As the world continuously grows with technology and the internet, more and more hackers attack the government and other private companies. That’s why we need cyber security. Having a degree in cyber security can open many opportunities for education and work. If you’re interested in how the security system works and are detailed-oriented, you can consider taking a degree in cyber security.

Globally, the cyber security industry has a huge potential for growth. Experts see a huge demand for cyber security analysts, engineers, and investigators in various sectors. Government or private companies around the world needs cyber security.

If you’re taking cyber security in college, you can study abroad. Finishing a cyber security program in another country will open more opportunities, and you’ll gain more profound knowledge and skills in the field. In this article, let’s talk about some of the best countries to study cyber security!

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Top Countries to Study Cyber Security

1. United Kingdom

  • Reason: world-renowned educational institutions, modernized facilities and equipment, rewarding work opportunities

For the past decade, the United Kingdom’s information technology and related industry have expanded widely. With the rise of innovation and technological advancement in Europe, the United Kingdom’s cyber security industry has grown a lot. They are the home of the leading cyber security companies in the world. If you’re an international student taking cyber security in the United Kingdom, you’ll have good exposure in the field.

In terms of education, the United Kingdom’s quality of education is recognized globally. British universities have programs in various areas of study that excel and consistently top the global rankings. Additionally, since the United Kingdom is highly innovative, its universities are built with state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Students majoring in cyber security in British universities are taught with a well-equipped curriculum, as it is made with a consultation to the country’s cyber security industry.

After graduation, you have a lot of working options in the United Kingdom. This country has a continuously growing information technology and cyber security industry, so they need more professionals in the field. You can check the University of South Wales and the University of Greenwich for cyber security programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.

2. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: Wide range of specializations, topnotch universities, competitive work opportunities,

Undoubtedly, the United States of America (USA) will be one of your best options if you’re taking cyber security and related programs. As a huge country, they have more than 3,000 cyber security companies, and they are continuously increasing. The cyber security market in the USA is forecasted to grow more in the future. Imagine how huge their industry is and how it can give you a lot of employment options!

Since the cyber security market in the USA is huge, you’ll gain a lot of experience in the field. Earning a degree from an American institution will leverage your profile, and being employed in one of the USA’s cyber security companies can give you a competitive salary.

American institutions are highly recognized for their performance in teaching and research. As such, the USA would be a great place to study cyber security. Cyber security programs are offered in undergraduate and graduate degrees, and they have more specializations than other countries. You can choose from their wide range of programs. Universities such as the Georgia Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University offer programs and degrees in cyber security and related fields.

3. Switzerland

  • Reason: High-quality hands-on training, world-class educational system, well respected educational institutions

The Swiss cyber security industry has an excellent foundation, and it is one of Switzerland’s strengths. This industry is highly known for its highly developed internet infrastructure. The field of cyber security in Switzerland is fast growing as it can open a lot of benefits for your future career.

Swiss educational institutions have a reputation for providing excellent hands-on training to students. With this kind of learning, students are able to build their skillsets and competencies. Especially in the field of cyber security, students are comprehensively trained in the field. As a result, these Swiss universities produce highly trained cyber security experts in the country and internationally.

Moreover, Swiss universities are highly ranked on global scales, emphasizing their top-notch performance in research and teaching. If you’re already decided to study in Switzerland, you can consider the ETH Zurich, which has 168 years since its establishment, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, which takes pride in its science and technology programs.

4. Australia

  • Reason: Highly accredited degrees and programs, top-performing universities, broad career path

More than its breathtaking natural views, Australia provides quality cyber security education at various levels. The Australian educational institutions are highly accredited by industries, proving that they’ve met the high standards of the work and academic sectors. It guarantees students that they will receive education and training of the highest quality.

Cyber security departments or schools in Australian universities work closely with the experts of the industry. They have collaborations and activities with the industry to ensure that students will gain more experience in the field. As an international student here, you’ll be offered more internships during your program.

Australia is one of the best countries to study cyber security. Like other countries, Australia’s cyber security industry is fast-growing, and it can take you in different fields. Some of the top-performing cyber security schools or departments are Griffith University and Deakin University.

5. Denmark

  • Reason: Internationally-oriented academic programs, highly innovative, modernized facilities and laboratories

Denmark is recognized as one of the best countries to study cyber security. First, since Denmark is highly innovative, they’ve built their university with modernized facilities and laboratories for research and training. As a cyber security major here, you’ll develop an excellent and modernized background in the field.

Secondly, Denmark is one of the top choices of international students in Europe! Aside from their natural places and quality of life, Denmark’s higher education is internationally oriented. With this kind of education, students can get a global perspective in their chosen fields. Cyber security programs in Danish universities are built with activities and training with the cyber security companies in the country.

You can check out the Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark for cyber security programs.


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