Beyond necessity, consuming food is considered a passion these days. It’s quite typical to hear someone describe themselves as a “foodie” or a “food critic.” Easy access to various technologies and social media makes it easier for people to learn about different cuisines.

In many cases, a foodie levels up to become an aspiring chef. But no matter the hours of practice in a home kitchen, being a chef requires formal training that only a Culinary Art education can provide.

If you’re looking to learn more about food, it’s best to do it abroad, where you can get inspiration from other cultures and get your creative juices flowing. With that said, here are the best countries to study Culinary Arts abroad.

Which universities can you study culinary arts abroad?

The best universities to study culinary arts abroad are the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, Mohawk Valley Community College in New York, and Laney College in California. Yearly, these universities accept international students.

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Best Countries to Study Culinary Arts Abroad

1. Peru

  • Reasons: Focus on farm-to-table cooking, variety of cuisine inspiration, and specialized programs.

Peru boasts of one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. The country is popular for its farm-to-table food preparation. It means that when you study culinary arts in Peru, you’ll also learn about farming and harvesting to use the freshest ingredients in your cuisines.

Additionally, Peru offers a variety of cuisine inspiration in the form of its food sources. The country stretches from coastlines to the Andes and Amazon. With such diversity, culinary art students come up with dishes from the most usual to exotic ingredients. From the freshest meat to legumes to spices to plantains, studying in Culinary Arts in Peru can stir your creativity.

Peru’s educational institutions also offer specialized courses to international students, such as Nutrition and Natural Medicine. This program tackles health in a holistic approach, emphasizing food intake.

Here are some universities in Peru that offer Culinary Arts programs:

2. France

  • Reasons: High-quality teaching, intensive training, world-renowned schools, and better employability

It’s impossible to talk about Culinary Arts without having to mention France. Indeed, France is one of the best countries to study Culinary, and there are specific reasons why this is true. First, the high-quality teaching in French culinary schools emphasizes how much science and art this field is.

Beyond classroom instruction, students undergo intensive training that enhances their skills and keeps them grounded. French traditional kitchens are notorious for their strict apprenticeship under high-maintenance chefs, a hierarchical system that surely tests international students.

France is also famous for its world-renowned schools. Here are some of the top choices:

Lastly, a degree in Culinary Arts from a French school means you have a better chance of finding work or starting your own restaurant business. And in reality, many find French schools prestigious, and just the idea of studying in one sounds quite impressive.

3. India

  • Reasons: Diverse culinary arts programs, job opportunities, and more affordable tuition fees

India’s tourism has experienced an upsurge in the recent decade. As a result, the hotels and restaurants had to maximize to cater to the influx of international tourists. At the same time, these establishments aim to meet international quality standards for their guests.

Because of these events, you’ll find that Indian schools offer diverse culinary arts programs, making India a great country to study culinary. These include regional Indian confectionery and classical cuisine programs. There are also farm-based and vegetarian programs that you can integrate with other courses in Tourism and Hospitality management.

With the increase in tourism, the demand for professionals in the food industry has also increased. Thus, staying and working in India after graduation doesn’t seem a far-fetched idea at all.

The quality of education in Indian Culinary Arts schools doesn’t have a high price tag either. For only around $1,300 per year, you can study in any of these institutions:

4. Switzerland

  • Reasons: Blending of European cuisine traditions, expert teaching, rich culture, and stunning landscapes

As one of the best countries to study Culinary Arts, Switzerland offers the ideal blend of European cuisine traditions. Some of the techniques you will learn here came from its neighboring countries, such as France, Italy, and Germany. Of course, you’ll also learn about the unique Swiss cuisine that highlights its top products, like cheese and chocolates.

You can expect expert teaching and training in Swiss culinary art schools, as it is one of the world’s highest producers of Michelin-star chefs. Notable names in the culinary world, such as Sergio Schoener and Irma Dütcsh, studied in Switzerland.

Here are some of the best places to study Culinary Arts in this country:

Besides, Swiss culture and its stunning landscapes can also feed your creative spirit, letting you pursue the art of cooking with strong passion and dedication. You can spend time outside the kitchens skiing in the Alps and exploring numerous lakes in this small country. You’ll also enjoy conversing with the locals and start learning a new language.

5. Canada

  • Reasons: Learn from the melting pot of cooking techniques, plenty of schools to choose from, and robust food industry.

Joining the list of best countries to study culinary is Canada. This country is also popular as it is a melting pot of cooking techniques from local cuisine to French and English. These techniques are apparent in Haute cuisines, casual dining, and even street foods.

With so much to learn in Canada, you’ll also find that you have plenty of Culinary schools to choose from. This allows you the freedom to pick a school based on your preferred city or location in the country. Although, it can be highly advantageous to get your Culinary diploma at a top-performing school.

Some of the best schools to study Culinary Arts in Canada are the following:

With a diploma from these schools, you’ll be sure to land a job and start a career in Canada’s robust food industry.


I hope this article on the best countries to study culinary arts was informative and insightful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.