Indonesia lives up to its reputation: a tropical haven with white-sand beaches, stunning islands, and a promise of a good time. However, visitors and travelers aren’t the only ones making their way to Indonesia. Despite its beauty, the country is a little-known destination. Many different cultures and dialects coexist in harmony here. As a result, it’s the ideal location for international students looking for a unique educational experience. The country has it all: delicious food, breathtaking scenery, and warm, welcoming residents.

Indonesia is a great place to study abroad. At a reasonable cost, you’ll receive a top-notch education since the country is also home to both public and private higher education institutions. Furthermore, because of the low cost of labor in South East Asia, many factories and businesses have relocated there. Increasing businesses mean an increased demand for skilled professionals. This, in turn, creates job opportunities for graduates due to the low tuition and living costs in Indonesia.

Are you thinking about going to school in Indonesia to study business? These are Indonesia’s best business schools.

Best Business Schools in Indonesia

1. Gadjah Mada University—Faculty of Economics and Business

Gadjah Mada University’s ultimate goal is to become Indonesia’s best business school by meeting and exceeding international expectations. In addition, it aims to develop leaders with the integrity and knowledge necessary to serve society by drawing on a thriving global network while remaining firmly rooted in local knowledge. Their research and teaching are of the highest quality, and this contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

First in the country to receive AACSB accreditation, the faculty takes great pride in its reputation as a leading provider of business education and training programs. If you don’t want a degree, the university also offers certificate programs to help you get your professional foot in the door locally and abroad; that’s why Indonesia’s best business school is Gadjah Mada University’s Business School.

As Indonesia’s first and only internationally recognized business school, the faculty and university provided support for the establishment of numerous other business schools throughout the country and continue to do so. For this reason, the faculty has a wide network of academic partners around the world who collaborate with the institute to conduct world-class research and give students the chance to broaden their worldviews.

Departments of Accounting, Economics, and Management all have courses available. These divisions are staffed with faculty who are highly qualified, with the majority holding doctoral degrees from reputable foreign institutions. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education has even given all of the training programs an “A” rating. In terms of profile, academic resources, system, and process, the university is widely regarded as the best in the country.

As the number one business school in Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Economics and Business, without a doubt, lives up to its billing as the “leading economics and business school in Indonesia.”

2. Bandung Institute of Technology—School of Business and Management

In order to develop and disseminate business and management knowledge for business, government, and society, the school’s mission is to educate and develop innovative leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The BIT’s School of Business and Management is one of the best business schools in Indonesia. Also, it relies heavily on innovation because it is a part of Indonesia’s premier technological institute. During this course, students learn how to discover new uses for existing products and services and to come up with new ideas as a result of SBM education. For their graduates to be successful as future leaders, SBM also teaches problem-solving and leadership skills to their students.

Other than giving students access to world-class education, the university’s outstanding faculty members are active contributors to the advancement of knowledge by publishing in scholarly journals. Since advisors, researchers, and entrepreneurs make up the faculty at SBM; students learn how to approach problems from a variety of perspectives, develop creative solutions, and take on leadership roles.

3. Airlangga University—Faculty of Economics and Business

The Airlangga University’s Faculty of Economics and Business follows as one of Indonesia’s best business schools. Using religion as a guide, this university hopes to become a global leader in economics and business education.

The faculty offers an international bachelor’s program in English as well as courses that prepare students to use English in professional settings in order to keep up with the rapidly changing and globalizing world. Additionally, it has formed alliances with numerous international organizations in order to collaborate on projects that benefit both education and research.

As a result of attending this faculty, students will have the opportunity to learn from some of Indonesia’s top academics and experts while also developing an open mind and problem-solving skills. They will also learn about ethical issues and how to remain true to their religious beliefs while doing so.

4. The University of Indonesia—Faculty of Economics and Business

The University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics and Business aims to be Asia’s best business education center. Since its founding in 1950, FEB has been dedicated to making a difference in the fields of economics and business research.

The faculty is actively involved in community service in order to cultivate responsible future leaders. Research and community services also help students by giving them opportunities to become more aware of social issues and put the knowledge they’ve learned in school to use.

In the future, the university plans to increase its research output in order to better fulfill its mission as a contributor to business research, Indonesia’s growth, and societal improvement. University of Indonesia’s FEB is a great option for those looking to study business in Indonesia because it is constantly working to improve its education and develop its graduates into better leaders.

5. IPMI International Business School

The IPMI International Business School, one of Indonesia’s top business schools, is the final but equally important stop. The school places a high value on the application of theories in the real world, and its students receive both hands-on training and academic education to prepare them for this.

IPMI International Business School is Indonesia’s first school to offer all of its programs in English, as well as Indonesia’s first school to offer an international MBA. IPMI is also developing an international exchange program to help students develop a more global outlook.

IPMI values diversity and equality and welcomes students and researchers from all walks of life as the institute promises to treat everyone equally. The school has high standards for its students, and as a result, works hard to provide them with quality education and access to international experiences.


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