Forensic Science is a multidisciplinary study that comprises different fields such as chemistry, mathematics, biology, engineering, with a vital study on criminal and legal law. Forensic Science has always been related to legal matters. Choosing this as a career would require students to spend tremendous time studying and interconnecting different fields. This complex discipline has been increasingly popular for students due to crime investigation documentaries and series.

Forensic Science study programs may vary from every country. Some countries established such institutions and departments to combat the increasing crime in the country, while others would like to increase, deepen, and modernize their judicial system.

For hopeful students who seek to pursue a career in this field of study, here is a list of some leading countries that offer superior education in Forensic Science!

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Top Countries to Study Forensic Science Abroad

1. The United Kingdom (UK)

  • Reasons: world-class education, work opportunities, financial support thru scholarships and grants

The most popular choice for earning a degree in Forensic Science abroad is in the UK. Education in the country is undeniably the best, with numerous well-known universities consistently placing high in world rankings. However, getting an education at any British institution will still give you an internationally recognized degree. Moreso, institutions have a long history of welcoming international students to their campuses. They have been very generous in supporting their goals, and such, financial aid is available to eligible students. Graduates of Forensic Science are in high demand in the UK and worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity for students to study in the country to gain specific skills and knowledge aligned to their chosen field of study.

Universities offering Forensic Science programs are University College London (masters), Keele University (double-degrees), University of South Wales, and the University of Strathclyde.

2. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: innovative approach and advanced technology in learning, reasonably priced tuition fees, multicultural society

One of the Netherlands’ pride in Forensic Science is its advanced and innovative way of teaching. Advancements in research and study, modern facilities, and one-of-a-kind study programs make the country a better option for international students to earn a degree. The Dutch government backs universities in funding, so the tuition fees are lower and reasonably priced than in other countries.

Dutch society embraces diversity; institutions accept students worldwide. This has become apparent in many years and continues to become a norm, leading to universities offering numerous English-taught study programs specifically designed for international students.

The best institutions that provide top-quality education in Forensic Science are the University of Amsterdam (master’s), Maastricht University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

3. Sweden

  • Reasons: “the Swedish Way” of learning and sustainable country

Sweden is a top destination to study forensic science. The Swedish way of learning is something many students are not used to, and it is pretty overwhelming at times; but, once they get used to it, the student’s way of thinking will entirely change and will have a different perspective in life. This education system is quite exceptional, yes, there are lectures for sure, and professors are there to guide you. However, a considerable amount of time is based on self-study and teamwork. Professors require students to do a lot of critical thinking and participation. Quite challenging yet very result-driven. This is an excellent opportunity for international students who want to think out of the box and indeed be themselves and become the mature person they aspire to be. Swedish higher education in the field of Forensic Science provides students with top-class study programs leading them to acquire critical thinking and specialized skills and understanding.

International students will also learn the importance of environmental sustainability while living and studying in Sweden. The country has been very vocal about this matter for years, and students will get to witness how locals give importance to climate and nature.

A handful of universities such as Uppsala University (master’s), Halmstad University, and Örebro University offer study programs in Forensic Science.

4. Canada

  • Reasons: highly trained instructors, comprehensive study programs, employment opportunities

You may have seen Canada be included in every list of best categories such as having the best education system, best universities to study, best study programs, etc. But it can’t be denied that, indeed, the country has the best in almost everything, in terms of education. In the field of Forensic Science, Canada is among the best countries as institutions employ only highly trained instructors teaching innovative and comprehensive study programs. International students who have obtained a degree in Canada have occupied key roles and positions in their respective chosen industries.

International students who wish to pursue their studies in Forensic Science can check the following reputable universities: University of Windsor, Trent University, University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia. These institutions provide specialized study programs that are globally recognized.

5. Spain

  • Reasons: quality education, best cuisine, and countless tourist destinations

Studying Forensic Science has increasingly become famous for international students, and Spain is one of the countries that offer quality specialized programs in the field. There are only a handful of study programs offered in the country. However, the education provided by reputable universities is incomparable, and degrees are globally recognized.

Spain has vibrant culture and history. Other reasons that attract international students are the region’s local delicacies, countless tourist destinations, and scenic views. There will never be a dull moment living and earning a degree in this beautiful country.

There are numerous universities in Spain, but only a few offer Forensic Science degree programs. The following institutions with study programs in this field are Universidad de Alicante (master’s), Universidad de Murcia, and the University of Valencia.

6. India

  • Reasons: numerous sub-fields of study in Forensic Science, home of significant innovations, and affordable education and living costs

There are multiple universities across India that provide higher education in the field of Forensic Science. Due to its high crime rate, many institutions offer degrees from undergraduate to postgraduate levels to help the government eliminate crimes by producing competent forensic experts and professionals. Some institutions are explicitly established for Forensic Science. The degrees are not limited to local students, and international students are also welcome to study in the country.

India is the home to world-class forensic science programs and of some great inventions and innovations. Acquiring a Forensics Science degree in the country will undoubtedly equip students with preferential skills and gain expertise in their chosen field.

Institute of Forensic Science (Mumbai), National Forensic Science University, All India Institute of Medical Science, and Panjab University are top institutions that offer several specializations in Forensic Science.

7. Switzerland

  • Reasons: prominent professors, multilingualism, and high standard of living

Studying in Switzerland can be very expensive at times; however, it is worth the money and effort with the education you would be gaining. Not only will it earn you a globally recognized degree, but it will land you high-ranking jobs because of your academic credentials. Also, living in the country will expose you to different cultures.  Switzerland is among the best countries to study forensic science. The country has four official languages, which will be an excellent way to learn another language.

Only a few universities offer Forensic Science degree programs in the country, but these institutions are considered one of the top-notch schools to study in this field. The best schools to learn Forensic Science are Université de Lausanne and the University of Bern.


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