Norway is a small country in the northernmost part of Europe. It is a modern society that greatly values equality and inclusivity. It is a place with lots of beautiful scenery, fresh air, and clean water. It also has a safe environment, affordable health care, and a low unemployment rate. These are only a few reasons why Norway is on the list of the best countries to live in.

The quality of education provided by Norwegian business schools is outstanding and internationally recognized which is why having a degree in one of these schools would propel you toward having a successful career. Here are some of the best business schools in Norway including the degrees they offer and a few reasons why they are considered the best.

Best Business Schools in Norway

1. BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School is the only academic institution in Norway that has received the Triple Crown Accreditation, which only 1% out of all business schools in the world have attained. This recognition alone puts BI Norwegian Business School the best business school in Norway. It has been named one of the 20 best business schools in Europe for five consecutive years and many of its academic programs are internationally recognized.

The campuses of BI are designed to have a home-like environment where every student can feel safe and find an ideal spot. Multiple student-led events are held in BI every year making their student lives eventful and exciting. There are also bars around the campuses where students can gather and socialize. Professors in BI are very approachable and practice the open door policy. Discussions and questions from students are encouraged for further learning.

BI Norwegian Business School offers Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, where students get to work closely and get relevant insights from the school’s corporate partners. They are exposed to real-life challenges in the business world through case studies, projects, and internships.

2. NHH Norwegian School of Economics

NHH Norwegian School of Economics is the Norwegian member school of the CEMS Global Alliance, an international organization composed of leading business schools (one member school is chosen per country), corporations, and non-profit organizations that provide the CEMS Masters in Management (CEMS MIM). CEMS MIM is a unique business program that seeks to give students various opportunities to gain more industry experience, expand their networks, and increase their career prospects. NHH has also been ranked among Europe’s best business schools for more than 15 years.

This top business school in Norway is a research-driven institution and has been awarded by the Research Council of Norway as a Centre of Excellence. It has a total of 12 research centers that specialize in an extensive range of topics.

NHH Norwegian School of Economics offers Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. The school is state-funded and does not charge tuition fees for both Norwegian and international students. Programs are flexible and allow students to choose which area they wish to specialize in. Also available for the students are international exchange and double degree programs, as well as joining the Innovation School program that includes an internship in Germany.

3. The University of Agder School of Business and Law

The University of Agder (UiA) School of Business and Law is another top business school in Norway, having been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB), one of the most prestigious international accreditation bodies for business education. It has four departments working together in providing outstanding education to its students and conducting research and projects in collaboration with both private and public regional and international institutions.

The UiA School of Business has contributed a vast amount of relevant research in different areas such as emerging markets, trade and investment, technology, innovative business strategies, and good governance. It aims to provide a combination of theoretical, experiential, and transformational learning for its students to become highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals in their future careers and socially responsible and ethical members of society.

The University of Agder School of Business and Law offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. The English language is used in teaching many of the programs’ courses but the main medium of instruction is Norwegian. Business students take internships in their last year in UiA’s local and international affiliate enterprises so they can gain insider knowledge and experience the daily challenges the business world encounters.

4. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is one of the largest universities in Norway and has a student population of around 40,000. It specializes in the natural sciences and technology but also has excellent programs for other disciplines including business, economics, and management.

NTNU’s Faculty of Economics and Management is highly driven by research as it aims to bridge the gap between technology, economics, and management. Through research, faculty members and students remain up to date with the latest business trends, strategies, and challenges and discover new and innovative ways to solve problems in the areas of business and society.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate business degrees. The majority of the classes are taught in Norwegian so the school also has courses available for students who would like to learn the language. Other than research, the university also builds solid relationships with other academic institutions and local and international businesses so the students can obtain business insights and gain relevant industry experience in their internships.

5. University of Oslo

Established in 1811, The University of Oslo is the first and oldest university in Norway. It is one of the top 20 universities in the European continent and one of the top 100 schools in the world. This top business school in Norway offers several degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines and also has numerous research contributions in the fields of medicine, chemistry, and economics.

The University of Oslo offers Master’s business degrees. Students learn through interactive lectures, seminars, and individual and group projects. They are also familiarized with the latest business technologies so they can discover opportunities to utilize them in addressing the challenges encountered by business organizations. Selected students are also given the chance to take additional courses taught in business schools in the United States and Canada.


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