Communication is a vital process in almost all industries. Having a Communication Studies degree means you have the unique opportunity to work and improve this process in any organization.

With how the world is changing, integrating technology with communication, having the skills to understand and thrive in this new setup can be highly advantageous. As it also relates to Social Sciences, studying abroad can help you learn Communication from a multicultural perspective. This can be your edge against other professionals with the same degree.

So, check out the best countries to study Communication abroad.

Best Countries to Study Communication

1. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: International environment, innovative and modern instruction, and opportunities to travel

The Netherlands, a country located in Northwestern Europe, is among the top countries for aspiring Communication students. What makes this country popular is its international environment, catering to international students from over 150 countries. Even if you don’t speak its official language, Dutch, you won’t have issues communicating with locals as most of them speak English.

Another reason to choose this country is that you can get access to innovative and modern instruction. Teachers and professors employ strategies that target teamwork and learning by practical experiences. Plus, institutions for higher learning have modern facilities and designs. Some of the top universities for Communication courses in the Netherlands are:

The University of Amsterdam landed first place in QS World Universities Ranking in 2021 for Communication and Media Studies.

Besides this top university, another reason to choose Amsterdam is the opportunities for travel it opens. Tagged as the gateway to Europe, the country has a well-developed transportation system that lets you explore neighboring countries by plane or train.

2. Switzerland

  • Reasons: Multiple languages, high standard of living, low tuition fees

Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe and known for its lakes and mountainous terrain. Besides its stunning nature, this country is also popular among international students, making up 40% of the student body.

Even before the arrival of international students, Switzerland is already the embodiment of diversity. It has four official languages (French, Germain, Italian, and Romansh) and you’ll likely hear English widely spoken in some cities. While you can study Communication courses in English, your everyday life in Switzerland is a valuable opportunity to learn a new language.

Many international students also choose Switzerland for its high standard of living and low crime rate. You might never want to leave the country and look for career opportunities after graduation.

Make sure to submit your application to Switzerland’s top institution for Communication studies, the University of Zurich. It is the only Swiss university that entered QS Ranking for Communication and Media subject in 2021, placing 16th.

Finally, Switzerland is one of the best countries to study Communications because choosing Switzerland means you get to enjoy affordable tuition costs. Whether you’re from an EU or non-EU country, tuition typically ranges between $500 to $4,300 per academic year.

3. Canada

  • Reasons: Quality of education, permit to work part-time, English-taught programs

Quality education is one of the attractive points of Canada to international students. Universities here typically join top percentiles in the international rankings, such as QS and Times Higher Education. In 2021 Communication and Media Studies ranking by QS World Universities, the following entered the top 50:

As studying abroad can be financially challenging, Canada allows international students to work part-time for up to 30 hours weekly. This way, you can worry less about your finances and have money to enjoy Canadian tourist hotspots.

When it comes to communicating with the locals, having proficiency in English is enough. The same applies to your study program, as English is the primary language of instruction. This works well if you’re not into learning a new language. Although, you might pick up some French here and there during your stay in Canada since around half of the local population uses it.

4. Austria

  • Reasons: Top-notch facilities and services, high-ranking university education, safe place, and affordable study costs

Austria is another top country to study Communications abroad. It attracts people around the world with its old-world charm, history, and cultural impact. You can study here and feel as if you’re on a year-long holiday. When it comes to higher education institutions, you’re in for more quality than quantity. After all, there are only a few universities that offer Communication programs. One of these is the University of Vienna that took 24th place in the most recent QS ranking by subject. It is also worth checking these universities for their topnotch facilities and services:

Worrying about your safety should be the last thing in your mind when studying abroad. Fortunately, Austria is also one of the safest countries in the world, with its low crime rate. Even if you’re away from family, you can make them feel at ease. It lets you focus on your studies and academic goals, without having to constantly think about your survival in a dangerous world.

In the 21st century, survival also means having the funds to finance your everyday expenses. As an international student, the biggest chunk of your budget is tuition costs. Such is not the case in Austria, as education here is affordable even to non-EU students. Yearly tuition fees range between $400 to $8,700. As you save money on tuition, you’ll have more to spend on living expenses, interests, and activities during your stay in Austria.

5. Singapore

  • Reasons: World-class institutions, diverse specialization, and opportunities to join media giants

Singapore, an island-state located in Southeast Asia, makes an excellent country to study Communication if you’re looking to explore this part of the world. You need not worry about communication barriers here, despite it being an Asian country, as English is one of its official languages.

In relation to that, you can also apply to English-taught programs in Communication studies in its world-class institutions. Nanyang Technological University took an impressive spot at 6th place in the latest QS World University Rankings for Communication and Media Studies. Another great option for your Communication degree is the National University of Singapore.

At these universities, you can explore diverse specializations in the Communication industry. These electives can pave your way to working in your target industry. With the academic reputation of these top universities in Singapore, you can work in media giants across various industries, such as broadcasting, journalism, public administration, and advertising.


I hope this article on the best countries to study communication was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.