From Eastern Europe to the Eurasian continent, Russia is a vast country. Ethnic Russians made up about half of the population, making it the most powerful Soviet republic since it is the largest country in the world.

Russia’s educational system has long been regarded as one of Europe’s best as the country has always been on top of its education. The cost of studying and living in Russia is lower than in most European countries, making it an attractive option for students. Thus, international students in Russia are able to immerse themselves in a wide range of cultures.

Getting a business degree in Russia is a wise investment as the country consistently ranks among the world’s wealthiest. The country’s economy is constantly expanding, and you will be able to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

We’ve compiled a list of the top institutions for studying business in Russia. Read more about them below.

Top Business Schools in Russia

1. St. Petersburg University—Graduate School of Management

In 1993, St. Petersburg University’s (SPbU) Graduate School of Management was founded. SPbU Graduate School of Management is an excellent business institution in Russia with a global vision that combines concepts, professional people, and institutions to educate leaders, generate and distribute managerial knowledge for societal and economic progress.

The school has a global vision and management competencies tailored to the Russian employment market; it is a business school with an exceptional learning setting and an ever-evolving team to develop leaders at each and every stage of their career. International accreditations such as AMBA, ACA, and EQUIS show that SPbU’s Graduate School of Management is a leader in Russian business education.

The university offers business degrees ranging from bachelor’s to doctoral levels. In addition, they collaborate with other international schools to provide the best education possible.

2. Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Lomonosov Moscow State University’s (MSU) Business School is one of Russia’s most prestigious in the field of business education. The university’s business school was founded in 1989 and is one of the country’s oldest institutions of higher learning.

For the school, international cooperation is considered one of its top priorities, and they train managers who are able to work effectively in a global context. Traditional MSU teaching methods are combined with cutting-edge approaches to business and management education. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs are all offered by MSU, which has a strong relationship with the Russian business community and can provide tailor-made corporate programs.

The business school consistently ranks on the top and is accredited by the EFMD Programme Accreditation System (EPAS) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

3. The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration—Institute of Business Studies Moscow

In Moscow, Russia, Presidential Decree was issued in 2010 to establish the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration (RANEPA). It is Russia’s largest institution of higher education. The Institute of Business Studies (IBS) Moscow is one of the best business schools in Russia that operates out of the RANEPA campus. In addition, the school’s collegiate school of business has direct access to the human resources and material resources needed to establish their educational programs, which ensures that it has the highest quality.

The school is also one of the renowned universities in Russia. It specializes in policymaking, social welfare, and business. Professional comprehension, expertise, potential, and capabilities are guaranteed to RANEPA students to help them obtain work in a position requiring postsecondary education. A highly regarded degree in business and management was made available to students so that they could learn how to manage, lead, organize, and adapt successfully in a variety of business contexts.

Furthermore, the university is one of the city’s best public universities as it places its rank as #801 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

4. Moscow International Higher School of Business Institute

Founded in 1988, the Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS) has grown to become a frontrunner institution for business in Russia.

The institute’s teaching methods include lessons and active engagement in the school environment. The mixture of instructors, expert educators, and practicing top executives ensures the quality of the programs offered. Lectures by visiting faculty, student participation, internships, and study trips to foreign companies and management development centers are just some of the features of their teaching process.

In the MIRBIS degree program, students will learn about strategic management, financial planning, risk management, data analysis, and consumer value management, among many other topics. Advisors and experts with years of experience in MBA education make up their faculty. The courses are geared toward people who are already working in the Russian business community or who plan to work there in the near future. They are a blend of Western business education and an understanding of Russia’s unique market conditions. Students in their long-term programs are required to complete an internship at a Russian or international organization. The institute is also prepared to provide exclusive expertise in training, advising, and assistance to those who want to enter the Russian market.

5. International Management Institute of St. Petersburg

International Management Institute of St. Petersburg (IMISP) was established in 1989, making it the first business school in St. Petersburg. It was one of the first in the Soviet Union to provide higher quality and practical-oriented products and services, making IMISP an excellent business school in Russia.

Aiming to help Russian and international businesses grow sustainably, IMISP’s task is to develop an academic, research, consulting, and expert environment that sets the stage for people and businesses’ growth and the success of their business endeavors. In order to assist students and businesses in creating and maintaining their curriculums, the school offers a broad spectrum of advisory and information assistance.

In terms of international recognition, IMISP is one of Russia’s best-known business schools. Five out of their twenty programs won Russia’s annual competition of academic programs. As a result of these accomplishments, they were granted international quality accreditation by the International Management Association and the British Association of MBAs.


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