In today’s marketplace, business analytics is a much-needed tool for many industries and organizations to get meaningful insights that would help them make sound and strategic business decisions in an efficient manner. Business analysts play a key role in understanding different aspects of business such as consumer behavior, market trends, competition, and potential challenges that would get in the way of achieving business goals.

Due to increasing competition in markets all over the world, the demand for business analysts also continues to increase. More and more businesses are in great need of competent and highly-skilled individuals who can interpret business data, articulate the insights generated in a way that is easy to understand, and propose solutions to organizational challenges.

Studying business analytics abroad and having a degree from a top university in a foreign country would surely make your resume stand out to many employers. Below are some of the best countries to study business analytics abroad, as well as some of the best universities that offer programs in the said field.

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Top Countries to Study Business Analytics

1. Singapore

  • Reason: top-rated universities, economic stability, advanced technology, good programs

The island nation of Singapore is considered a global frontrunner in the fields of business, technology, and education. It is one of the top study abroad destinations in Asia because of its top-rated and technologically advanced universities. It also has a stable economy, low unemployment rate, and relatively higher average salary which guarantees a secure and high-paying job after graduation.

Singapore is surely one of the best countries to study business analytics. Students have the advantage of working with the most advanced facilities and equipment in interpreting available information and converting them into relevant business insights. Programs are a blend of classroom learning and hands-on training. Students gain professional experience through internships and projects made in collaboration with their universities’ industry partners.

Some of the top universities for business analytics in Singapore are the National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore Management University, London School of Business and Finance Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

2. United Kingdom

  • Reason: world-class universities, industry exposure

Thousands of international students travel to the United Kingdom each year for the world-class education being provided in its universities. London, the nation’s capital, is considered one of the world’s leading financial cities which makes it an ideal destination for students who aspire to build a career in finance, business, foreign trade, and commerce and work in one of the leading businesses and financial institutions in the country.

Business analytics programs in the UK are designed for students to learn a wide range of data analysis techniques and tools as well as develop their ability to critically think and interpret different business phenomena, solve industry challenges, and lead and manage projects which are skills that are most sought-after by employers.

Many universities and business schools in the United Kingdom can be found in several international rankings. Some of the high-ranking educational institutions for business analytics are the University of Warwick, Imperial College Business School, Alliance Manchester Business School, Nottingham University, and the University of Edinburgh.

3. Spain

  • Reason: top-rated business schools, low tuition, good programs

Spanish universities and business schools are popular among international students who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs and business people because they are considered the best in Europe and the world. A good indicator of this is that more than 50 of the country’s educational institutions appear in numerous international rankings each year for educational quality, contributions in research, and graduate employability.

Living and education costs are also comparatively cheaper in Spain than in its neighboring countries in Europe. Business analytics students are given multiple opportunities for international exposure through student exchange programs and developing their professional skills through internships and industry projects conducted in collaboration with leading business firms and top employers for data analysts such as IBM, Google, and Amazon.

Some of the best educational institutions to study data analytics in Spain include ESADE Business School, IE University, Universidad Catolica de Murcia, EADA Business School, United International Business Schools Barcelona, and the University of Valencia. Indeed, Spain is an excellent destination for students wishing to study business analytics.

4. Ireland

  • Reason: world-class education, innovative culture, numerous employment opportunities

Known as the Land of Saints and Scholars, Ireland is internationally renowned for its world-class education system and innovative culture. The country also provides a great venue for experiential learning for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals due to the presence of numerous global companies and innovative start-ups that universities collaborate with in conducting research, internships, and projects. This also signifies massive employment opportunities for graduates of Irish business schools.

Data analytics programs in Ireland combine different principles and concepts in management, operational research, and data science and train students in applying them in identifying, analyzing, and solving business problems as well as generating relevant insights from available data to help in the decision-making process of organizations.

Some of the leading business schools and universities to study data analytics in Ireland are the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork, Dublin Business School, and the University of Limerick.

5. Australia

  • Reason: internationally-recognized business degrees, numerous employment opportunities, high salaries

As one of the best countries to study business analytics in the world, Australia is also considered one of the top countries for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their new businesses. Several multinational corporations also go to the country’s business cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane for expanding their businesses and recruiting fresh talent. Most of these start-up businesses and big corporations have established partnerships with Australian universities and business schools to give internship and employment opportunities for students and provide assistance and provide funding to different projects and industry-related research.

Business degrees from an Australian university are highly recognized by employers around the world. Business analytics graduates are also highly sought after in Australia and companies offer salaries that are higher than the average wage in the country. International students may also apply for permanent residency after graduation should they choose to stay in Australia and start their careers there.

Here are a few of the top universities and business schools to study business analytics in Australia: Melbourne Business School, La Trobe Business School, Monash University, RMIT University, and the University of Technology Sydney.


Hopefully, this guide to the best countries to study business analytics was informative. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!