Spain is one of the top study destinations for international students because of its rich culture, beautiful beaches and infrastructure, sunny climate, exquisite food, and world-class education. The costs of living and studying are also relatively more affordable in Spain than in its neighboring countries in Europe.

Numerous degrees and courses are available in Spain, and business courses are among the most popular choices for both local and international students. Many business schools in the country are internationally accredited for their academic expertise and often get high ranks in multiple global academic rankings. Here are some of the best business schools that can be found in Spain, as well as some good-to-know information about their history, recognitions, and programs.

Best Business Schools in Spain

1. Esade Business School

Esade Business School is one of the academic institutions that make up Ramon Llull University, one of the top universities in Spain when it comes to higher education. Esade Business School has received multiple international awards and are recognized to be among the best business school in Spain.

Esade Business School offers Undergraduate and Master’s degrees. While all subjects are conducted in English, the school has bilingual classes that allow students to learn new languages such as Spanish, French, and German. Several activities are intended for the students to learn through experience. They get to study and analyze real-life cases, participate in international projects and competitions, have internships in prestigious local and international companies, and take courses in business schools overseas.

2. IE Business School

Established in 1973, IE Business School is recognized as one of the leading universities for business education in Spain. Many of its programs are consistently being recognized by several prestigious international ranking organizations. To name a few, IE Business School’s Executive MBA has ranked 1st place in Europe in The Economist’s 2020 rankings. Its Online MBA has ranked 1st place worldwide in this year’s QS rankings. And very recently, the Poets&Quants Entrepreneurship Ranking listed IE Business School’s International MBA 5th place worldwide in its 2022 ranking.

IE’s Bachelor’s programs are highly customizable. Students are given the freedom to decide when to choose an area of specialization. They have up to their second year to choose between Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Technology to concentrate on. Students also receive mentorship and coaching from outstanding individuals in the corporate world through IE’s Corporate Mentorship Program.

IE Business School also offers Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. At present, it implements its Liquid Learning model, wherein programs are flexible and customized based on what works best and is most accessible for their students. Students can choose to take their lessons online or in person, yet still get the full learning experience through group projects, discussions, forums, group coaching, and the like.

3. IESE Business School

IESE Business School is a highly recognized academic institution in Spain for its outstanding business education, high employability of its alumni, and its advocacy in ethical and environmental issues. Its Executive Education Programs placed #1 in the world by The Financial Times for five consecutive years, and the school continues to retain its reputation as one of the best business schools in the world.

This top business school in Spain offers Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Students are provided the options for online classes, face-to-face lectures, or a blend of both.

Programs in IESE Business School take a holistic approach to educating its students, regardless of the mode they choose to take their classes. They are trained to use different methodologies and perspectives in studying real-life business cases to help them gain a more in-depth understanding of how the different actors that make up an organization operate in various situations and business challenges. Interactive simulations, case studies, and company projects are done for the students to practice their communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

4. EADA Business School Barcelona

EADA Business School Barcelona consistently makes its presence in multiple global rankings for academic excellence, student satisfaction, alumni employability, and positive impact. It has maintained strong partnerships with over 345 businesses and corporations in facilitating experiential learning to its students.

There are 3 campuses that make up EADA’s global campus. The Barcelona City Centre Campus is an 8-story sustainable building that is equipped with technologically advanced yet energy-efficient resources for the students to utilize. The Collbato Residential Training Campus is located near the mountains and is designed for seminars, training, recreational activities, rest, and relaxation. Lastly, the EADA Virtual Campus provides students access to online learning materials.

EADA Business School Barcelona offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Master’s degrees. The school provides multiple services to its students to guide them from enrollment to mentoring and coaching them so they can make well-informed career choices.

5. University of Navarra – School of Economics and Business

The University of Navarra’s Faculty of Economics and Business is the first school of business that was accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). Numerous international recognitions are given to the school’s programs in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, and Economics. The employability rate of the alumni from the University of Navarra – School of Economics and Business is at 98.3%.

The University of Navarra – School of Economics and Business offers Associate’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees. This top business school in Spain highlights the importance of mentoring and coaching at an individual level to ensure that every student is guided to make smart decisions in every stage of their educational journey which is why counseling services are made available for both undergraduate and graduate students.


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