Business administration is one of the most popular and frequently taken degrees by students around the world, and for good reason. One of the benefits of a business administration degree is that it allows you to pursue a wide variety of career paths after graduation such as economics, accounting, finance, and management. It also imparts valuable soft skills that employers are looking for, such as leadership, time management, conflict resolution, and communication.

Given that the demand is high and the competition is fierce for business administration graduates, gaining a degree in a foreign country is a surefire way to make your resume stand out to your potential employers. Here are some of the best countries to study business administration, along with a few insights explaining why we have chosen them and some of the best universities in each country.

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Top Countries to Study Business Administration

1. Spain

  • Reason: top-rated universities, thriving business ecosystem, and pragmatic approach to business education

Spain is a popular travel and study destination for tourists and students around the world because of its sunny climate, many cultural attractions and breathtaking views, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, friendly and welcoming people, and prestigious universities. The country also has an excellent startup ecosystem and provides a great venue for business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to connect.

Spain is an excellent country to study business administration as its business schools are known for providing superior business education and appearing in multiple international rankings. Most degrees in business administration are taught using a pragmatic approach where students undergo several simulation exercises, analyze case studies, conduct practical projects and internships with their schools’ industry partners, and combine it with strong theoretical knowledge on business management concepts and organizational functions.

Some of the best business schools in Spain are Esade Business School, IE Business School, IESE Business School, EADA Business School Barcelona, and the University of Navarra School of Economics and Business.

2. Singapore

  • Reason: business-friendly environment, good location, stable economy, reputable universities, and several opportunities for international exposure

Singapore has established itself as one of the economic and financial hubs in Asia and is known for providing a conducive environment for startups and expanding businesses to thrive. Its strategic location in Southeast Asia attracts several international markets and investors and its stable economy provides numerous employment opportunities to the labor force.

Business administration is among the most sought-after degrees of international students in Singapore because of the global reputation of its academic institutions. Singaporean universities and business schools offer students different opportunities for international exposure through internships and overseas study programs that help develop their communication, leadership, and management skills, build their networks and increase their employment prospects.

Among the best universities and business schools to take business administration degrees are the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, James Cook University Singapore, and the London School of Business and Finance Singapore.

3. China

  • Reason: a booming economy, business-friendly environment, supportive government, numerous employment opportunities, good programs

China is yet another one of the best countries to study business administration. With a rapidly-growing economy and wide range of industries, China provides a favorable and competitive environment for start-up businesses, small and medium companies, and multinational corporations. It is also a top destination for aspiring business professionals and entrepreneurs around the world because of its top-rated universities and business schools, low tuition and cost of living, and numerous employment opportunities after graduation.

Education in the fields of business and innovation is largely supported by the Chinese government because it is believed that these are two of the biggest contributors to ensure the continuous growth of the country’s economy. Business administration degrees in China are designed to impart a broad knowledge of business concepts, strategies, and operations as well as a strong set of skills that would prepare students to meet the needs of the contemporary business industry. Students also learn from and work closely with many notable individuals from a vast network of academic and industry experts from different parts of the world.

Among the top academic institutions offering degrees in business administration include Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, and Tongji University.

4. Switzerland

  • Reason: strong banking sector, presence of local and international businesses, numerous job and internship opportunities, practical learning

Switzerland is a country of many lakes, mountains, and charming villages. It is also known for its diverse and strong banking sector that attracts numerous local and international businesses from different industries. The presence of several multinational companies offers several job and internship opportunities for business students and graduates.

Business administration degrees in Switzerland are flexible and offer a wide range of specializations such as data analytics, finance, hospitality, human resource management, digital marketing, and the like. Students undergo hands-on practical experiences in the business environment to develop their communication and leadership as well as their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they try to solve real-world challenges.

Some of the best Swiss universities for studying business administration include the University of Geneva, University of Zurich, University of St. Gallen, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and the University of Lausanne.

5. United Kingdom

  • Reason: presence of numerous business and financial institutions, top-rated and triple accredited universities and business schools

The United Kingdom has always been among the best countries to study business administration, especially those who want to gain a business degree and pursue a career in the business industry. London, the nation’s capital, is known as the world’s Financial Capital because of its wide network of international financial markets. Studying business administration in the UK provides opportunities for students to work closely with the world’s leading businesses and financial institutions.

Several academic institutions in the UK consistently appear in multiple international rankings for providing superior business education, outstanding research, and high graduate employability. The United Kingdom also has the most number of business schools that gained the Triple Crown status, which means they have been accredited by the three most prestigious accrediting bodies, namely, the AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Business administration students undergo several experiential learning activities to sharpen their leadership, communication, critical thinking skills in identifying business opportunities, addressing business challenges, and making critical business decisions.

Here are some of the top universities and business schools that offer business administration degrees in the UK: London Business School, Lancaster University, University of Glasgow, University of Manchester, University of Bradford, and Imperial College Business School.


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