Contrary to popular belief, becoming an actor doesn’t always rely on innate talent. It also doesn’t rely on looks or certain body types. Looking over the most famous in the movie and theater industry, it makes sense to say that acting can be anybody’s career choice. For most aspiring actors, taking formal education is the best route. And, it’s more advantageous in many ways to study Acting abroad. Below, we talk about a few of the best countries for you to study acting.

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Top Countries to Study Acting

1. The Czech Republic

  • Reasons: Comfortable cost of living, language, and vibrant student life

Being an international student can be quite challenging if you’re living on a budget. But that’s also one of the profound sources of inspiration for many actors out there. While you can use such hardships as a learning opportunity in future acting roles, studying in the Czech Republic can help you overcome them. After all, the country is known for providing a comfortable cost of living for its people. In fact, you can live on a $300 to $550 budget per month. This already includes your accommodation, transportation, social activities, and of course, food.

Another reason to choose the Czech Republic for your study destination is the language. You can find here courses taught in Czech but there is also a significant number of courses taught in English. It’s more comfortable to study in your native language but if you’re looking to become a seasoned actor, you’ll need to learn as many skills as you can. Considering that, picking up the Czech language won’t surely hurt your acting career.

Finally, if you’re looking for vibrant student life, choosing the best universities in your host country is a great first step. The Czech Republic is one of the best countries to study acting because of the excellent programs offered at the Academy for Performing Arts in Prague and the Arts and Design Institut.

2. The United Kingdom

  • Reasons: Extracurricular learning opportunities, related history, and high quality of student support

The United Kingdom joins the list of the best countries to study acting. It’s because the country has gained traction towards theater arts and become home to some top performances. Studying here makes it convenient for you to visit London’s West End, where you can find at least 35 theaters and watch various performances. Having such valuable extracurricular opportunities can help you succeed in your chosen career.

What makes the United Kingdom preferable as your study destination is its related history. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the foundations of theater arts and the notable names behind it. While you can pretty much learn acting anywhere, being at a place where it first became relevant, can be highly motivating. Not to mention that you’ll be learning to act in places that inspired the works of William Shakespeare.

As an international student living far from home, you’ll need all the support you can get to succeed in your academic journey. Here is where the United Kingdom excels, as its universities offer high quality of student support. Make sure to send your application to these universities in the United Kingdom:

3. Australia

  • Reasons: Available universities, variety of activities, and high standard of living

Australia is among the top countries to study acting abroad. After all, it’s home to some of Hollywood’s A-listers, like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Chris Hemsworth. Another reason to study in Australia is the availability of universities with Acting programs. Some of these are the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Queensland University of Technology, and Victorian College of the Arts of the University of Melbourne.

Choosing an acting career requires one to embrace various experiences and go out of their comfort zones. It helps to prepare for these challenges during your studies and living in Australia can provide you with the perfect training ground. The country is popular for a variety of activities you can try. From mountain climbing to four-wheel driving along the beach to scuba diving to jet boating, the country offers outdoor activities which can come in handy in your career.

It’s also important for international students to choose a study destination that offers a high standard of living. Living conditions should be the least of your concerns when studying abroad. Fortunately, Australia offers a high standard of living, helping you focus on your studies more.

4. Ireland

  • Reasons: Top-tier education, work opportunities, and personal development

When choosing a host country to pursue acting, make sure to consider Ireland. The country has academic institutions that offer top-tier education, letting you gain valuable theoretical knowledge and training. Some of the places you can study Acting in Ireland are the Trinity College Dublin, Gaiety School of Acting, and the Dublin Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Choosing Ireland to be your destination country opens doors to numerous work opportunities. It’s no secret that the country has hosted popular shows and movies, providing countless jobs to people in the industry. Imagine being on the set of Game of Thrones, or the Vikings. And production companies don’t seem to be going away soon, since Ireland offers attractive tax incentives to them.

Acting is all about personality and acting professionals are incredibly adept at creating one for their roles. However, what goes on after the shoot ends or when the curtain closes brings another set of challenges to actors and actresses. Real-life stories about some artists’ destructive paths are not unheard of and as an aspiring actor, these are some of the things you need to prepare for. By studying abroad, you can achieve personal development, making you more capable of handling challenges once you get on to the spotlight.

5. South Africa

  • Reasons: Affordable tuition rates, the best education in the continent, and nature-lovers inspiration

South Africa is an excellent place for international students due to its affordable tuition rates. Undergraduate studies cost around $3,000 to $3,600 annually, which is considerably lower than other countries that offer the same high-quality education. And speaking of education, it also has the best in the African continent. Some of the universities you should consider in South Africa are Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town.

Besides education and its affordability, being with stunning and awe-inspiring nature is among the reasons why international students choose South Africa. From deserts to rocky mountains to beaches and rolling grasslands, you’ll never run out of natural wonders to explore. As an aspiring actor, you’ll need to have as much inspiration as you can. And, these may come from different looks of nature, making South Africa one of the best countries to study acting abroad.


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