Forestry is the discipline that engages with the study of forests. It also involves the management of these lands and all their natural resources.

Studying Forestry is a means of understanding and improving resource management. After all, the world’s natural resources are slowly dwindling.

If you’re interested in studying this noble science, then it would be wise to study abroad. Make it a point to try any of these seven countries that are the best to study forestry in.

Best Countries to Study Forestry Abroad

1. China

  • Reasons: Forestry-specialized universities, Affordable tuition fees

Although China is a big, industrialized country, its rural landscape is still littered with millions of hectares of forests. Thanks to the country’s effort, the forested areas have increased to 22.2% from 19.74% in 1990.

Reinvigorating forests is just one of the many things international students will learn in Chinese universities. In fact, the country plays host to universities that specialize in Forestry education. This makes China one of the best places to study forestry.

One is Beijing Forestry University, formerly part of Peking University.

Other specialized institutions include:

  • Central South University of Forestry & Technology
  • Fujian Agriculture & Forestry University
  • Nanjing Forestry University
  • North West Agriculture & Forestry University
  • Northeast Forestry University
  • Southwest Forestry University
  • Zhejiang Forestry University

Tuition in China is cheap too. Here, foreigners only need to pay as low as $2,500 a year.

2. United States of America

  • Reasons: Wide array of top-ranked universities, Niche Forestry programs, International scholarship offerings

The US has the fourth-largest forest estate in the world. This vast expanse, coupled with top-notch universities, makes it a preferred destination amongst many Forestry students.

For one, there’s a lot of options that await students. Apart from having a wide selection of Forestry schools, there’s also a diverse array of niche programs – Forest Engineering, Renewable Materials, and Tourism, to name a few.

As for the brand-conscious, the US is home to the best Forestry schools in the world. They include the creme de la creme: Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, UC-Berkeley, and Yale, to name a few.

Many American schools are generous with scholarships as well. At Oregon State University, non-residents may apply for the Provost, Diversity Achievement, or International Baccalaureate scholarship.

3. Russia

  • Reasons: Specialized Forestry universities, Vast forests

Being the largest country globally, it comes as no surprise that a fifth of the world’s forests can be found in Russia. In fact, half of the country is covered by dense, lush greeneries. These forests provide many practical opportunities for students – both local and foreign – who wish to study forestry in this excellent country.

Like China, Russia is home to specialized Forestry universities. One example is the Moscow State Forest University, which offers programs for Forestry, Wood Processing, and Pulp/Paper Processing, to name a few.

There’s also the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University, formerly known as the Forestry Academy. As the name suggests, it offers programs in Forest Management, Timber, Wood Mechanical Processing, and Hydrolysis, to name a few.

4. South Korea

  • Reasons: World-renowned Forestry universities, Magnificent forest sights, International exchange programs

While South Korea is a modern, technological country, its landscape continues to be filled with beautiful forests. Here, forest-lovers can marvel at the sights of broadleaf, conifer, and mixed forests. Given these sights, it’s easy to see why South Korea is one of the best countries for studying Forestry.

Leading the charge is Seoul National University (SNU), the country’s top-ranked institution. It has a specialized Department of Forest Sciences, where students can take either Forest Environmental Science or Environmental Materials Science.

At SNU, international students are treated to foreign exchange programs in Japan and Indonesia, to name a few.

A Forestry diploma from a top South Korean university also allows one to engage in various career opportunities, including teaching, research, or forest management.

5. Belgium

  • Reasons: World-renowned universities, Affordable tuition

22.5% of Belgium’s lands are forested. Ever since 1995, regional governments have followed international environmental policies and have routinely consulted with authorities.

This legal adherence makes Belgium a great candidate for forestry studies. Here, students can choose from five institutions, including the University of Louvain and Ghent University.

At Ghent, for one, students can take up specializations such as Forest & Nature and Land & Water Management (under Bioscience Engineering.)

For the former, students get to engage in an integrated practicum in Forest & Nature.

As for Land & Water Management, students get to study soil science and Biogeochemical cycles, to name a few.

Belgium also offers the best value for money, mainly because of the inexpensive tuition. In Ghent, for example, foreign students only need to pay as low as EUR 1862 ($2160).

6. The Netherlands

  • Reasons: Topnotch ‘green’ Forestry institutions, Picturesque forest lands

While only 10% of the Netherlands is forested, it’s more than enough for international students who wish to study Forestry.

Not only will they enjoy the forested sights at the Hoge Veluwe and Veluwezoom National Parks, but they also get to study in world-class universities as well.

In the Netherlands, there are two prime choices for forestry education. One is Wageningen University, and the other is Van Hall Larenstein University.

Wageningen, for one, is considered by QS as the best school in the world for Forestry studies. Here, foreigners will need to vie for a slot in its world-famous Forest & Nature Conservation program.

The same degree is also available at Van Hall Larenstein University. Here, students can specialize in Oil Palm & Tropical Forests or the Management of Forested Landscapes.

7. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: World-class universities, International partnerships, Beautiful forests

The UK is home to breathtaking forests, including the New Forest in Hampshire and the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. These two are just some of the lands where you can engage in real-life Forestry education in the UK.

Apart from these green spaces, the British isles are home to many world-class institutions offering forestry studies. One such example is the University of Cumbria, home of the National School of Forestry. It offers programs in Forest Management and Woodland Ecology, among many other majors.

UK schools such as this one are known for their international partnerships, professional involvements, research, and consultancy. Likewise, students are eligible for placements in respected Forestry organizations around the world. With excellent education and forests for practical education, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study forestry.

According to reports, 90.5% of their students either get work – or pursue higher studies – within six months after graduating.


I hope this article on the best countries to study forestry was informative and insightful. If you’re interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!