Big data is the extraction and analysis of data sets too large for traditional applications to deal with. The field is rapidly growing, meaning many roles are unfilled. Given this, big data is one of the best paying roles in computer science, with average salaries for big data engineers reaching over $100,000 per year. In this article, we will discuss seven of the best universities in Europe for students interested in getting into this exciting field.

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Top Big Data Schools in Europe

1. IU International University of Applied Sciences

The largest university in Germany by enrollment, with over 75,000 students attending the college, the International University of Applied Sciences is one of the best places in Europe to study data science.

IU offers a wide variety of degrees at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Mathematics and statistics are at the core of the first year. Students can also choose from an incredible number of options, such as supply chain management, data engineering, and automation.

One of the university’s main goals is to help students achieve their potential. IU does so by giving students practical skills and providing career coaching to clarify their goals.

2. University of Liege

The faculty of applied sciences is home to the university’s premier data science program. The MSc in Data Science focuses on students’ mastery of principles and techniques key to the field. Some of the subjects offered as part of the masters include coding theory, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. By completing this course, graduates will have a leg up over others in this competitive industry.

The University of Liege itself is one of Belgium’s most highly regarded universities and among Europe’s top institutions for big data. According to the Shanghai Rankings, the college is among the 300 best in the world.

3. University of Stirling

Since its founding in 1967, the University of Stirling has been one of the most innovative in Scotland and among the best universities for big data in Europe. With over 14,000 students in attendance and a ranking in the top 350 in the world (according to the Times Higher Education Rankings), the college is also one of the best in Scotland.

The university is famous for the quality of its data science and big data programs. Unlike many others on this list, the University of Stirling has data science degrees available at all levels, including the doctoral level.

By studying with the university, students get to develop many of the vital skills needed in big data roles. Courses in visualization, programming, and database management will form the foundation, not only of the student’s education but of their future career.

4. Barcelona Technology School

The Barcelona Technology School is home to one of the best big data courses in Spain and in Europe. The Master in Big Data and A.I. Solutions is one of the most innovative programs in the field. Students focus on the main principles of big data over this nine-month program.

In completing this course students will focus on big data infrastructure, visualization, and analysis. Successful graduates will gain relevant skills needed in this rapidly changing field.

The school works hard to make sure students succeed in their careers. Applicants will get the chance to gain experience with some of Spain’s biggest employers. Companies such as Accenture, Altran, and HP all hire graduates from the BTS to fill empty roles.

5. ESCP Business School

Big data at ESCP is one of the most popular subjects. Just a few of these options include masters in big data and digital transformation, as well as some shorter data science programs. Studying at the university gives students the chance to improve their analysis, leadership, and statistical skills.

ESCP is the oldest business school in the world, and a recognized big data school in Europe, with roots dating back to 1819. Today, the Financial Times ranks the ESCP as one of the best business schools in Europe, with it currently standing as the 14th best.

6. Arden University

Arden University is at the forefront of blended learning, with the majority of its courses having an online option alongside in-person teaching at locations in Berlin and London. Data analytics and big data are some of the university’s most popular courses in Europe. Each course focuses on mixing data analytics with another industry-relevant subject.

For example, the MSc of Data Analytics and Information Systems Management blends two distinct fields. Students will learn how to utilize data analytics skills for problems such as supply chain management and business forecasting. Many more options are available at the university that mix data analysis with topics such as marketing and project management, among others.

7. University of East London

Becoming a university in 1992, the University of East London is one of the most modern and innovative in the United Kingdom. As is fitting its reputation for innovation, big data is one of the most important subjects within the university in Europe.

Degrees in big data are available at all levels. The university allows students to specialize in areas as diverse as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain technology.

The university’s main campus at the Docklands is home to a wide variety of services and facilities, including cafes, laundromats, and student accommodation, making it one of the best places in the university to meet other students.

In conclusion, there are many excellent options in Europe for students that wish to get involved in big data. All of the colleges discussed above give students the chance to get involved in this rapidly growing field.


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