With the rise of technology and computers in today’s era, the field of Artificial Intelligence has significantly grown globally. Before the pandemic, this field is continuously rising, and during these pandemic years, more industries are maximizing Artificial Intelligence. If you’re interested in this branch of computer science, you can consider taking a program in Artificial Intelligence or a related field.

Having a degree in Artificial Intelligence can open many opportunities for your career and employment. Since it’s a fast-growing field, more graduates and experts are needed. Industries such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and others rely on Artificial Intelligence.

Are you ready to study Artificial Intelligence? But what country and university should you go to? By studying abroad, you’ll see how Artificial Intelligence is widely used in big industries, and you’ll gain more experience and application. Now, let’s talk about the best countries to consider if you’re majoring in Artificial Intelligence!

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Top Countries to Study Artificial Intelligence Abroad

1. United Kingdom

  • Reason: top-performing universities, excellent foundation in the Artificial Intelligence industry, a broad range of research specializations, work opportunities

Fun fact: the world’s first autonomous vehicle or self-driving cars allowed to operate on roads are in the United Kingdom. The UK is an excellent country to study artificial intelligence as it has a high-performing Artificial Intelligence industry, and they have astable manufacturing, automotive, and finance industry. As they continuously move forward with these advancements, the United Kingdom’s Artificial Intelligence industry opens more doors in employment.

Regarding the country’s higher education, British universities highly excel in technology and science-related programs. They have a strong reputation for producing professionals in the fields, including Artificial Intelligence engineers. Since the United Kingdom is innovative, its educational institutions are equipped with the latest technology in the world. For Artificial Intelligence majors, learning in these universities will surely build their interests and competencies.

Another advantage of studying Artificial Intelligence in the United Kingdom is that they can offer wide research specializations. If you’re interested in research in this field, the United Kingdom can provide you with a lot of research areas to specialize in. British universities such as the University of Kent and Liverpool Hope University have degrees and programs in Artificial Intelligence.

2. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: World leader in Artificial Intelligence industry, various specializations, competitive job opportunities, in-demand industry

Undoubtedly, the United States of America (USA) is a top country and world leader in studying Artificial Intelligence. Reports show that this country has a large number of Artificial Intelligence start-ups and companies. They are leading the research and development of Artificial Intelligence in various industries, and as they grow more, this field is expanding more. As an international student specializing in Artificial Intelligence, you’ll have a broad perspective and deeper foundation in the field.

American universities play a huge role in the research and training of these students. Since the Artificial Intelligence industry is thriving, educational institutions provide comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs. As you study here, you’ll build your skillset and competencies in the field, and more doors for employment will be opened to you.

You can also have options for specializations in American institutions, and you’ll see how broad the education and industry of Artificial Intelligence is in the USA. You can consider Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California-Berkeley for Artificial Intelligence programs.

3. China

  • Reason: Artificial Intelligence industry, English-taught degrees, internationally recognized programs, high-quality education

Moving to the Asian region, China is one of the leading countries in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Together with the United States, this industry is fast-growing, and many Artificial Intelligence firms have been created in the past years. They also use Artificial Intelligence in various sectors to create more products and services offered to the market.

Aside from having a fast-growing sector, China’s higher education in Artificial Intelligence is globally recognized. They have generated research and studies about the development of Artificial Intelligence and how it affects us. These academic studies were cited by other universities abroad. As an international student taking Artificial Intelligence in China, you’ll have a good start, as Chinese universities provide high-quality learning.

Various opportunities await you after finishing an Artificial Intelligence degree here. You’ll gain an internationally recognized degree that is highly acknowledged in Asia and other countries. You can check the Huazhong University of Science and Technology for Artificial Intelligence programs.

4. Japan

  • Reason: international Artificial Intelligence market, value for education, top-performing education

Another Asian country, Japan, also dominates the Artificial Intelligence industry. They are one of the biggest suppliers of industrial robots, and they have hundreds of companies related to Artificial Intelligence. As they move forward with the future, they aim to utilize this field to create a more developed society.

If you’re going to study in Japan, you’ll have various opportunities for learning and employment. Since this country highly values education, they’ve built their programs with an excellent educational system. You’ll build a good exposure in the field while getting the highest quality of education. Japanese universities are highly regarded for their performance in research and teaching.

The best Japanese universities for Artificial Intelligence programs are the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. These universities have centers and institutes focusing on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

5. Ireland

  • Reason: Hub of tech companies, highly recognized educational system, a diverse range of specializations

Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and other famous technology-related companies are based in Ireland. More than that, this country has a good foundation in Artificial Intelligence, and in Europe, they are considered one of the leading countries to study for the Artificial Intelligence.

Ireland is a good option for Artificial Intelligence studies. Experts see that Ireland is an emerging key player in this global industry because of its quality education and industry. As you move here for studies, you’ll see how technology plays a big role in their country.

Higher education in Ireland is globally acknowledged because of its excellence in producing graduates and generating research in the field. The Dublin City University and Athlone Institute of Technology are some of the best educational institutions in Ireland offering graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence.


I hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Artificial Intelligence Abroad was helpful. To know more information about the universities and scholarships, visit the Scholarships Page.