Business schools are high-level educational institutions at which aspirants study business-related subjects, such as finance, economics, and management. Business graduates are expected to lead the industry as entrepreneurs, advisors, analysts, among others.

Given the complex and ever-changing business industry, one must truly be a critical thinker and quick-witted to adapt to the current trends immediately. With this, deep understanding and rigorous learning are a must to know the fundamentals of the business field.

Experience the finest and premier education in this list of some of the best business schools in Europe that are all among the 1% population of triple-accredited business schools in the world. Amplify your future career now!

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Top Business Schools in Europe

1. HEC Paris

Among Europe’s best business schools, HEC Paris specialty is to make a change in business and society through education, research, and action. For 140 years, the institution has nurtured a community of like-minded, intelligent individuals that will soon be of service to the business industry.

Aspiring entrepreneurs indulge themselves with the business courses of HEC to reflect on the realities of the business world. The enriched experience of hands-on learning and world-class training will surely equip you to kickstart your career.

HEC Paris is consistently top-ranked among the world’s leading business schools and is ranked as the Best Business School in Europe according to the 2021 Financial Times Rankings.

2. London Business School

Unlock your potential with London Business School. The global and vibrant business community of London has pooled extraordinary minds and diverse perspectives together to create an impact in the industry.

London Business School’s faculty are world-class and influential business experts that directly supervise students, pushing them to reach their fullest potentials. The rigorous thought leadership and personal learning approach are the core of their educational offerings and the reason behind this excellent business institution’s top rankings.

In 2021, Financial Times ranked London Business School as the 2nd Best Business School in Europe.

3. Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD)

Diversity is the core value of INSEAD. As a top business school in Europe, INSEAD commits to cultivating a community that exemplifies inclusion and pursues equity in all its dimension. The institution’s global presence enables them to capture future leaders and entrepreneurs, all equipped with INSEAD’s exquisite training and education.

INSEAD is always ranked among the best business schools in Europe. Its MBA has produced the second most CEOs of the 500 largest companies globally, following Harvard Business school.

In addition, INSEAD is also among the top 20 universities that produced the most millionaires. Its specialty in postgraduate business courses has truly changed and transformed its students into leading entrepreneurs.

In the 2021 Financial Times Overall Rankings, INSEAD was declared as the 3rd Best Business School in Europe.

4. IESE Business School

For years, IESE Business School has been the home of skilled and learned business-minded professionals. Its humanistic approach to business courses puts people as the primary driver of change, leading to more genuine and sustainable prosperity.

Entrepreneurial mindset and a strong sense of leadership are only a few of the commonalities seen in IESE graduates. The excellent and practical educational system truly makes IESE Business School one of the best business schools in Europe. Ever since 1967, IESE Business school has been collaborating with top-level business schools worldwide to form leaders with diverse outlooks and philosophies.

According to Financial Times, in 2021, IESE is 4th in Europe and 10th in the world in the Best Business Schools ranking.

5. Bocconi University

Bocconi University is another one of the best business schools in Europe. It was founded in 1902 and is located in Italy. Since then, it has put into action the value of not just being the sole avenue for theoretical knowledge but also the springboard for students’ ambitions.

Its mission is to mold innovative and daring business graduates that will not just simply fit in but are willing to make changes in the business industry. Bocconi also provides utmost support as it organizes job fairs and career services to give its graduates opportunities to work at top global firms and discuss with prominent entrepreneurs.

Bocconi University was Financial Time’s 5th Best Business School in Europe during 2021.

6. University of St. Gallen

St. Gallen was originally planned as a business academy, but today it has now emerged as one of the top universities in the world. The Swiss university is at the forefront of mixing research with practical experience for students to reflect and apply their learnings to society.

The University of St. Gallen actively promotes the international character of its students and faculty and cultivates a prosperous community with over 150 partner universities in the world. This entails that St. Gallen’s students are ensured to welcome a productive and universal learning environment that is relevant to their business career ambitions.

University of St. Gallen’s Master in Management program was ranked as the Best MiM Offering, securing the overall 6th spot of Financial Times’ 2021 Best Business Schools in Europe.

7. European School of Management and Technology

European School of Management and Technology, widely known as ESMT Berlin, is a private non-profit business school. Even though it was just founded in 2002, it has already marked its place on the front row of leading business schools in the world.

Its specialization in Master’s programs cemented its spot on the top. ESMT Berlin’s excellent faculty and world-class facilities offer students the chance to heighten their entrepreneurial mindset and create an impact on their field of choice.

The institution also organizes an Annual Forum where it gathers scholars and leaders from public and private sectors to discuss relevant topics in modern business strategy, management, and operations. That way, learners will be able to have a strong grasp of the realities in the industry and go beyond textbooks.

ESMT Berlin was 1st in Germany and 7th in Europe for Financial Times’ Best Business School ranking in 2021.


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