Studying in South Africa would be a unique cultural and educational experience for any student. It is a culturally diverse and multi-linguistic developing country. The cost of living is comparatively low and universities have budget-friendly tuition rates.

South Africa has several universities known for providing outstanding business education. 3 of the country’s business schools hold the highly coveted Triple Crown Accreditation. Here is a list of the best business schools in South Africa with a short description of their programs as well as their recognitions not only for academic excellence but also for their positive contributions to society.

Best Business Schools in South Africa

1. UCT Graduate School of Business

The University of Cape Town is the oldest in South Africa, and its business school, the UCT Graduate School of Business (UCTGSB) has been providing a top-notch business school in South Africa ever since it was founded in 1964. It is one of only 3 business schools in South Africa that holds the Triple Crown accreditation. Many of its faculty members are reputable researchers and individuals who are actively involved in policy-making and addressing social issues. Lecturers and executives from all around the world are also invited to share the knowledge that they have gained from their vast experience in the business realm.

UCTGSB is a research-driven business school and conducts studies that focus on the rising markets in South Africa, innovation, sustainability, and ethics. The school envisions a better world to live in by imparting knowledge, skills, and values to students and making them catalysts for positive change.

The UCT Graduate School of Business offers Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctorate degrees. Different programs are available for fresh graduates, business professionals, transitioning managers, senior executives, and the like, all of which are designed to enhance the students’ skills and assist them in advancing their careers.

2. University of Stellenbosch Business School

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) is one of the highest-ranked business schools in South Africa and is the first in the country to hold the Triple Crown Accreditation. The school has several partnerships with international business schools and corporations to provide students opportunities to study abroad, gain real-life experience, develop their skills, and build their connections with other students and professionals from different industries.

USB believes that its students play a vital role in creating a better future for society. Its priority is to provide excellent, advanced, and transformational knowledge and skills for the future leaders of organizations and businesses. It also aims to impart new business knowledge through intensive research. USB has an online platform where research works by its faculty and students are published called USB Management Review.

The University of Stellenbosch Business School offers Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctorate degrees that fit students’ different areas of interest. Programs involve lectures, research assignments, and international modules from business schools across the globe. Leadership values and analytical thinking are encouraged to raise leaders who are ethical and skilled in solving complex problems and making critical business decisions.

3. Gordon Institute of Business Science

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) was founded in 2000 and is part of the University of Pretoria. Several international recognitions were given to the school for its outstanding MBA and Executive programs, making it one of the leading business schools in Africa.

One of GIBS’ main objectives is to guide its students into becoming highly adaptable individuals who can respond to any situation and contribute to solving problems in the fast-paced and ever-changing business industry. Its initiatives and centers of excellence facilitate a supportive environment for students to learn, interact, engage, and network.

Several Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctorate degrees are offered at Gordon Institute of Business Science. Classes are taught online and on-campus. Students are trained to do advanced research on a wide range of topics related to the business environment and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to understand its challenges and come up with solutions to address them.

4. Wits Business School

Wits Business School (WBS) is the business school of one of Africa’s top universities when it comes to higher education, the University of Witwatersrand. Wits Business School is among the top business schools in South Africa with the highest number of alumni holding executive positions in local and international businesses and corporations.

Research plays an integral part in learning in WBS. It houses the biggest academic case center in Africa, the WBS Case Centre, where students can find more than 200 cases to examine, discuss, and analyze. Students also have access to modern research facilities and audio-visual equipment. Small group rooms are open 24/7 for students to conduct group discussions and collaborative projects.

Wits Business School offers different Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctorate degrees. Its classroom format follows Harvard Business School’s horseshoe model to maximize interactions between students and professors during lectures. Students also attend various seminars and participate in projects that allow them to work closely with the school’s partner clients.

5. Rhodes Business School

Rhodes Business School forms part of Rhodes University, a small university that is largely recognized for its academic excellence. The small population worked to the university’s advantage in creating an atmosphere that is conducive for learning, engagement, and close collaboration between students and their professors.

Rhodes Business School offers Master’s, Postgraduate, and Doctorate degrees. Programs include class lectures, work-based projects, dissertations, and other immersive activities. Sustainability and business continuity are two of the core principles that Rhodes Business School focuses on. It aims to prepare its students in becoming responsible individuals who would influence and lead the business industry towards making more sustainable decisions.


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