Switzerland – the land of chocolate, cheese, and some of the best business schools in the world. While most people recognize Switzerland as the most picturesque, snow-capped region of watchmakers, it is also the epicenter for Finance and academics in Business Administration. This country consistently produces successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and finance experts. No wonder it’s rated one of the richest and most competitive countries in the world.

Best Business Schools in Switzerland

1. IMD Business school

IMD, The Institute for Management Development, is the best business school in Switzerland. The MBA program here was rated #1 in Forbes magazine and #1 in Europe according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Given the fact that the school has been developed by business executives, it is perfectly curated to craft the ultimate global-minded individual to pioneer the future of business.

Not for the faint-hearted, this business school is recognized for its MBA, EMBA, and executive education programs and is among the most selective. Due to the intensity of the programs, students find themselves working more and enjoying the views of Lake Geneva a lot less. If you’re part of the “magic 90” that gets into one of these prestigious programs, you’ll also be among the most wanted with recruiters.

Given the nature of this highly sought-after school, the tuition costs are also at the top. Students pursuing a degree at IMD can expect to pay a total of CFH 95,000, which covers a variety of expenses including; relocation and visa assistance, travel and accommodation, personal development, on-campus support, facilities, and partner integration.

2. University of St. Gallen

The University of St. Gallen, HSG, offers students a wide range of program options for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The comprehensive and cut-throat learning environment aligns well with Switzerland’s academic rigor. When applying, most students will not have any prior professional experience. Therefore, internships are a cornerstone for success and of utmost importance.

In general, certain areas of Switzerland can be a tough location for international students to join, due to language requirements. However, with that said, HSG is known for being a bilingual school, with classes taught in both German and English. So if you’re well-equipped in the language department, this excellent Swiss business school could be a good option for you. Originally started as a “Business Academy”, it has been ranked among the highest business schools in Europe.

Swiss nationals pursuing a master’s degree can expect to pay CHF 1,429 per semester and foreign nationals are expected to pay CHF 3,329 per semester. For a bachelor’s program, Swiss nationals will pay CHF 1,229 per semester and foreign nationals will pay CHF 3,129 / semester.

3. Université de Lausanne – UNIL Lausanne

Université de Lausanne, UNIL, beautifully located on the coast of Lake Geneva, offers a wide range of programs of study. The school is highly ranked and has received accreditation from the Association of MBAs and EQUIS, which focuses on management and business administration.

This school boasts its ability to provide students with the opportunity to join programs that are world-renowned in Economics and Business. The nature of diversity creates a multi-cultural learning experience, producing well-rounded entrepreneurs and managers. This school has also joined forces with Enterprise for Society, an organization focused on the sustainability of the economy. This offers students a more comprehensive experience of the business world. With regards to tuition, students can expect to pay CHF 570 per semester which is relatively inexpensive in this country.

4. University of Zurich

The University of Zurich (UZH) is the largest in Switzerland and is known for its programs in Finance, Banking, and Economics. UZH is located in Zurich, which is interestingly enough, not the capital. It is, however, considered to be the epicenter of banking and finance, making it the perfect location for a school focused on building business leaders. With its excellent curriculum and location, the University of Zurich is one of the best business schools in Switzerland.

30% of Zurich’s population is comprised of foreign nationals which adds to the diversity of the university. Diversity is a key factor within this school because it allows an MBA student to learn the skills needed for international environments as well as intercultural communication, all of which are essential for business operations.

In addition to this school having a variety of options, it’s also one of the more affordable schools in the area. For students pursuing a degree here, it’ll cost CHF 750 with an additional CHF 500 charge if you’re foreign. At the Master’s level, the additional charge for foreign students is CHF 100. Ph.D. students will pay CFH 150 per semester with an additional CHF 100 for foreign students. Overall, a fairly good option for those looking to save their coins.

5. Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School has been ranked 56 in the top 100 business schools in the world. There is an 80% job placement record with 70% of these students ending up in management positions. While the school is in line with the Swiss Learning Ideal, there is also a strong emphasis on student life outside of studying. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, there is a wide range of activities for students to participate in. In addition, through many of the business programs, students are required to attend networking events, which can be highly beneficial to their future success in the business world.

From Bachelor’s programs to a Doctorate of Business Administration, this top business school in Switzerland has a variety of choices for students to explore. In terms of cost, the Bachelor’s programs are CHF 12,450 per semester (3-year program) and the Master’s programs are CHF 10,250 per semester (1.5-year program).


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