As we progress to a more technology-driven world with an outburst of data, businesses are in dire need to constantly adapt. With the help of valuable data and digital tools available, businesses can make critical decisions and steps to get a better chance at success despite uncertain situations. Data can be a valuable tool to make better choices and arrive at small, and big wins.

Business analytics is a field of study that works on just that – it interprets and analyzes data, through quantitative means, to give relevant insights and guide business decisions. This includes describing, diagnosing, predicting, or prescribing business situations or outcomes. It analyzes trends and extracts conclusions to obtain the highest possible gains and minimize losses, both from the marketing and operational perspective. Studies have shown that data improves cost-efficiency, stimulates strategies, and increases overall business performance.

Despite the relevance of the field to the contemporary marketplace, only a few people have delved into business analytics. Professionals who are adept in interpreting the big data available now are imperative for businesses at this time. If you are interested in analyzing and working with data to help businesses thrive, this can be a career for you. Here are some of the best places in the world where you can study business analytics and start your career:

Top Business Analytics Schools in the World

1. MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan is one of the top management schools and research institutions in the world. They promise various hands-on training and global opportunities for their students.

MIT offers an excellent Business Analytics Major and Minor program for undergraduates, which covers topics like computer programming, statistics, and machine learning. As for postgraduate studies, the school also offers a Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) with a length of 12 months or a year. MBAn students will be prepared to apply the data-centered approach in resolving business issues upon completion of the program. Additionally, MIT has a Ph.D. program in Business Analytics, which can take 6 years on average, a combination of classroom, research, and writing experiences.

2. UCLA Anderson

UCLA Anderson is another leading business school for Business Analytics. They promote digital learning and give internship opportunities to prepare students for real-world challenges in the field. The Master’s program can take about 15 months to complete and captures the relevant paradigms and tools in business data analytics. With a 3:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students can assure that they have ready access to some of the most accomplished professionals in the field. To enroll in the program, students should have coding experience and be proficient in Math.

3. ESSEC/CentraleSupelec

ESSEC Business School & CentraleSupelec Business Schools, located in Paris and Singapore, is a top school for business analytics globally, jointly offering a 1-2 year degree program on Data Sciences, Business Analytics, and Digital Strategy, which is taught in English. Students can major in any of these three areas by selecting their elective subjects appropriately. In addition, several opportunities for digital workshops and analyses, industry seminars and fairs, and corporate studies await their students.

There is also a Ph.D. program offering on Operations and Data Analytics, with the DA subfield focusing on topics such as advanced statistics, econometrics, and quantitative risk management.

4. ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School is one of the best business analytics schools across the globe that offers a Master’s degree in Big Data and Business Analytics in their Berlin and Paris campuses. Its 1-year program is currently instructed in English, which includes a 1-week seminar in China. The employability of their graduates is highly guaranteed, as the survey they conducted showed that 86% of their students landed a job in less than 3 months after graduating, particularly in the IT, Consulting, and E-commerce industries.

On the other hand, the school also offers a Bachelor’s degree in Management, which can be completed as a prerequisite to postgrad studies in Business Analytics.

5. Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School in London is a leading school for business analytics globally that presents graduate studies on Business Analytics. The program can be completed either full-time in 1 year (on campus) or part-time in 2 years (online). The school also utilizes leading-edge technology to keep learning engaging. With this, Business Analytics students can assure a 98% chance of getting employed within 6 months.

6. ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School in Barcelona, founded in 1958, is a recognized business analytics institution in the world and is known for its innovation and scholarly excellence. They are always in search of tech advancements and meaningful entrepreneurship. In terms of their academic programs, ESADE offers undergraduate, MBA, and Master’s degrees.

The school offers an undergraduate in Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business, which integrates Big Data competencies with management. Additionally, ESADE offers a graduate program on Business Analytics, which aims to equip its students with the ability to understand and analyze data, translating it to a business approach.

7. University of Manchester (Alliance)

At the University of Manchester, students can apply for the Masters in Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis as this university offers a top business analytics program globally. This 12-month study program is present in 15 locations, focusing on the core theories and strategies of data analytics, statistics, and operational research.

Qualifying for the program is quite competitive. In the 1710 applications received in 2021, only 107 were able to enter the class. To be eligible, students should have an honors degree from a university in the UK or its global counterpart in a quantitative course like physics, math, and economics. Proficiency in the English language is also a requirement to proceed with the program. The highly competitive program further heightens the employability of their graduates, a lot of whom are employed by established companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Hainan Airlines, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, among others.


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