How do we properly define Data Analytics? Basically, it is a field in science focusing its concentration on data analysis to formulate insights about the given information. There is a high demand for professionals in this field as many industries such as the health care industry, retail, tourism industry, and manufacturing companies acquire big data in their businesses.

Since we live in the digital world and everything seems to be online nowadays, many universities from all over the world offer degrees in Data Analytics. Several countries offer specialized study programs as the field can be very broad, and data analysis is needed in almost every industry.

Here are some of the best countries to study data analytics for international students!

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Top Countries to Study Data Analytics Abroad

1.  United States of America (USA)

  • Reasons: top-quality education, scholarship availability, and high employability rate

The most sought-after country to study Data Analytics is undoubtedly the United States of America. Many reputable universities offer this degree from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. Since Data Analytics can be a vast field, universities offer structured courses designed for specific specializations. This will be very advantageous to graduates as they can embark on their chosen careers in different industries. Although studying in the US can be costly and tuition fees vary from every school, most of these institutions offer scholarships to help international students.

Studying in the US can also become a gateway to work opportunities as some of the best companies are located in the country. Big companies in the most coveted “Silicon Valley,” the hub of high technology and innovation, is an ideal place to work for professionals of this kind of degree. Moreso, well-known companies in different industries require data analysis to help their companies operate better. Not only is the US an excellent place to study Data Analytics, but it is also a great place to work because many companies are always on the lookout for data analyst professionals. Even entry levels are being offered high-paying jobs compared to other professions.

There’s a handful of internationally recognized universities offering Data Analytics degrees in the US. These renowned universities are Carnegie Mellon University, Arizona State University, University of Washington, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Columbia University.

2. Netherlands

  •  Reasons: reasonable educational costs, high standard of living, globally recognized degrees

There are many European countries that offer data analytics degrees at reasonable costs, one of them being the Netherlands.  Studying in the country can be surprisingly affordable; the government backs universities to provide local and international students with affordable tuition fees. Another advantage to consider is that students get to experience studying and living in a country with a high standard of living.

Netherlands is an excellent country to study data analytics abroad. The study programs offered have the same level of high-quality education as with the top universities in the world. One unique approach in studying in the country is: instructors use a personalized approach in teaching. Smaller classes are ideal for equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful graduates of the field.

International students looking for graduate studies can check the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Other prominent universities include Tilburg University, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Maastricht University.

3. United Kingdom (UK)

  • Reasons: multi-cultural, diversity for international students, and high standards of education

With the increasing demands of data analysts worldwide, the United Kingdom has been recognized as a top country for data analytics and has significantly profited in producing graduates of the field. The UK might be perceived to be an obvious choice for international students in general; nonetheless, it is very apparent that the country prioritizes top-quality standards in higher education. Universities offer only detailed, comprehensive, and up-to-date study programs at all levels. The instructors and professors are recognized and well-known individuals in the field. They also have network connections in the country and across the world.

The UK is best known for embracing inclusion and diversity as a multi-cultural country. International students should not be wary as there is a considerable percentage of international students studying in the country.

Universities offering Data Analytics can be found all over the UK. In Glasgow, Scotland, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow offer several study programs in Data Analytics. Moreover, in the country’s capital, London, students can check the following schools: London Metropolitan University, University of London, and the Queen Mary University of London.

 4. Australia

  •  Reasons: strong international linkages, work opportunities while studying, safety and security

It should come as no surprise that Australia is included in the list of best countries to study Data Analytics abroad. The country offers a wide range of innovative study programs aligned with different industries since many companies from the healthcare industry, IT, travel and tourism, retail, and various sectors use data analysis. Australia’s higher education system has strong linkages with renowned and big companies abroad. Indeed, graduates will be exposed to a stream of network connections in their chosen field.

One excellent advantage of studying in Australia is the opportunity for students to work while pursuing their studies. Students have the freedom to look for part-time work on their own, allowing them to choose a job-related in the data analytics field. This is a great experience to be exposed to the industry they aim for in their future career.

The quality of life in Australia is extremely high; for sure international students will be at ease as crime rates are low. Safety and security are among the best features the country has to offer.

Globally-acclaimed universities that offer Data Analytics degrees are the Queensland University of Technology, The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Australian National University, and Federation University Australia.

5. Switzerland

  • Reasons: advanced and innovative study programs, multilingual country, and scenic views

One of Switzerland’s pride is the superior quality of the education system. It hosts thousands of international students, making it an excellent choice to study data analytics. Advanced and innovative study programs are offered to international students. Switzerland is an excellent country to study data analytics for international students. It is a very diverse country with four official languages: German, Romansh, French, and Italian. The mode of instruction may vary from every institution; however, many graduate schools offer English-taught study programs in data analytics, some schools even offer short courses as well. Studying in the country will indeed expose international students to multiculturalism.

Also, as a bonus, Switzerland has great outdoors, astonishing mountain views, and beautiful natural sceneries in the world. Students can also freely go to other European countries and travel in their spare time.

Top universities offering degrees in Data Analytics are the University of Zurich, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the University of Cumbria.



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