Cosmetology may seem like a simple degree, with only hair cutting and nail polishing to be taught and learned, this is not true at all. Cosmetology students still have to learn the business side of Cosmetology especially since this is what they’ll be focused on to properly apply the practices in their job. In Cosmetology, customer satisfaction and maintenance are one of the most important aspects, thus schools would apply this to guarantee the success of their students.

Moreover, trends and fashion change in a single breeze. Students have to get on with the latest styles as part of a marketing strategy. Something that needs a lot of analysis to properly execute and apply the trends. Creative methods are highly needed and encouraged when it comes to Cosmetology and must be properly utilized to do well in the industry.

Below, we discuss some of the best cosmetology schools in the world.

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Top Cosmetology Schools in the World

1. Aveda Training Institute, United States

The Aveda Training Institute is one of the best cosmetology schools in the world as it provides a nice balance between the hands-on aspects of cosmetology as well as its business side. That’s why their courses include learnings such as makeup application, haircutting, retail knowledge, business development, and gaining and maintaining retail clients. This ensures that the students have a wide range of opportunities along with the broad subjects of the field.

Moreover, their careers are equally as varied, allowing students to have the opportunity to be stylists, influencers, and even product manufacturers. It goes to show that the institute itself doesn’t hold back in giving the learnings and opportunities to its students, letting them focus on areas of interest and specializations for them to reach their potential.

2. Empire Beauty School

The Empire Beauty School’s program offers skincare along with all the other basic foundational knowledge in the beauty industry. It has a nice mix between learning the trends, hair texture, business aspect, and communication skills. Students of this outstanding cosmetology school are taught to be all-rounders in the industry and business of beauty.

Their hair-cutting style is either innovative and creative or cut-clean and classy, it shows that the school doesn’t have any divide between the quirkiness and the traditional sides of beauty, allowing students to find their styles and experiment freely throughout their time in the school. But most importantly, they know all the techniques on how to please and guarantee their customer’s satisfaction, something that all business owners want in their list of skills.

3. Pivot Point Academy, United States

Pivot Point Academy is among the best cosmetology schools, with its Cosmetology Program only twelve months long. The schedule mostly ranges from Tuesday to Saturday with at least six hours of work per day. That means, students only get a two-day break for the whole twelve months, with a quarter of it being utilized for classes inside the cosmetology course.

The program itself has four phases over which students can find themselves slowly mastering the art of makeup and hairstyle or beauty in general. The first phase is the foundational knowledge in Cosmetology, the second phase is having hands-on experience by practicing it in spas and salons, the third phase is advancing one’s skill in the field such as texture services, and lastly, preparation for work by taking the Illinois Licensure Exam.

4. Tricoci University, United States

Tricoci University is a top cosmetology school as the university specializes in beauty, having multiple other programs such as Barber, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. This goes to show that the university is committed to providing beautification learnings that can be utilized at the salon and spa, and thus, provides quality and specific teachings fit for accredited beautification institutions.

Moreover, Tricoci University also offers a digital curriculum and nuts and bolts training. For the digital curriculum, it is essentially utilizing the interactive learning experience to be able to teach students around the globe. While the nuts and bolts training includes the specific details and techniques on how to navigate the industry which mixes traditional, hands-on, and technological practices.

5. The Ogle School

The Ogle School is a school that prioritizes and acknowledges the importance of the business aspect in Cosmetology. Of course, one cannot practice their profession in this field if one does not have any customers. The school recognizes this and as such, molds its students to become masters of the business of beauty. This makes The Ogle School one of the best cosmetology schools in the world.

Their program does not infringe itself on the student’s weekends, opting to let them have their free time while leaving their weekdays semi-packed for studying. The school also has careers services wherein it helps the students by letting them connect with career opportunities outside of the school, this allows them to build connections and strong relationships with different institutions in the beauty industry.

6. Xenon Academy, United States

Xenon Academy teaches its students the trends necessary to create very popular beauty techniques. Since a lot of the industry relies on trends, the academy takes it upon itself to provide the necessary information and techniques for students to be up-to-date with all the necessary beauty events and news in the world.

The community in Xenon Academy is full of bubbly, inspired, and passionate students. Most of their interactions include gushing about the latest trends and hacks while being excited about the beauty classes. The academy, while it prioritizes the learnings of the students, also gives a lot of attention to the enjoyment factor of the journey.

7. Hollywood Institute of Beauty, United States

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty offers specialized beauty careers such as wedding or event stylist and even theatrical and performance stylist. These careers give us a glimpse as to what is the teaching style or learnings that can be gained from this institute. It has a more traditional approach, letting students dive into the culture of different types of makeup and following it from there.

Other than that, the institute has partnered up with spas and salons on a national level including Nouveau Nail and Hair Cuttery to name a few. And students also receive starter kits in hairstyling, makeup, and nails for them to keep, giving the students a nice head start with their careers in the beauty industry.


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