The Czech Republic is a popular destination for students from around the world looking to study abroad in Europe. As the birthplace of Central Europe’s first higher education institution, it has since then maintained its academic excellence for years. The country has also recently seen an increase in the number of international students, which has led to a rise in the number of international degrees it offers. Among the degrees that the Czech Republic offers is business, and in this article, we will be looking at the top business schools in the Czech Republic with excellent programs and faculty.

As the pioneer in education in Central Europe, the Czech Republic serves as a crossroad between numerous continents, developing an educational system abundant in multicultural diversity where students can thrive. More and more programs are being offered in the English language, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. The nation’s colleges have also grown more adaptable to meet the needs of different students.

There are various scholarship grants available in the Czech Republic to help students pay for school. Along these, institutions of higher learning collaborate with foreign programs to render more accessible education to everyone.

Top Business Schools in the Czech Republic

1. Prague University of Economics and Business—Faculty of Business Administration

The Prague University of Economics and Business (PUEBS) was established in 1953. PUEBS is one of the top universities in the Czech Republic that offer business programs for local and international students. Students from both the Czech Republic and abroad are encouraged to enroll at the university which aims to give them access to high-quality education in a wide variety of management, economic, and informational fields.

The university’s goal is to promote collegial cooperation and to protect the right to express one’s thoughts and ideas. Because of its emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, the university is a socially conscious higher education model, encouraging its students to practice ethical practice and take responsibility for their own actions. Moreover, to achieve this goal, the university aims to be a leading research institution globally recognized for its prestigious undergraduate and graduate programs in management and other related fields. Their objective is to generate professionals who can contribute to society’s broadening sense of social responsibility through their professional endeavors.

Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are also available at the university wherein high-quality university teachers are responsible for leading these courses. Moreover, there is a strong focus on the integration of pedagogical efforts with scientific research in all of the organization’s programs. Therefore, the university has gained international recognition and is able to collaborate with government and non-profit organizations as well as the private sector.

2. Prague International Business School (PIBS)

The Prague International Business School (PIBS) was created in 1992 and offers excellent business programs in the Czech Republic. From the get-go, preparing students for their chosen profession, as well as education, is at the heart of this school’s mission. In PIBS, students learn how to handle new ideas with open arms and keep their minds open to further information. The school places a high priority on providing high-quality instruction in English and Russian. Individual attention is applied to a certain extent in order to make sure that students not only learn enough information but also expand their capability to visualize and perform on their own and be confident and adaptable.

The school encourages business leaders and managers from across Europe and beyond to work together in order to improve business innovation, business ethics, and the development of fresh, innovative ideas by fusing national attitudes and methods. Their professors come from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, where they conduct groundbreaking research, as well as successful businesses.

Students should note that there is a vast variety of online programs, webinars, and courses available at PIBS.

3. Brno University of Technology—Faculty of Business and Management

The Brno University of Technology’s Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) was established in 1992. Since then, having a recognized and outstanding business and management curriculum has been the focus of the university. Because of its emphasis on research, the faculty’s philosophy of “Prosperity and Humanity” is being fulfilled as it works to advance knowledge and foster entrepreneurship.

The university’s goal is to produce individuals who are well-versed in the executive management of businesses and economic elements of multinational organizations and who are capable of working in middle and upper management positions.

In terms of the FBM curriculum, they have noted that a well-educated manager with a piece of strong information and knowledge background is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive business environment. Thus, studying the demands of top managers in the Czech Republic and abroad, the faculty’s programs encourage multicultural and expanding aspects of modern business.

4. Masaryk University—Faculty of Economics and Administration

In 1991, Masaryk University’s first faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Administration, was established. The faculty is committed to research, with a variety of experts working in its institution on a variety of different subjects.

Masaryk University is one of Central Europe’s most renowned and reputable universities. Students at Masaryk University will learn from some of the best instructors and specialists in the world, who are actively engaged in research and frequently speak out about current issues in the field.

The Masaryk University offers a wide range of top-rated programs in the Czech Republic including business that starts from bachelor’s to masters and even doctoral. In the university’s management program, students learn how to succeed in the workplace through hands-on experience. Furthermore, in this top business school in Czech Republic, students will learn about the workings of businesses and how they are organized, as well as how they are managed and how they are financed. Time management and the art of negotiating with business partners will be taught to them. And most importantly, they will learn how to communicate effectively.

5. Charles University—Faculty of Business Administration

In the year 1348, Charles University was established. For more than 670 years, it has undertaken a series of transformations. Charles University is one of the leading universities in the Czech Republic that cater to local and international students who wish to enroll in business programs. Their goal is to provide their students with a high-quality education and an opportunity to participate in public debates about societal issues. As a result, the university believes that knowledge in all degree programs must be based on scientific awareness derived from research conducted by research and academic staff, either alone or in collaboration with national and international aristocrats.

English is the language of instruction at Charles University, which provides a wide range of study options. In addition to English, some of the courses are also offered in other languages such as German and Russian.


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