Slovakia, also known as the Slovak Republic, is a country in Central Europe that was formerly a part of the Czechoslovak Federation. There are three types of higher education in the country: public, state, and private. Private educational institutions are uncommon in Slovakia, whereas public educational institutions are the most common type of government-funded educational institution. State institutions are equivalent to specialized schools such as police and medical schools, which are funded by various government ministries throughout the country.

The country’s general education system is divided into three levels: bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and an additional specialization program. Bachelor’s and Doctorate programs can be completed in 3-4 years, while Master’s programs can be completed in 1-3 years. Some institutions may offer both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the same program. Tuition at public and state universities is free for all residents and EU nationals, but international students from countries other than the EU must pay for their studies.

The following are business schools in Slovakia that contribute to the country’s business workforce.

Best Business Schools in Slovakia

1. Comenius University – Faculty of Management

Comenius University’s Faculty of Management is the country’s only university to have been named an Excellent Business School in 2019. Thus, this fact alone make Comenius University the best business school in Slovakia. The school allows students to take classes in English in part or in full – a teaching strategy that helps students find work not only in the country but also abroad.

The faculty collaborates with various industries to help its students break into the market. This is accomplished through the organization of lectures led by industry representatives, as well as the provision of electives in collaboration with partner companies. This scheme assists in updating students’ knowledge of current business trends and also provides students with opportunities for company recruitment.

The bachelor’s degree program costs $2,310 per year. It requires a thesis, with topics presented in the fourth semester of their education. In contrast, the master’s program costs $2,885 per year. For both degrees, oral and written exams are required for graduation. The annual fee for a Ph.D. is US$12,200.

2. Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica – Faculty of Economics

The Matej Bel University has one of the best business schools in Slovakia, having a long history of reformation, with the last branch, the Faculty of Economics, established in 1992. It is regarded as an essential component of the country’s higher education system due to its contributions to research and the production of skilled workers in a variety of industries. It has also established collaboration with various universities around the world, particularly in Europe, to advance and internationalize its university.

A large number of its employable graduates come from the faculty of economics, where they work in reputable large and small corporations at various levels of employment, both local and international. The practical and professional knowledge and skills gained through partnerships with institutions and industries around the world, as well as the students’ extensive language exposure, which attracts employers from around the world, all contribute to this achievement.

Most of its undergraduate courses, such as economics, have a Masters’s or Doctorate equivalent. Some courses only offer a bachelor’s degree, while others only offer a master’s degree. Tuition fee information for each program is available on the website upon request.

3. Technical University of Kosice – Faculty of Economics

The faculty of economics was established as part of the Technical University of Kosice’s transformation into an ‘all-around’ institution offering both technical and non-technical studies. It was also established in response to the growing demand for professionals and workers in the field in the growing business market.

Finance, Banking, Investment, Public Administration, and Regional Development have all been combined into one economic management program at the Faculty of Economics, contributing to the country’s professional workforce. The faculty provides a three-tiered higher education, with Finance and Spatial and Regional Economics available at the doctoral level. Tuition starts at $5,800 per year for a bachelor’s degree, $7,000 for a master’s degree, and $8,110 for a doctorate.

4. University of Zilina – Faculty of Management Science and Informatics

The Faculty of Management Science and Informatics was established during the University of Zilina’s redevelopment in 1990, in response to the aggressive shift of the economy into the business sector and the growing demand for workforce and experts in the field. As a result, the faculty works hard to stay relevant by researching the qualities of workers that employers are looking for, as well as the field of study that is currently in demand.

This top business school in Slovakia has an outstanding faculty who are experts in their fields of study and has published numerous research that is recognized in the country and abroad. Its curriculum is designed to develop students’ talent and capabilities as future business leaders and coworkers.

Tuition fees for its programs are available on their website upon request.

5. University of Economics Bratislava

The University of Economics Bratislava began as a private commerce college that was nationalized and given public status, and it has since grown into a large and beautiful campus that houses seven faculties. To establish its name internationally, the university established connections and partnerships with various international institutions and industries, making it the university in Slovakia with the most international students and faculty participating in the exchange program.

Students are also allowed to complete an internship in one of the university’s international partner industries. Students can also participate in winter and summer school programs to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in different cultures and practices in other participating countries such as the United States of America, Mexico, Austria, and France.

Tuition for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs ranges from $465 to $1,050 per year, while Doctoral programs cost $1,200 per year. English-taught programs are more expensive, ranging from $1,740 to $3,500 per year.


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