The Philippines excels in terms of education. While other countries limit their students to learning in their native language, the Philippines does the exact opposite, teaching in English as well as conducting business in English, making communication between foreign students and citizens much simpler. There are a lot of benefits if you choose to study in the Philippines.

The country has the highest English literacy rate in Asia, making it the world’s third-largest English-speaking country. Thus, the country is home to tens of thousands of international students studying at numerous universities. In a variety of fields, including business, the Philippines’ top universities have produced world-class talent. Here, we will be looking at the top business schools in the Philippines.

With the ability to live a more balanced lifestyle while spending less money, international students have a distinct advantage. There are dormitories and apartments in the Philippines that cost less than $50 per month. That’s not to mention the savings on food, clothing, and entertainment.

Which Institution Is the Best Business School in Philippines?

If you want to stick strictly to rankings, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is probably the best business school in this island country. However, there are other great business schools out there, and the three close-ranking institutions to AIM are De La Salle University, Ateneo De Manila University, and University of the Philippines.

Can International Students Apply to Business Schools in Philippines?

The answer is an absolute yes! There are no restrictions on nationality when applying for business schools in the Philippines, but you might have financial restrictions on your budget whether you like it or not. Before you apply for any business program, make sure that your financial costs are taken care of.

Due to the expensive tuition required to attend business programs, you need to apply for scholarships in order to graduate with a college degree debt-free. Don’t ever get into debt, and if that business program requires you to take a loan, it is probably not worth your effort.

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Best Business Schools in the Philippines

1. Asian Institute of Management

As a pioneer in Asian management education, the Asian Institute of Management that was founded in 1968 is a group consisting of prominent business leaders in the country, academic institutions in the Philippines, and the Harvard Business School. They all came together to form the institute. Based in the United States, it is widely recognized as having the world’s highest standards. As the first accredited institution in Southeast Asia, AIM has a unique position. Their mission has always been to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s complex and rapidly changing world. They accomplish this by promoting a more thoughtful, efficient, and long-term approach to business in the community.

In terms of graduate degrees, the Asian Institute of Management is the go-to place. In constantly changing environments, this top business school in the Philippines employs novel and frequently changing teaching methods. As a result, they are the first business school in Southeast Asia to be accredited by the AACSB. In addition, they are linked to countries all over Asia. In other words, students can get a taste of what it’s like to learn on other campuses across the continent.

2. De La Salle University – Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business

De La Salle University itself is one of the best universities in the Philippines, not just in business but also in its other programs. The ambiance in their university is nice, and their students, staffs, and professors are lively and welcoming. In terms of facilities, they have the most recent, which is sufficient for students to learn effectively.

De La Salle University aims to be the best business school in the Philippines. As one would expect from a student of La Salle and a Catholic institution, the university’s graduates are technically competent business managers and leaders who are also humanistic, socially responsible, and sustainability-oriented.

The UN Global Compact has even awarded the university with the Principles of Responsible Management Education or PRME award. Only 26 countries have received such acknowledgment, and in the Philippines, the Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business is the only university that received it.

Nonetheless, because it is a private university, their tuition is significantly higher than that of comparable public institutions. However, students have access to cutting-edge facilities and equipment.

3. Ateneo de Manila University – Graduate School of Business

This top business school in the Philippines offers programs that uphold a tradition of service and a high standard of academic excellence to help business practitioners reach their full potential and growth wherein there are many options for an MBA.

Graduate school at Ateneo de Manila University has a proven track record of delivering a world-class education for its students. They are also the country’s first university to offer business courses. As such, it is well-known that the university welcomes exchange and international students. With a record number of international visitors, they hope to grow their exchange program in the near future.

4. University of the Philippines – Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business

The University of the Philippines in Diliman’s Cesar E. A. Virata School of Business (VSB) is the country’s best business school. The college was founded in 1916 as a place where future business and educational leaders could be developed as well as ground-breaking new business ideas.

However, because it is the nation’s most prestigious institution, getting into university here is more difficult than at others. The university also invests more in science than arts in terms of equipment and facilities because it is a research-oriented institution. Studying business at UP is a wise decision because it has been at the leading edge of the creation of national education and business entrepreneurs, as well as groundbreaking business research, all within the aim of academic excellence.

While arts, management, and physical education do not require a large investment, the quality of education provided is a consideration for these three fields. As a result, the university is ranked number one because of this.

5. University of Santo Tomas – College of Commerce and Business Administration

The oldest university in Asia is the University of Santo Tomas. It has long held a prominent position in Philippine education because of its age, and it takes pride in a number of educational firsts. A large number of administrators and professors at the university hold vital positions in the country’s policy-making bodies and professional organizations, allowing them to have a positive impact on public policy.

However, they began offering business courses only a few years ago. Despite this, the university makes an effort to provide students with the best education possible. As a result, they were granted accreditation by the Philippines’ business intelligence agency, PACUCOA.

6. University of San Carlos School of Business and Economics

Also known as USC, the University of San Carlos is a well-respected university located in the Philippines. Due to its high rankings, the programs offered at USC hold various accreditations for different majors, and because of its renown, nearly 100 international students have joined the academic body of 22,000 undergraduates.

To focus on its academic quality, the faculty-to-student ratio is 1 to 20, which means that for every 20 students, there is one professor to oversee that small group. Even though this university offers business programs for all levels of education, USC is more known for its research grants so try to make this university one of your safety schools.

7. College of Business Administration – Silliman University

Having a strong Christian background, Silliman University is one of the top research institutions located in the outskirts of Philippines. Also known as CBO, the College of Business Administration aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge in modern business techniques as well as finance programs that will help you understand the connections between local and international businesses.

For prospective business students, this college offers various undergraduate programs with just one graduate program. If you are looking for graduate-level courses, your best bet is to apply anywhere but here. As always, be sure to check the admissions information thoroughly before applying to any program.


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