Are you fascinated by airplanes, helicopters, or any flying vehicle? If you’re interested in how they were built or designed, you can take aerospace engineering in college. This field will answer your interests, and it can open many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

More than that, aerospace engineering involves a lot of fields. Since we’re talking about flying vehicles, aerospace engineers design and create aircraft and spacecraft, and because of them, we have airplanes to ride on to travel to other places. A big thanks to these engineers flying vehicles were tested and made for the safety of the people.

If you’re going to study aerospace engineering in college, you can consider studying abroad. Many universities are offering aerospace engineering globally, and taking this program in another country will help you build a wider perspective in your career. Now, let’s talk about the best countries to study aerospace engineering!

Top Countries to Study Aerospace Engineering Abroad

1. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: world-renowned educational institutions, outstanding aerospace industry, equipped with the latest technology, a good foundation of the field

Home of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, and other famous aerospace engineers, the United States of America (USA) is undoubtedly our first choice for aerospace engineering. The country’s aerospace industry is the largest in the world, and they are the leading supplier of materials and hardware to other countries. They employ hundreds of thousands in this industry. As an aerospace engineering student here, you’ll be exposed to an excellent foundation.

In terms of the quality of education, indeed, the USA is a top destination to study aerospace engineering as it will give the utmost value to teaching, training, and research. Aside from aerospace engineering, American institutions are highly regarded in various fields of study, so it’s a 2. assurance that you will gain a competitive skill set and competencies. Although American institutions have a reputation for being selective, it’s worth a try! After all, having a degree from the USA will leverage your career.

The top American aerospace engineering universities are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology. These universities have a high standing in the country and globally.

2. Germany

  • Reason: research opportunities, affordable tuition, outstanding educational institutions, employment opportunities

Over the years, Germany’s aerospace industry has been continuously growing. This industry has significant growth, and more engineers and other professions are needed. Since the aerospace industry in Germany is foreseen to grow steadily, it can offer more opportunities for work to graduates of this field. Many German aerospace companies are growing bigger, and they need more people in the field.

Moving to their education, Germany is an excellent country to study aerospace engineering abroad, and German universities are highly acknowledged for their outstanding reputation in teaching and research. Universities in this country are consistently ranked on global scales, emphasizing their high performance. Aerospace engineering majors are taught comprehensively with Germany’s aerospace companies to ensure learning in the field. Students are also trained with the foundation and field of aerospace.

Additionally, one more reason why you should consider studying in Germany is they have cheaper tuition fees than other European countries. You’ll receive a world-class education in Europe without costing a lot. Universities such as the Technical University of Munich and the University of Stuttgart have degrees in aerospace engineering.

3. Kingdom

  • Reason: state-of-the-art technology, high-class laboratories and equipment, high ranking universities, comprehensive research, and teaching field

Moving to the United Kingdom, this country has an excellent aerospace engineering industry. They are included in the top list of countries with the highest aerospace exports globally. With this, we can see that this industry is continuously growing. If you’re going to study here, you’ll see how broad their aerospace industry is, and you’ll see various opportunities for you.

British universities are highly recognized for their modernized approach to teaching and excellence in the field. They have universities that have been operating for the past decades that emphasize their exemplary education quality. Aerospace engineering programs are offered at various levels, and students in this major are fully exposed to the latest technology in the field as they train.

British educational institutions such as Imperial College London have aerospace and related programs. This university has well-equipped laboratories and facilities to cater education to local and international students. Another university, the University of Bristol, also offers aerospace engineering programs.

4. Japan

  • Reason: innovative country, world-class educational institutions, collaboration with the country’s aerospace sector

If you’re eyeing to study in the Asian region, you can consider moving to Japan. This northeast Asian country offers outstanding aerospace engineering and related programs, and they have a strong international reputation for it. Japan’s aerospace industry is globally recognized, and they are one of the leading countries in the world in this field.

As an aerospace engineering major here, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with the industry. Japanese universities have collaborations and other activities to involve students in the field and gain more experience. With this, you’ll get a wider perspective in the field.

Japanese universities such as Tohoku TOUniversity and Teikyo University have programs and degrees in aerospace engineering. As you study in Japan, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge you need with their extensive programs.

5. France

  • Reason: huge aerospace companies, good international community for foreign students, top-performing educations, extensive research and education in the aerospace industry

Collins Aerospace, Airbus, and Safran Helicopter Engines are some international aerospace companies that originated in France. Aside from being a popular destination for fashion and exquisite places, France is home to the world’s leading aerospace companies abroad. They have a strong foundation and are experts in the field.

French educational institutions take pride in their long history of providing education to local and international students. They are recognized for their research, training, and education given to students at different levels. Aerospace engineering students will surely build their competencies at these universities, as they have a long record of producing professionals in the field.

If you’re looking forward to studying in France, you can consider entering the University of Poitiers for aerospace engineering and other related degrees.


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