Ukraine is located in the Eastern part of Europe. During the 1800s, the country played a critical role in the Soviet Union’s economy. Despite receiving the least amount of investment funds from the Soviet Union, the country grew the fastest and had the largest output contribution to the Union’s economy. It was even reported that its wealth helped in the development of other Soviet Union members, specifically Russia and Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, business education in Ukraine is regarded as among the best in the world. The country’s economics education is recognized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and United Nations. The country, together with its universities and agencies, is in constant contact with these organizations to improve its curriculum and tailor it to one that is internationally recognized.

The following are business schools in Ukraine that are ranked among the best.

Best Business Schools in Ukraine

1. International Management Institute – MIM Kyiv

The International Management Institute (MIM) is Ukraine’s first and best business school. It has been involved in the field of business education for over 30 years, producing the largest MBA alumni community in the country. In addition, MIM’s business programs have received numerous distinctions in the field of business both locally and internationally.

MIM is a school that aims to provide and nurture its students’ knowledge and skills in the corporate world through its curriculum and highly qualified teaching staff. Furthermore, the school is linked to various world-class institutions and industries all over the world, allowing its students to gain an understanding of the various processes and experiences in the field of business, through educational tours, exchange programs, and internships.

The school provides a pre-MBA program for anyone in the field looking to improve their expertise and advance their career. The course outline is nearly identical to that of the MBA program, but the pre-MBA is only completed short-term, offered in 6 to 9 months, compared to the MBA program of 23 months. The program also does not adhere to an international module.

2. International Institute of Business

In 1993, the President of Ukraine and the Central European University Foundation established the International Institute of Business (IIB) as a non-profit, independent institution. This was to develop and refine the country’s business education industry by providing an education system in the field. Since its establishment, the IIB has been regarded as one of Ukraine’s top business schools.

Throughout the years, this top business school in Ukraine has formed numerous alliances with renowned international business schools around the world, as well as various major industries in the field. In addition, the school employs several faculty members who have made a name for themselves in the field of business; some are local figures, while others are scouted abroad.

The school provides corporate programs that are designed to meet the needs of specific businesses and to generate solutions and strategies to counter existing and emerging problems in the field. It also provides a diploma in British Management Education and a French-Ukrainian dual degree program.

3. Kyiv National Economic University

The Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU) is another top business school in Ukraine. was established to serve as a training ground for workers in the country’s economic sector. Since then, the school has aimed to mold its students’ thinking in an economic perspective, embedding it in the core of their being to allow the development of an economic-driven mindset. It is hoped that this approach will help supply the growing need for workers in the business field, as well as assist its graduates in overcoming adversity in their workplace.

KNEU’s campus is made up of hostels built for the residence of its students. On its campus, there are also medical facilities and a variety of recreational facilities. Independent businesses, such as food and retail, are also present.

The school’s programs are internationally recognized, particularly the faculty of international economics and management, which is also one of the university’s largest and most well-known faculties. It offers specialized courses in the field in addition to its other programs.

4. Kyiv Mohyla Business School

Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (KMBS) was established as part of one of Europe’s oldest schools, the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. KMBS believes that the impact of its programs on students will start a ripple effect to the development of the student, their workplace, society, country, and the world, as stated in its slogan, “school for leaders who are ready to change.”

To commit to the development and betterment of their students, KMBS provides students with the opportunity to witness and experience real-time cases by visiting industries across the country. It also exposes its students to the business approaches of other countries by providing international faculties and organizing educational tours to its international institution and industry partners.

The school provides a wide range of short programs, as well as strategic and corporate programs.

5. Kyiv School of Economics

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) aspires to be an active participant in Ukraine’s fight for economic supremacy. KSE commits to providing and producing brilliant minds in the business field to help lay the groundwork for and strengthen the country’s economy.

As part of its objectives, the school works to develop a platform for its faculty, students, and alumni to exchange ideas and opinions with experts in the field. Research symposiums and conferences, which are attended by various personalities known in the field both locally and internationally, serve as a platform for intellectual exchange. Journalism is another form that is widely available to the public.

KSE has a global network of partners and benefactors. This top business school in Ukraine has also created and established scholarship programs funded by private individuals that are available to its students. It also includes a list of individual and private sponsors who believe in the school’s vision of developing a strong and innovative economy for Ukraine.

KSE provides a broad range of mid-term and short-term courses, as well as specialty programs.


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