Do you like video or computer games? But more than playing it, you’re interested in the details, creation, and process? Well, if these things fascinate you, you can pursue a degree in game development. With the rise of the digital world, this field opens many possibilities for your educational and employment growth.

Game Development, in simple terms, is the science and art of creating, developing, and producing games. In our times, there are a lot of video game companies around the world, and these game developers are very in demand.

Of course, as you enter this industry, you need to build your education first. Globally, there are a lot of universities offering game development. As a future game developer, you can study abroad to maximize your education and experience. In this article, let’s talk about the best countries to consider for your game development education!

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Top Countries to Study Game Development Abroad

1. United States of America (USA)

  • Reason: State-of-the-art facilities and equipment, high-ranking universities and colleges, a broad range of programs.

As a first-world country that continues to advance, the United States of America (USA) is a top choice for studying game development. First, given their economy and background, they have a high-paying game development industry. For the past years, it was reported that the video gaming industry in the USA generated billions of money, and it increases yearly. This shows how big their gaming industry is, and as a student here, you’ll have a good start.

Another good reason to consider the USA for studying game development is it has outstanding universities. These educational institutions highly rank on global scales proving their excellence in teaching and research. Game development programs are offered in various universities built with the latest technology in the field. Being enrolled in an American institution will help you build a strong foundation in game development.

You can also explore different programs and specializations in American institutions, and you’ll see how broad the game development industry is. Educational institutions like DigiPen Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, and the University of Southern California have game development and design programs.

2. Japan

  • Reason: Internationally-recognized degrees, innovative technology, excellent foundation in the gaming industry

The home of the oldest video-game company globally, Nintendo, Japan, is the next top country to go to if you’re majoring in game development. Aside from Nintendo, they have various video gaming companies known worldwide. Looking at Japan’s history, they’ve started the gaming industry in 1973, and after decades, they have successfully built a highly profitable gaming industry. Japanese game developers significantly contributed to the world’s gaming industry, and they are known for producing the most iconic video games, such as Pokémon and Super Mario Bros.

Moving forward to their education, Japanese universities have an excellent standing in Asia and globally. Since they place a high value in education, they also have high teaching, research, and training standards. The programs and degrees they are offer are built with a curriculum that deepens and builds their foundation in the gaming industry. As a game development student here, you’ll get access to their highly acknowledged education and successful gaming industry.

Plus, Japan is highly innovative. In fact, they are known to be one of the most technologically advanced countries globally. You’ll be fascinated by how technology works in every industry, and it will widen your perspective in the gaming industry. Tokyo Polytechnic University and the University of Tsukuba are Japanese universities to consider if you want to study here.

3. United Kingdom

  • Reason: highly advanced facilities and laboratories, top-performing education, a huge gaming industry

Flying to the European side, the United Kingdom is the sixth excellent country with the biggest gaming industry in the world. They have an established video game development industry that continues to increase yearly.

As you study game development here, you’ll have an in-depth foundation of your program that will let you establish your skillsets and competencies. British universities have a reputation for producing the best professionals globally, including game developers. They provide extensive training, research, and other student activities to maximize your talents and potential. In these universities, you’ll get a comprehensive quality of education, combined with their advanced technology, so you’ll surely build your career path here.

They have various programs and degrees in game development that are open to local and foreign students. You can check the University of South Wales and the University Of Hertfordshire for game development and design programs.

4. China

  • Reason: employment opportunities, affordable tuition fees, quality education, a huge international community

As of 2020, China has the largest gaming industry in the world! For the past years, Chinese gaming companies have produced and developed games that are largely used in Asia and globally. They make up 25% of the total global market of the gaming industry. As it continues to grow and expand, more opportunities are waiting for game developers.

Another reason why you should study game development in China is they offer affordable tuition fees. You can study game development and related courses at a reasonable price and gain an internationally recognized degree without costing a lot. There are a lot of Chinese universities that offer game development programs.

More employment opportunities are also available for aspiring game developers in the country. Since this industry is growing, more developers are needed in the field. If you’re going to study here, you can consider Zhejiang University and Tsinghua University.

5. France

  • Reason: quality higher education, excellent research, and training, cheap tuition fees

Aside from the Eiffel tower and other landscapes, France is an exciting and leading country to study game development and related programs. Interestingly, France’s gaming industry has skyrocketed for the past years, and they are one of the largest gaming industries in Europe. With this, you’ll develop a deep perspective in the field.

More than that, France takes pride in its higher education. They have educational institutions that have a global standing, emphasizing their quality teaching, training, and research. As a game development major here, you’ll have an excellent start in the industry because they offer various learning opportunities in the country.

The LISAA School of Art & Design and INU Champollion offer programs and degrees in game development.


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