A popular choice for college students, architecture is a competitive major, and it opens a lot of learning and work opportunities. Yearly, many incoming students around the globe enroll in an architecture program in various universities, aiming to build a career in this industry.

Architecture is about building and designing places. Even if you’re not an architect, you’ll see houses, buildings, and other places every day. Globally speaking, this industry is continuously growing, and more architects are needed in the future as more places are being constructed.

If you’re an incoming architecture student, you can consider studying abroad. By studying this program in another country, you’ll be exposed to different places and gain a new perspective on architecture. But what country should you go to? In this article, we listed some countries for studying architecture that you might want to consider, together with their best universities.

Best Countries to Study Architecture

1. Netherlands

  • Reason: Innovative educational programs, high-quality research and teaching, and affordable cost of living and tuition fees

For decades, the Dutches have created a huge impact in the architecture industry. They had a significant influence on today’s architectural designs worldwide, and with modernization, the Netherlands continues to improve this industry. In combination with their high-quality education, the Netherlands is an excellent option for international students taking architecture.

Universities in the Netherlands are known for their innovative college programs. They have a long history of quality education that produces world-renowned scientists, artists, and other professionals. Also, one good reason why the Netherlands is a good country to study architecture is that they are affordable. You can guarantee that you’ll get a high-quality education at a reasonable price. The best Dutch universities for architecture are the Delft University of Technology, the University of Groningen, and the Eindhoven University of Technology.

2. China

  • Top-performing universities, strong academic background, and work opportunities

Have you ever visited the Great Wall of China? It’s one of the country’s tourist spots, and aside from its historical influence, it has a huge impact on architectural history. Chinese architectural design and places such as temples and palaces are globally known for their unique features. Because of China’s strong influence in architecture and the academe, international students explore the architectural culture while developing their knowledge and skills through theory and practice.

Additionally, there are numerous work opportunities for architects in China. Since the government allows international students to work after graduation, they can practice their profession here. Chinese universities have a good global ranking in terms of teaching, research and practice. For example, Tongji University in the heart of China offers a comprehensive Architecture program, and Southeast University takes pride in its architecture program, as it has a long history of giving high-quality education.

3. Germany

  • Reasons: Outstanding technical universities, modernized educational facilities, and low cost of tuition fees

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Germany is another great country to study architecture for international students. Since Germany has a strong economy and government, it is a perfect option for foreign students because their education has an excellent reputation globally. Students aiming to study architecture are exposed to numerous outstanding technical universities with innovative and technological facilities to help them learn more.

Compared to the United States and other parts of Europe, tuition fees in a German university are low or free at all! The government removed the tuition fees for local and international students in public higher education. So, studying in Germany will save your pockets without sacrificing the quality of your education. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar is known for its specialty in the arts and technical fields. RWTH Aachen University is the largest technological university in Germany.

4. France

  • Reason: result-focused learning, multicultural environment, and broad career choice

With its famous monuments and buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, France can give the best experiences for future architects. For the past decades, France has contributed significantly to the development of architecture. Their contributions are world-renowned, and it is highly discussed in other countries. Being an architecture student in this country will give you the first-hand experience of a world-class education.

Architecture majors also have a broad career choice in the country. Since the country has a lot of schools and companies related to architecture, students can be exposed to a lot of learning and work opportunities. LISAA School of Art & Design is a private institution that caters to both local and international students, and they offer various programs, including Architecture.

5. Italy

  • Reason: English taught programs, top-performing universities, and low cost of tuition fees and living.

Aside from pasta and pizzas, Italy is known for its contribution to Arts. They are the birthplace of renaissance arts and have famous architectural buildings such as the Palazzo Conte Federico and the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Students majoring in architecture here enjoy a combination of studying at top-performing universities while being exposed to great places to learn more.

Italian universities have English-taught programs, and they are very affordable. The Polytechnic University of Milan offers architecture programs in undergraduate and graduate degrees. On the other hand, the Sapienza University of Rome is considered one of the oldest universities in Italy.

6. Russia

  • Internationally recognized degrees, and quality education

Russia is another great country to study architecture. This country is highly recognized in different educational fields such as mathematics, physics, and others. Since they highly value education, the quality of their college programs is highly regarded. Russian universities prepare their students academically and practically while building the skills they need as an architect.

The Moscow State University offers architecture and other related programs. It is the top university in Russia, and it has a good reputation in Europe. Another university, Saint Petersburg State University, is also one of Russia’s leading schools for architecture.

7. Mexico

  • Reasons: A variety of college programs, affordable cost of tuition fees, and diverse student community

Located in North America, Mexico is a good country for studying architecture. Mexican architecture is diverse, and international architecture students will have the chance to explore its various cultural backgrounds. For their universities, Mexico offers a wide range of programs, and these programs and schools have a high reputation in the continent. Today, they continuously provide excellent higher education at a reasonable price.

If you’re aiming to study here, you’ll meet a diverse community in Mexico. You’ll easily adapt to their culture and way of living. The University of Colima and Don Vasco University have several degrees and programs in Architecture.


I hope this article on the best countries to study architecture abroad was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!