Deciding on the perfect institution and program to study Biotechnology can seem impossible, especially given the increasing number of universities offering courses in this constantly growing field. But, what exactly is Biotechnology? What can a person expect in this field of study?

As the name suggests, Biotechnology is technology based on biology. This field of study uses cellular and biomolecular processes to create products and technologies that help us live better lives and protect the environment. Biotechnology has provided successful products and technologies in fighting debilitating and rare diseases like vaccines and other health care items, minimizing our environmental impact by constructing over 50 biorefineries to test and enhance methods for producing biofuels and chemicals from renewable biomass, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, providing sustainable food for the needy by boosting yields of farmers and avoid insect and pest damage, use of less and cleaner energy, and creating safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes. Biotechnology advancements are assisting us in preparing for and meeting society’s most pressing concerns.

If you’re up for doing something passionately that benefits the entire world, then taking up Biotechnology programs is suited for you. Here in this list are some of the best universities in Europe offering Biotechnology programs:

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Top Biotechnology Schools in Europe

1. University of Cambridge

Over the years, this university maintains its reputation as one of the best universities in the world, consistently being included in world university rankings. While Cambridge doesn’t offer undergraduate programs specifically in Biotechnology, it has several programs like Bioengineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, which are still closely affiliated with the field. But, it does offer Master’s and PhD programs solely dedicated to Biotechnology.

What’s good about this leading biotechnology institution in Europe is that it also offers a number of entrepreneurship programs aimed at assisting the formation of biotech start-ups. PredictImmune and Morphogen-IX are just two of them. Biotechnology programs in Cambridge are focused more on research, which is one aspect the institution is well-known for. With its state-of-the-art facilities for research, one can certainly flourish while studying Biotechnology at this university.

2. Imperial College London

Another one of Europe’s best biotechnology schools, Imperial College London has continuously ranked among the best institutions in the continent. This school in London, United Kingdom, is well-known for its research-driven approach to teaching, which is focused on science, engineering, medicine, and business. It offers undergraduate courses in Biotechnology with several specializations and can be taken up in different languages such as French, German, and Spanish. The college also offers Master’s and PhD programs for Biotechnology that highly focus on research instead of taught courses.

Biotechnology as an undergraduate course is offered in Imperial College as a full 3-year program and has an applications-admissions ratio of 10:1. The school has high-class facilities, as they are specialized in science and engineering programs. An active tech transfer office is also one of the good features of this school, and its students compete in the international iGEM competition every year.

3. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is a public university located in Edinburgh, Scotland. This university has been consistently on the top 50 world university rankings for years and recognized for providing a world-class education to its students for over 425 years. They are known around the world for their research, development, and innovation, which is why it’s a quality institution for a Biotechnology program. They provide both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Biotechnology and some of the courses provided in the university’s Master’s program are geared on the business side of the biotechnology industry.

To help its students become globally competent, the University of Edinburgh collaborates with a wide range of commercial partners, from small businesses to big corporations across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural sectors. They also have research facilities and laboratory rooms that are of top-notch quality for the students’ learning.

4. Sup’Biotech

The Higher Institute of Biotechnologies of Paris or Sup’Biotech is a school specialized in Biotechnology located in the south of Paris, France. This school offers bachelor’s to doctorate courses for Biotechnology. The method and practice of teaching at Sup’Biotech is a multidisciplinary blend of scientific and engineering qualifications, such as theoretical courses, laboratory practical experiments, and projects. Management skills, industrial know-how, and awareness of both domestic and international biotechnology markets are also given high emphasis. Sup’Biotech continues to be one of Europe’s best biotechnology schools as it employs quality professors that come from a variety of educational and training backgrounds, including universities, research centers, and industry.

Students in this institution are equipped for a variety of roles in biotechnology and multinational companies that work in the domains of health, cosmetics, the environment, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, and food processing. Multiple courses concentrating on the business side of biotech are also available at this school. With good affiliations, students can land a good career after graduation from this university.

5. Wageningen University

Wageningen University & Research is a public university in Wageningen, the Netherlands, that focuses on technical and engineering topics and is a major center for life science and agricultural research. It is situated in the Food Valley region of the Netherlands. This university is devoted to the topic of “healthy food and living environment.” They accomplish this by collaborating closely with governments and the business community. An institution with this kind of mission is definitely fulfilling especially for a passionate and dedicated Biotechnology student.

Wageningen University does not offer an undergraduate program specifically specialized in Biotechnology, instead, they have Food Technology and Environmental Science. However, they do offer a Master’s in Biotechnology that covers a wide range of medical, food, and environmental biotechnology applications. Plant biotechnology and its various applications are also another specialization being offered when taking a Master’s in Biotechnology at this university.


I hope that you found this article on the best biotechnology schools in Europe informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!