A business degree can open doors to other educational opportunities, provide opportunities for employment progression, and create the framework for pursuing a higher-level degree. Students who wish to pursue a career in the field of commerce should strongly consider enrolling in business studies courses. Students will gain knowledge and skills in personnel management, money management, marketing, leadership, and business ethics as a result of this educational program. Here, we will be looking at the top business schools in Hungary.

Hungary is a charming, small country with a welcoming atmosphere. The country offers a wide range of high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, despite its relative lack of international recognition compared to other European countries. Moreover, several Hungarian universities have received accolades for their scholarly achievements, and they are frequently found among the top universities in the world.

Best Business Schools in Hungary

1. International Business School

When the International Business School (IBS) opened its doors in 1991, it became Central Europe’s first privately funded university. As time went on, this top business school in Hungary transformed into a groundbreaking business school with a dynamic faculty. Their collaborative culture, which blends academic rigor with cooperative teamwork, entrepreneurialism, diversity, and continuous innovation, makes it an appealing place to learn and teach.

In addition to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, their academic program offers students from over 100 countries around the world skills and networking opportunities that give them a competitive advantage for the rest of their lives. Located in Budapest, it is an accessible university for international students who want to pursue a business education in another country. Most of the degrees are offered in English, and many of the instructors and professors are from other countries, making communication easier for the students.

Moreover, if you want to pursue studying business at a lower cost, IBS promotes a British diploma at a lower price if you consider that Budapest’s average tuition expenses are cheaper than those in the United Kingdom. In addition, the school provides financial aid in the form of scholarships.

2. University of Pécs—Faculty of Business and Economics

The University of Pécs’ Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) is one of the best business schools in Hungary. It is Budapest’s second-oldest school of Economics that is now a significant player in Hungarian higher education. This prestigious university from Hungary is home to one of the country’s most prestigious business schools.

Some of the university’s Master’s and Doctoral degrees only require a few hours of attendance per week, so these classes are popular. For this reason, a large number of business executives choose to complete their graduate studies in the area. In addition to a school of higher learning, it is also an abundant and dynamic channel of academic staff, students, worldwide business experts, and graduates in versatile businesses. Moreover, because it brings together economists and businesspeople, FBE serves as a vital regional knowledge hub.

Furthermore, FBE launched an internship center where students can get hands-on experience working in the corporate world before graduating. They can also give credit to those who have a compulsory internship by taking part in the program and cooperating on tasks and issues supplied by the business partners

3. Central European University—Department of Economics and Business

The Central European University’s (CEU) Department of Economics and Business at Hungary is a world-class business school in Hungary offering cutting-edge research and industry-driven education in the heart of Europe’s financial and technological hubs, Vienna and Budapest.

Good education and a quality degree are the keys to successful and long-lasting careers, according to CEU. The university’s Department of Economics and Business serves as the primary example of their philosophy in action. The university has generously funded the business department in an effort to lower tuition costs in order to attract more students. Moreover, in order to best prepare students—from undergraduates to senior working executives– for today’s realities and future leadership roles, they have developed their programs. Students who complete these programs are highly sought after for positions in the industry as well as in government, and many go on to successful academic careers.

4. Budapest University of Technology and Economics—Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences

Since its founding in 1956, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has provided outstanding expertise in the field and innovative technological solutions to meet a wide range of challenges. As one of the leading academic institutions in Hungary, BME continues to produce highly qualified professionals, researchers, and economists who go on to work for the country’s leading companies and contribute significantly to the country’s current and future economic well-being.

The university may not be a premier institution, but its department of economics offers excellent programs and degrees. Despite the fact that the university prefers the technology department over the economics department, it does not prevent students from receiving the quality education they are entitled to.

5. Corvinus University of Budapest—Corvinus Business School

The Corvinus University of Budapest intends to consistently remain at the top as the region’s best business school in terms of scholarly output and community involvement. One of the country’s prestigious business schools is the Corvinus Business School (CBS), and it helps that the university has one of the country’s largest faculties. In addition, the university can be commended for its institution’s top instructors, who are experts in the subjects they teach.

In order to help its students, this top business school in Hungary takes an interdisciplinary approach to education. The school offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in English and Hungarian, as well as Doctoral programs in English and a German/English double degree master’s program.

Aside from that, CBS is EQUIS-accredited, has a Management and Leadership Master’s degree program that ranks in the Financial Times, and is currently undergoing the AACSB accreditation process. Over and above that, CBS also received the BSIS label for the second time because of its environmental impact after providing well-documented pieces of evidence.


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