The German language is among the most widely used languages, with more than 100 million speakers worldwide. You can study this language in your home country, or through online classes. There are even mobile apps that offer free German language lessons.

However, these methodologies might not be enough if you’re looking to master the language at a professional level. Language learning requires a certain familiarity and practice that only a place where such language is naturally used can provide. For that, here are some of the best countries to study German abroad.

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Top Countries to Study German

1. Germany

  • Reasons: Availability of academic institutions, practice-oriented education, and lucrative careers

If you’re looking to study the German language abroad, it makes sense to choose Germany as your host country. Besides the obvious reason, you’ll find that there’s a considerable number of academic institutions that offer German language courses here. Some of the top choices are the University of Augsburg, the University of Mannheim, and Heidelberg University.

What makes Germany the best country to study German is the practice-oriented education. It means that learning the language is not limited to going over books and theories. You’ll be mostly practicing the language, helping you get more familiar with its nuances. Learning outcomes are also directed towards the use of language in formal and professional settings. If you’re looking to pursue other study fields in Germany, learning the language this way is an ideal first step.

The country is also known to offer lucrative jobs to professionals from other countries. Once you overcome the language barrier, it’s easier for you to explore career options that can bring out the best in you. Besides earning well, you also get a chance to work at some of the world’s top companies.

2. Liechtenstein

  • Reasons: Work opportunities, explore Europe’s hidden gem, and affordable tuition and living costs

It’s also worth learning the German language outside Germany and one of the best countries you should consider is Liechtenstein. Also called the Principality of Liechtenstein, this country is among the smallest in Europe and uses German as its official language. It is located between Switzerland and Austria, providing international students a convenient way to explore Europe, starting with its hidden gem.

There’s about one major university in the country, which is the University of Liechtenstein. With only about 800 students and 200 faculty and staff, you’ll surely receive more focused instruction and higher quality of education. Plus, you’ll put your German language skills in constant practice as you’ll be conversing with your fellow students and professors. This makes Liechtenstein an excellent country to study German.

After your studies at Liechtenstein, you can also consider starting your career here. It offers work opportunities across various industries, especially in Banking and Finance. You can even pursue advanced studies due to the country’s affordable tuition costs, which are around $900 per semester, and living costs amounting to $1,000 per month.

3. Austria

  • Reasons: Globally competitive schools, close to nature, and rich culture

With German as its official language, Austria is surely one of the best countries to study German. You also have access to globally competitive schools, such as the University of Vienna, the University of Klagenfurt, and Vienna University of Technology.

The country is also an excellent place to get closer to nature. Stunning sceneries of forests, mountains, and lakes beckon you all year round. Taking a step back from busy lives to appreciate how beautiful Austria is, need not take so much of your time. You can literally put your shoes on and enjoy a quiet hike. Of course, learning how to ski in the winter is also inevitable and this can surely get your adrenaline pumping, chasing the winter blues away.

If studies and nature don’t occupy all your free time yet, you’ll still find lots of things to do in the cities. Austria has a rich culture apparent in its food, arts, music, and architecture. Even festivals reflect the enviable culture this country has. Some of the events worth checking during your stay in Austria are the beer festivals, Christmas markets, classical music recitals, and the Old Town in Salzburg, which is a UNESCO heritage site. While you explore these, you’ll also have an ideal opportunity to work on your German skills.

4. Belgium

  • Reasons: High-quality education, vibrant nightlife, and cultural attractions

Learning and mastering a new language requires one to go outside the four corners of the classroom. It demands one to overcome self-consciousness and use the language in everyday life. Such is the case for learning German and Belgium is among the best places for international students to master this language. To start, the country offers high-quality education in its world-class universities, offering sufficient foundational knowledge and skills. Some of the top universities in Belgium are KU Leuven, the Catholic University of Louvain, and Ghent University.

Outside the university, Belgium offers a vibrant nightlife, offering you the perfect opportunity to put your language skills into practice. The universities can only guide you in the right direction and ensure you’re learning what you’re supposed to learn. But mastery is still entirely up to you, thus a socially active life outside the school is a must.

If nightlife isn’t your thing, which is highly understandable in many cases, Belgium offers numerous cultural attractions to make your stay more worthwhile. Some of the places you can visit are the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences, the Belgium Comic Strip Center, and the Waterloo Battlefield.

5. Luxembourg

  • Reasons: Crime-free, promising career opportunities, and first-rate education

Luxembourg joins the list of the best countries to study German abroad. When you’re living far from home and family, it’s typical to feel wary of your surroundings. With that, Luxembourg’s crime-free society can provide you with a safe place to pursue your studies. Despite its location in Europe, Luxembourg is also among the very few places where terrorist attacks are unheard of.

Another reason to study German at Luxembourg is promising career opportunities. The country has a robust economy and is one of the most prosperous in the world. Learning one of its official languages, German, can help you secure a lucrative career in Luxembourg.

Of course, the quality of education is often what international students consider when choosing the best countries to study German abroad. Some of the top universities in Luxembourg are the University of Luxembourg and Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.


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