storytelling) are added as the learner progresses.”

Level 2 

“A Beka ESL Level 2 (Intermediate) is recommended for those with some knowledge of English. The course is intended to help the learner improve his English pronunciation and accent. There is increased emphasis on vocabulary development and reading and listening comprehension. English grammar studies are added for learners who desire to know how the language works.”

Level 3 

A Beka ESL Level 3 (Advanced) is recommended for the English language learner who is familiar with English as a second language but needs to hear English spoken by a native English speaker to increase fluency and vocabulary and to improve pronunciation. Level 3 provides more advanced comprehension practice, word studies, and language studies.”


If you are preparing for the TOEFL, I highly recommend taking Level 3 because this will prepare you the most for TOEFL. If you just want to be better in English, take any level that suits your language skill.

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Free Trial without Any Obligations

The free trial includes:

  1. 5-day subscription
  2. Lessons 1–10
  3. 3 eBooks viewable by using Interactive Adobe Flash
  4. Vocab review cards viewable by using Interactive Adobe Flash

You should definitely try this free trial because you can cancel anytime and don’t have to include your credit or debit card number. To take advantage of this wonderful offer, please click this link.

If you decide to buy the whole package, it is $99 for a 6-month subscription. The participants are limited to your household, and you can replay a lesson up to ten times each.

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I hope this article on the Online ESL Program was helpful to you. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.