Out of all the more or less than 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, French is known as one of the most beautiful and influential. It has gained its status as the language for romance, culture, and travel. French is also widely used in the world of education, international diplomacy, and business.

French is the official language in 29 countries around the world, including France, Canada, and several other countries in Europe and Africa. If you want to penetrate the international job market, being able to communicate in French will give you an advantage.

Though there are plenty of books and online resources available for learning French in the comfort of your home, there is no better way to study the language than going to a country where it is widely spoken. Doing so would allow you to practice the language through conversation and daily interaction with French-speaking locals and be able to immerse and develop an appreciation for the country’s culture. Listed below are a few of the best countries to study French abroad, along with some of the top institutions to enroll in.

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Top Countries to Study French Abroad

1. Morocco

  • Reason: cultural diversity, tourist attractions, affordability, French is widely spoken

The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in Africa whose culture consists of an eclectic mix of Arabic, Berber, European, and African influences. As a result of being a colony of France from 1912 to 1956, French remained a widely-spoken language in the country to this day, especially in its major cities. It is also commonly used in the Moroccan government, higher education, and the job market.

Morocco is a popular travel destination because of its geography which varies from deserts, beaches, and mountain ranges, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and affordability. You will also find several language schools in the country that offer French courses to students, travelers, teachers, and business professionals, provide housing and accommodation for foreign students, organize social and cultural events, and conduct projects that promote French and Moroccan art and culture.

Morocco is one of the best countries to study French with top language schools such as the French Institute of Morocco, Planetude French Language Center, Lycee Victor Hugo, Sprachcaffe Rabat Language School, and the Berlitz Language Center Casablanca.

2. Canada

  • Reason: French is widely spoken, friendly locals, top-rated language schools

Canada is a bilingual country that offers a fusion of American and European cultures. Along with English, French is one of the two official languages of the country and is spoken by 22% of the population. While the majority of Francophones reside in the province of Quebec, several French-speaking villages and communities also exist in different parts of the country.

Canada is a great place to study French, especially in its eastern provinces, as it is used in many aspects of life such as business, government, and education. You will also find numerous signs using French text. Locals are very friendly toward foreigners and would gladly engage in conversations to help you practice your French.

Several top-rated institutions in Canada offer French language courses. Some of them are the Bouchereau Lingua International, Tamwood Language Center, Montreal International Institute of Language Arts, Hansa Language Center, and the ILSC Language Schools.

3. France

  • Reason: language and cultural immersion, customizable programs

Studying French in France will give you a fully immersive experience in the country where the language originated. You will have the advantage of regularly conversing with native speakers, witnessing their day-to-day lives, and learning more about their cultures and traditions. Your daily interactions with the French will help you practice and build your confidence in communicating using their language.

Many institutions in France offer French courses that develop their students’ speaking, reading, and writing skills. Most programs are customizable to fit their students’ availability and convenience. Some institutions also offer classes for special interests such as French literature, fashion, music, and cooking.

Some schools in France that offer French language courses are the EF International Language Campuses, Accent Francais, Oxford Intensive School of English, Actilangue School of French, and LSF Montpellier.

4. Switzerland

  • Reason: multicultural and multilingual country, travel opportunities

French, along with German, Romansh, and Italian, is one of the official languages in Switzerland and is spoken by almost a fourth of the country’s population. French is predominantly spoken in the Romandy region and is the official language in the cantons of Geneva, Jura, Vaud, and Neuchatel. Valais, Bern, and Fribourg are bilingual cantons where French and German are the official languages. That is why it is not surprising that Switzerland is one of the best places to study French.

Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country that is a great choice for those who would like to study French while learning about other European cultures. The country’s location and extensive transport system make it easy to explore its European neighbors such as Germany, Italy, France, and Austria. You will also get to enjoy the country’s lakes, mountains, and other natural landscapes.

French language programs are available in several institutions not only in Romandy but also in other regions and cantons. Some of the most well-known language schools in Switzerland are Institute Neo, Les Elfes International, Voxea Private Academy, Alpadia Language Schools, and the Swiss French Academy.

5. Senegal

  • Reason: a safe environment, cheaper rates, good programs

Located in West Africa, Senegal was a colony of France from 1895 to 1960. Though there are around 36 languages spoken by different ethnic groups in the country, French remains to be the official language and is predominantly used in government, education, and commerce.

Senegal is one of the safest and most politically stable countries in Africa. Studying French in Senegal also costs comparatively lower than in other countries. Several institutions in the country not only offer French language courses to students with different nationalities and backgrounds, but also cultural immersion and cross-cultural living programs to establish strong personal relationships with the locals and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich African culture and way of life.

Some of the institutions offering French language programs include the International Language Academy Senegal, Goethe-Institut Senegal, and Africa Consultants International.


Hopefully, this guide to the best countries to study French was informative. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!