Are you fascinated by ancient history? Do you like discovering and learning things about past cultures? Well, if you’re interested in these things, you might want to study archaeology in your higher education. This field is more than lectures and books. It’s an exciting academic discipline that connects you to different branches and can open many opportunities.

Archaeology is a part of the social sciences. In this field, these archaeologists trace down the human civilization, and a big thanks to them, we understand cultures and history that help our society today. As an archaeologist, you’ll have fieldwork and discover new things.

Studying archaeology can also open many for work and professional growth. You can study abroad to gain a wider perspective in the field. But what country should you consider in studying archaeology? In this article, let’s talk about the best countries to study archeology. Let’s dig in!

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Top Countries to Study Archaeology Abroad

1. United Kingdom

  • Reason: world-renowned educational institutions, modernized facilities, and equipment, historical museums and galleries

Famous ancient discoveries such as the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun and King Richard III’s grave are uncovered by British archaeologists decades ago. More than these discoveries, there are a lot of works done by these British archaeologists. They also pioneered in some methodologies that largely contributed to the field of archaeology in Europe and globally. As a student here, you’ll have direct exposure to this academic discipline.

Aside from being a top country to study archaeology, the United Kingdom takes pride in its well-established educational institutions. British universities and colleges are globally known for their long tradition of excellence in providing research and education to local and international students. Studying archaeology in a British university will give you more perspective and experience as they offer modernized facilities and resources.

One British university, Oxford University, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in archaeology. They also have their own museum and libraries dedicated to this field. Other universities such as the University of Cambridge and the University of York also offer archaeology.

2. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: broad archaeology field, top-performing education, and research, a wide range of resources for fieldwork and learning,

Donald Johanson, Linda Braidwood, and Carl Blegen are American archaeologists who significantly contributed to the field. These archaeologists discovered and worked on different sites and cultures. Aside from them, there are a lot of famous American archaeologists that impacted history globally. Studying in the United States of America (USA) will expose you to the country’s rich archaeology foundation. From people to places, the USA’s field of archaeology will amaze you!

After the United Kingdom, the USA is the second top country on the list that offers excellent archaeology programs. American educational institutions highly rank on global university scales, proving their outstanding performance in the field. Archaeology programs in America are highly involved in various fields of social sciences, and for students, they’ll have a wider perspective in this academic discipline.

American universities have various centers, galleries, and other learning resources for students and staff, and during their program, they have lectures, collaborations, and other activities for these archaeology students. American universities such as Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania have programs and degrees in archaeology.

3. Switzerland

  • Reason: Quality archaeology education, internationally recognized degrees, world-class educational system, abundant culture, and background

Moving to Central Europe, Switzerland is another excellent country to consider if you’re majoring in archaeology. This country is known for its world-class educational system, and many local and international students are highly satisfied with their education. Aside from their educational system, Switzerland offers quality archaeology education for undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Archaeology students in Swiss universities are comprehensively trained and exposed to various activities to broaden their knowledge and skills. In every Swiss archaeology school, students can also choose from a variety of specializations. For example, in the University of Basel, the Faculty of Ancient Studies has various departments focusing on different specializations.

You’ll also have practical applications in Swiss universities. As you study here, you’ll develop a wider perspective in the archaeology field. The University of Bern also offers archaeology programs at the graduate levels. Additionally, Switzerland has an amazing culture and quality of life. You’ll surely enjoy studying here!

4. Australia

  • Reason: numerous archaeological resources, internationally recognized degrees, leading universities, excellent higher education

More than its natural wonders, Australia houses a lot of archaeological sites that have 50,000 years of age, museums, and artifacts. For archaeology majors, being surrounded by these resources will deepen their knowledge and competencies in the field. As they study in an Australian university, they will be exposed to hands-on learning that will help them to learn more.

As mentioned earlier, Australia is one of the best countries that have a lot of archaeological resources. Universities here work together with national museums and other archaeological sites, and these will help you in the future for your employment.

If you’re going to study here, you can consider Flinders University. It is an Australian public university highly acknowledged for its archaeology programs. You’ll have various research areas to work on. Another university, The University of Western Australia, provides degrees and programs in archaeology and related disciplines.

5. Netherlands

  • Reason: Low cost of living, scholarship opportunities, prestigious educational institutions, globally recognized educational system

The Netherlands is a leading country to study archeology and holds extraordinary archaeology and history. For the past decades, the discoveries and works in the Netherlands have been largely significant in Europe and globally. As a whole, this country has various archeological sites and museums. For international students majoring in archaeology, it gives them real-life learning.

Dutch universities are offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in archaeology. As you study here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. For example, at graduate levels, students can choose from a broad range of research areas, and for fieldwork, you can also do these activities in the country or in Europe. As these universities focus on practice, research and development, you’ll surely build your career here.

Top Dutch educational institutions such as the University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen have degrees and programs in archaeology and related fields.


I hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Archeology Abroad was helpful. To know more information about the universities and scholarships, visit the Scholarships Page.