Starting business off the right foot begins with an innovative mindset and a background in entrepreneurship. If you wish to be your own CEO, you can launch a startup with the right tools and strategy— and the right credentials.

A degree in entrepreneurship equips you with the right knowledge and tools to establish a business that will run for years to come. Many self-made CEOs brag about starting their business with no formal training, but a diploma in entrepreneurship can take you to places.

As societies begin to crumble down walls and connect to more people, a global perspective is in high demand. Studying entrepreneurship nurtures you to become a globally competitive individual.

Nothing compares to immersing in different lifestyles and cultures while studying. Embark on your journey to become the next best entrepreneur in the 5 best countries offering entrepreneurship degrees. Which country is your favorite?

Top Countries to Study Entrepreneurship Abroad

1. the Czech Republic

Reasons: innovative technology, endless pursuit for financial stability, a hotbed for startups

The Czech Republic takes first place as the best country to study entrepreneurship abroad. With over 10% of entrepreneurial and business pursuits done by self-employed individuals, the Czech Republic is a conducive learning ground for students of entrepreneurship like you.

Large companies outsource a lot of work and tasks to developing countries. The Czech Republic is a favorite of these firms, as the country’s workforce is highly skilled and delivers quality output. This results in an endless pool of job opportunities without relying on corporate jobs. The entrepreneurial activity begins with selling your products and/or services directly, without a middle man company taking a percentage of fees from your rates.

Entrepreneurship students like you will find this unconventional work placement in the Czech Republic refreshing and freeing. As entrepreneurs, you love to bask in the freedom of working at your own pace, free from the pressures of colleagues and supervisors.

The Czech Republic is a great place to set up your business, too. Become your own CEO and launch your way to financial stability in the Czech Republic. But of course, a solid academic background is necessary. Check out the programs in entrepreneurship at the Prague University of Business and Economics, one of the country’s premier universities for business programs.

2. South Korea

Reasons: world’s leading economy, a hub for trade and commerce, premier business programs

If you are keen on learning about the South Koreans’ way of nurturing a business, why not study in the country itself? We’ve heard and seen businessmen of South Korea living successful lives despite their rough beginnings. With the strong economy of the country and investors from all over the globe, South Korea presents a viable learning environment for entrepreneurship students like you.

South Korea is a top destination to study entrepreneurship as it is mostly known for its strong business front. Everywhere you look in Seoul, you will find towering buildings of huge international companies. Despite the international activity, the entrepreneurial spirit of the locals is strong.

Many launch family-owned businesses that are still running and catering to clients for years. Professionals seek to open their own clinics or small businesses rather than apply for employment. The number of local business firms is a perfect case study sample for entrepreneurship students like you.

It is also important to note that the regularization of businesses in South Korea is accommodating. Thus, almost anyone can launch a business and earn a profit. Not to mention, South Korea has some of the cheapest business taxes.

Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit in the bustling land of South Korea. Check out the entrepreneurship program offers at the Seoul National University Business School, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and Dongguk University Business School.

3. Canada

Reasons: active job creation, low taxes, steady economic growth

We all know how Canada’s education system receives international praise for its rigor and high employability. But did you know that Canada is a great country to start living your dream of becoming your own boss?

Canada is highly regarded for its economic growth. This, in turn, leads to more job opportunities and a better quality of life. Canada’s active engagement in entrepreneurial activities inspires locals (and international tourists!) to start their own businesses.

The low taxes in Canada is another invitation to join the local business circle. Let your business ideas thrive and grow in Canada’s friendly atmosphere!

To complement the active entrepreneurial spirit of the country, Canada is a great country for entrepreneurship as the universities also offer top-notch entrepreneurship and business degrees. A degree in entrepreneurship ensures that your business pitch, once established, will live past the 5-year expiration of most self-owned enterprises.

To find out more about entrepreneurship degrees in Canada, check out the program curriculum offered at The University of Toronto and St. Francis Xavier University.

4. Ireland

Reasons: competitive economy, home to international companies’ headquarters, rich culture, and impressive career opportunities

There is more than just beer, pubs, and dancing in Ireland. Ireland is the off-center center of science, research, development, and innovation in Europe. Many international companies have established headquarters in Ireland, most especially banking institutions. This financial trustworthiness of Ireland makes it the perfect study destination for business-minded students like you.

Ireland is one of the best countries to study entrepreneurship programs. It boasts a stable economy after a somewhat rocky beginning. Today, Ireland does not only entertain international investments but also accommodates many small enterprises. These enterprises started by the local community keep the productivity levels of the country moving at a steady pace.

An upward of 1,500 startups found their beginning in Dublin in 2015 alone. This growth of self-owned businesses attracts more investors, tourists, and international students to seek out the glory of Ireland.

International students are also allowed to work immediately right after graduation. With this, students can also apply for a green card.

Learn more about nurturing an enterprise and the right business strategies with a degree in entrepreneurship. Trinity College Dublin offers programs in business and commerce. It is also the launching pad of most of Dublin’s startup businesses.

5. China

Reasons: unique business philosophy, captivating culture, and history, premier job opportunities

Have you heard of the popular story of how a Chinese man, with only a single paper bill to his name, tripled his money by the end of the day? This story will come with many variations, but the ending is always the same: within a day, the Chinese man earned more money than he had at the beginning.

The Chinese have a long history as traders. To this day, China reigns as one of the most powerful countries in terms of trade and commerce, thus, it is a top country to go if you are aiming for an entrepreneurship degree. . The country performs well in manufacturing, technology, science, and engineering. On top of it all, China is a financial hub in Asia, with hundreds of thousands of job and business opportunities to offer to people.

Entrepreneurship students like you may be overwhelmed with the booming industries of China. However, China welcomes every business-minded individual, and its institutions are more than willing to guide you and mold you into the next generation’s prevailing entrepreneurs.

Business studies and economics are offered plenty across universities in the country. Compare and contrast the coursework offered at Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


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