Are you a jack of all trades? Do you like engaging with other people, and have an affinity for expressing and understanding emotion through artistic means? Then, drama might just be the perfect degree for you! This versatile degree equips you with skills that are highly relevant and useful, no matter which career path you take!

When we hear of drama, we think about performances in the big theater, actors, and actresses running up and about on stage with lots of singing and dramatic expressions. Drama is all that and more.

With a drama degree, your scriptwriting and production skills are nurtured until you get the hang of writing, stage lighting and sounds, video, and photography.

Studying drama abroad enriches your knowledge and exposure to different cultures. This is advantageous to your future as a degree holder in drama. In this article, we explore some of the best countries to study drama abroad.

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Top Countries to Study Drama

1. United States

  • Reasons: pioneering drama degrees, multicultural exchange, diverse specializations

While the United States has mostly been influenced by the Europeans’ passion for theater and performance, it cannot be denied that they have formalized drama into an attractive and worthwhile degree in higher education. The United States leads the world’s drama industry with countless debuts of scriptwriters, producers, actors, and actresses yearly.

Drama hones communication skills, unlike any other college degree. Confidence and a witty personality can bring you to places you never thought would have been possible.

Unlike popular belief, graduates of drama do not leave you unemployed and struggling for years. Degree holders of drama and other related performing arts are highly sought after for their interpersonal skills.

The United States’ entertainment industry is always looking for driven and motivated drama students. Otherwise, fields like journalism, photography, music, and the like also welcome drama graduates.

Some of the world’s highly esteemed personalities in drama and theater come from or teach in premier universities in the United States. Explore your major options in drama such as stage management, technical theater, directing, and playwriting.

Top universities to consider for a drama degree in the United States include The Juilliard School, University of California, and New York University.

2. Austria

  • Reasons: cheap tuition fees, rich history in the arts, safe and high-quality living

As a drama student, you probably have seen the timeless work of art, The Sound of Music. The musical drama was set in Austria. To this day, Austria nurtures and preserves a rich history in the arts. Drama students like you can bask in the glory of Austrian theater halls, auditoriums, and museums. Austria is truly one of the best countries to study drama.

International students prefer to study in Austria because of the affordable tuition fees offered by world-class universities. Not to mention, Austria is geographically in the middle of Europe; traveling across countries is easy and accessible.

If you are aspiring to someday work at Broadway or for the film industry, Austria is one of your best bets for a sturdy academic background in drama.

Get the most out of your international studies and learn from some of the world’s best producers, playwrights, and directors in premier Austrian universities. Check out the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, one of the world’s oldest institutions to provide quality education in performing arts.

3. New Zealand

  • Reasons: British-based education system, hospitable local community, safe and secure surroundings

Opportunities for drama students also extend to other parts of the world, such as New Zealand. Consider leaving the city and immersing in the dynamic countryside of New Zealand while you complete your academic training in drama.

New Zealand is well-known for its highly progressive degree programs. Despite being far away from Western countries, New Zealand’s degree programs are accredited and recognized by Canada, the United States, and most especially, the United Kingdom.

The country is home to many popular filming sites. Since New Zealand is considered a top place for studying drama, its universities also provide top-of-the-line degree programs for students to engage in presentation, production, and creative writing. Some universities with competent drama and performing arts degree programs include Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School, the University of Auckland, and the University of Otago.

4. Ireland

  • Reasons: competent degree programs, high living standards, high employment rates, rich and dynamic Irish culture

Immerse yourself in Ireland’s culture and prepare for rigorous studies and training in the world of drama. Irish theater has its charms and unique template for creative success. Experiencing this in real life can mold you and your creativity for a more open-minded and multicultural approach to delivering theater arts.

Ireland is known for its people’s love for music and performance. So much so that international students like you fly to the country and pursue a drama degree in a conducive learning environment.

In Ireland, not only do you familiarize yourself with contemporary writing, acting, and devising, but you get down to the nitty-gritty and acquaint yourself with Irish history.

Developing a global perspective is among the goals of pursuing international studies, after all. As a drama student, a global perspective comes in as perfect leverage for a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative take in acting, directing, and devising.

Enrich your creativity with top-of-the-line drama degree programs from Ireland’s best universities. Check out the drama departments in University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin.

5. Canada

  • Reasons: excellent degree programs, affordable living costs, abundant research opportunities, positive career prospects

Canada is another one of the best countries to study drama. It’s always a favored study destination by international students, regardless of the degree program, they are taking. Drama students are also welcome to nurture their skills and knowledge, and potentially welcome graduates into the industry of TV, film, and theater.

Canada as a country of both English and French speakers heavily relies on media for proper interpretation and understanding of public content. People working in entertainment and public information must have the versatility to deliver for multiple target populations.

Canada also provides funding and support for theater and the arts. This is great news as it places importance on the history and modern setting of Canada through plays, musicals, and more.

Earn a competent degree in drama and jumpstart your way to a competitive career path with some of the top universities in Canada. These include the National Theatre School of Canada, Toronto Academy of Acting and Film & Television School, and the Canadian College of Performing Arts.


Hopefully, this article on the best countries to study drama was informative. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!