Chiropractic care is an alternate treatment related to the musculoskeletal system, which involves a manual and natural method of pressing down joints and muscles to relieve pain. The word chiropractic came from the Greek words “cheir” and “praxis,” which means to treat using hands. It was a practice pioneered by Daniel Palmer way back in 1895, creating the first-ever chiropractic school – now called Palmer College of Chiropractic.

This method makes use of manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine and joints to relieve pain in the muscles, bones, and joints. Chiropractors first conduct a physical exam and medical history on a patient to check if chiropractic care is suitable for his or her situation. Once decided, chiropractors proceed with treatment according to the plan, wherein chiropractic care may be done combined with other conventional medical regimens like health counseling and exercise. The end goal of the treatment is to restore functioning and prevent further injury. Though unconventional, chiropractic care is generally viewed as safe and helpful for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and others. However, the suitability of chiropractic care may vary from person to person; it is recommended to consult with one’s physician as needed.

But why should you be a chiropractor? Chiropractic is the most dominant profession to provide natural healthcare and alternate medicine. They do not make use of chemicals or surgeries to treat their patients. They are anchored on the body’s self-healing ability, providing years of experience in restoring the spine, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system to its prime health through purely natural means. To practice as a chiropractor, one should complete an undergraduate degree followed by about four years of chiropractic school.

If you are passionate about enabling natural wellness and making a difference to help people, as a chiropractor, start your career with one of these top chiropractic schools in the world:

Top Chiropractic Schools in the World

1. Sherman Chiropractic College

Sherman College, located in South Carolina, is one of the top chiropractic schools in the world with its focused training and affordable fees. Their classes are small enough, 25 students on average, to receive hands-on and personalized guidance and education from their faculty. As for their fees, the school is considered one of the most affordable with 98% of their student population receiving financial aid such as loans, scholarships, or discounts. The tuition is $8,825 quarterly (14 quarters in total) or $35,300 annually (3.5 years). The entire chiropractic program can be completed in three and a half years with about 35 class hours every week.

2. Life University

Life University houses one of the largest Doctor of Chiropractic programs globally, which comprises an engaging curriculum usually finished in 14 quarters or 4 years. Students will learn the basics of the practice including its foundations and techniques, then proceed with the clinical application on quarter 8. Some of the chiropractic strategies taught are Upper Cervical Recoil, Full Spine, Gonstead, and Thompson techniques. Students will gain access to testing, assessment, and diagnostic centers for better learning. Lastly, Life University has one of the lowest tuition fees as well with a $ 29, 625 projected cost per year for the Chiropractic program.

3. Logan University

Logan University is a leading institution for chiropractic globally that introduces clinical opportunities to chiropractic students as early as their first year, wherein the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) curriculum designates as much as 40% of year 1 to clinical skills training. The school also opens an opportunity to fast-track the DC degree for undergrads. Taking their online Bachelor of Science in Life Science program allows some overlapping transition with the DC program, enabling students to complete both their BS and DC degrees in Logan for just 6 years.

Additionally, the school offers Master’s degree programs that can be combined with the DC program such as Nutrition and Human Performance, Health Professions Education, and Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

4. Parkers

The University of Western States is considered the second-oldest top chiropractic school in the world. The curriculum’s length is rather shorter than other programs with a completion period of only 12 quarters, which applies an evidence-based and whole-person approach.

Students’ schedules are flexible as well through the school’s dual degree opportunities. DC students could apply to the Bachelor’s in Human Biology program and receive the undergrad degree without attending additional classes, as long as the stipulated requirements are met. Master’s degrees in Sports Medicine, Sport and Performance Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine are also available and can be completed at the same time as their DC Program to enhance their competency in the particular specialization.

5. University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport is another excellent school at the forefront of chiropractic education in the world. It has been offering its accredited Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Program since 1991 to give students valuable resources and experiences to be healthcare providers. The program is designed to be completed in 8 semesters or about 4 years. On the other hand, the school offers some Bachelor’s degree programs, like Biology and Health Sciences, which is a preliminary requirement to pursue chiropractic studies. To further their expertise, DC students also have the opportunity to simultaneously obtain a Master’s degree in Nutrition or Acupuncture.

6. Parker University

Parker University’s Doctor of Chiropractic Program is one of the best chiropractic schools across the globe that is designed with a 10-trimester holistic curriculum, focusing on clinical exposure, research, and business training. Chiropractic students get exposure at the Veterans Affairs Hospitals or any of the school’s private practice partnerships. Some of the techniques they apply are Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, and Activator. Aside from learning how to conduct clinical techniques, they also learn about business planning and how to set up their private practice.

Several undergrad and postgrad courses are also being offered by Parker University under Health Sciences, which chiropractic students can pursue before or after their DC program.

7. Palmer College of Chiropractic

Palmer College is the very first and a leading chiropractic school in the world, as mentioned earlier, which makes it one of the most renowned schools in the field. Their curriculum is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education, designed to combine theory and practice with the basic sciences, chiropractic techniques, and foundations. The length of study for this program is 10 trimesters on the Main campus and 13 quarters on the West and Florida campuses. On average, chiropractic students would need to spend $34,600 a year for tuition costs.

Though an undergrad degree is not officially required, it is encouraged for students to have one before entering the DC program as this could be essential for licensures. There are also preliminary basic sciences credits needed to enter the DC program, which can be completed through the school’s online DC Prep Fast-Track program.


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