Artificial intelligence has made itself evident in our current society with the research and applications that we see. It is present in the digital assistants made available to us, in identification systems for recognition, and in transportation, as we can see in self-driving cars. In studying this field, students will get to explore the newest technologies and challenge themselves in bringing positive change to society through artificial intelligence. Let us take a look at the best artificial intelligence schools in Europe!

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Top Artificial Intelligence Schools in Europe

1. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a recognized university for artificial intelligence in Europe, and one of the prominent universities in the world, with its history and distinguished graduates. The school prides itself on being home to various achievements through its employees and students. Up until now, the university continues to deliver groundbreaking research and influential education. It consists of three main colleges that are also divided into 21 schools. In the College of Science & Engineering, they have the School of Informatics which offers a master’s program in Artificial Intelligence.

As the field of artificial intelligence has an interdisciplinary nature, the students will be exposed to various subject areas in the program, such as the following: cognitive science, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience, and psychology. There are options for the duration of the course where the students can opt to take it full-time for a year or part-time for two or three years. They will get to learn through lectures and projects, which also includes learning about research methods for their dissertation. Some of the courses for this program include machine learning and pattern recognition, natural language understanding, and robotics. The students can expect to gain knowledge on techniques that can be applied for the construction and design of intelligent systems.

2. University College London

The University College London, or UCL, is recognized to be one of the best universities for artificial intelligence in Europe, and a top university worldwide and this can be seen in the World University Rankings as the school was ranked 8th place all over the world. With its continuously developed approach and academic excellence, it is no surprise that the university has produced graduates that excel in their fields.

The UCL has an AI Centre that offers master’s and PhD programs related to artificial intelligence. As part of the training of the students, they are taught to gain the capabilities of building new algorithms and using existing tools for a more in-depth understanding. There is the joint master’s and PhD program on Foundational Artificial Intelligence, which is completed in four years. The students are initially taught modules in master’s programs that would serve as a basis as they go on to their PhD. During the last year, the students have their thesis and are expected to come up with their own papers. There are also other related AI-related master’s programs such as Computer Vision, Computational Statistics, Data Science, and Machine Learning. For the PhD, there is also the AI-Enabled Healthcare program that is offered by the school’s Institute of Health Informatics.

3. Imperial College London

Aside from its recognition as one of the top universities globally and the University of the Year by The Times, the Imperial College London is also known as a leading institution for artificial intelligence in Europe and distinctive as it focuses on the fields of business, engineering, medicine, and science. It boasts itself as an international university with its diverse community and partnerships with institutions around the world. The school’s Department of Computing is leading in the list of computing departments in the UK with its expertise in research and academics. Under the department, they have master’s programs on Artificial Intelligence.

There are three master’s programs on AI: Artificial Intelligence, a joint program of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and master’s in research for AI and Machine Learning. All these programs have a duration of one year. The solo Artificial Intelligence program is fitting for students that do not have a background in computer science, while the joint master’s program with Machine Learning is for the students with a background in computing and would like to improve their knowledge, along with learning about AI and machine learning. On the other hand, the MRes program for AI and machine learning is for those that want to enhance their research skills. It also focuses more on the practical application of artificial intelligence where the students will have a project on creating a research proposal related to real-world business problems.

4. KU Leuven

The KU Leuven is part of the oldest universities and among the top schools for artificial intelligence in the region of Europe, and it is also known to be the oldest Catholic university in the world. It has built a reputation for itself in the scientific field internationally, being one of the top institutions when it comes to research. The school offers programs in nearly all disciplines with its departments and faculties, which are divided into three main groups: Biomedical Sciences, Humanities, and Science & Technology.

The university has a master’s program for Artificial Intelligence under their Department of Computer Science. Under this program, the students are trained in various areas such as engineering, psychology, technology, and the like. The program has a duration of one year, and it is completely taught in the English language. Those who wish to pursue this degree are given the following options for the course of their program: Big Data Analytics (BDA), Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), and Speech and Language Technology (SLT). Those in the latter will undergo research training in the last part of the program, while those in BDA and ECS will have to finish a thesis.

5. University of Amsterdam

With its strength in the field of research, the University of Amsterdam is one of the top universities all over the world where it has been consistent with its ranking, and it is also a part of the top 15 European universities. As an international university, the school is also known as a recognized university for artificial intelligence in Europe and is home to staff and students coming from different nationalities. It also has exchange partnerships and collaborations with global institutions in the field of research.

The University of Amsterdam has a master’s program for Artificial Intelligence which has a duration of two years. During the first year, the students are taught to have a well-founded understanding of the core areas related to artificial intelligence research. Some of the courses they will encounter are machine and deep learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing. In the last year of the program, the curriculum is focused on the specialization they have chosen. There is also the free choice of electives that allows the students to create their own path through the program.


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