Are you interested in traveling? Do you like working in a group or overseeing a team? If you have these interests, you might consider getting a degree in Hospitality Management. For years, this field has been a popular choice for incoming college students as its offers a wide range for your professional growth.

By studying Hospitality Management, you’ll have a lot of doors open to you. You can travel locally or internationally and be trained in various places. Another thing, since this field is broad, your career is exposed to limitless possibilities. You can be a manager or director in different hotels, resorts, restaurants, or others.

Now, the question is, where should you study? Taking a degree in Hospitality Management abroad is a great way to leverage your education. In this article, we listed down some of the best countries to study Hospitality Management!

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Top Countries to Study Hospitality Management

1. Switzerland

  • Reason: Top-performing hotel and tourism industry, world-class education, and comprehensive training

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best countries to study hospitality management. Looking at their hotel and tourism industry, this country has a top-performing sector as they have the best quality of hotels, resorts, and others. Switzerland’s hotel and tourism industry is huge as it is one of the main drivers of their economy. As you choose to study here, you’ll be widely exposed to their primary industry.

Another thing, Switzerland is known for its world-class education. Swiss education is highly regarded for its excellence in teaching, training, and research as they produce a comprehensive level of academic programs. Aside from having great experience in the country’s active hotel and tourism sector, you’ll get the most of your education.

Additionally, Switzerland has the best schools for hospitality management. The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland, is highly known for its education and training in the field. They are the top school for hospitality management education in the world. Other Swiss institutions like Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education also have a consistent position in global rankings, proving their outstanding performance in the field.

2. Canada

  • Reason: Broad employment opportunities, student-friendly environment, and top-performing schools

Flying to the top half of North America, Canada is an exciting country to consider if you’re eyeing to study a hospitality management program. There are many reasons why you should take a hospitality management program here. First, the hotel and tourism industry here is dynamic. Yearly, millions of travelers visit Canada for various reasons, and, as they receive these foreigners, they offer many tourist spots, hotels, resorts, and more.

In terms of education, we expect the highest quality. For years, Canada has been a top country for international students as they offer a great value for education for various fields, including hospitality management. They have a strong educational system that is highly respected in the world. In terms of quality of living, Canada offers a good environment for international students. This country widely welcomes foreign students as they provide various services for them.

Various Canadian colleges and universities for hotel management programs, such as Ryerson University, provide integrated academic programs in the field. Other colleges such as Centennial College and Humber College also offer various hotel management programs.

3. Australia

  • Reason: Highly performing educational institutions, a wide range of programs, great working opportunities, and a diverse community for international students.

It is globally known for its megacities and natural worders; indeed, Australia is a great place to study hospitality management. Australia’s hospitality and tourism industry is growing, and for the past years, hotels, cafes, restaurants have achieved billions of dollars. This emphasizes the need for a growing sector, opening many employment opportunities in Australia.

Higher education in Australia is broad and of high quality. Overall, they have 43 universities, and they have built their reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Some of these universities have a consistent position in rankings, proving their world-class academic programs.

Australian institutions also have a long list of academic programs. Here, you’ll find broad fields and many specializations for your degree. For example, the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Torrens University offers a bachelor of international hotel and restaurant management.

4. Netherlands

  • Reason: Innovative educational system, affordable living and tuition fees, English-taught academic programs.

Packed with the world’s famous icons, the Netherlands is a popular country for various industries such as tourism, foods and beverages, and hotels. As the Netherlands continuously attracts travelers around the world, their hospitality is increasing rapidly. It’s a good opportunity for foreign students to gather experiences in this growing sector.

If you’re worried about languages, well, you shouldn’t be. Dutch institutions offer a wide range of academic programs taught in the English language. Since they have an international community, they offer thousands of English-taught programs and degrees. Foreign students in the country enjoy the education and training that they experience.

Another advantage of studying in the Netherlands is that they have a low cost of living and tuition fees, compared to other European countries. You’ll maximize your education without spending a lot. Educational institutions such as Tio University of Applied Sciences and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences have hospitality management and related programs.

5. Hong Kong

  • Reason: Internationally recognized degrees, English taught programs, and diverse community

If you’re looking forward to studying in an Asian country, Hong Kong is one of the best countries to study hospitality management. As a center for business and trading, Hong Kong can give you a lot of opportunities for learning and working.

In terms of education, Hong Kong has universities and colleges offering internationally recognized degrees. So, as an international student here, you’ll get programs that are accredited locally and globally. It’s a great chance for your resume to be on top, as these programs are highly acknowledged.

Also, the programs are taught in the English language, so the language barrier is not a problem. Aside from having the chance to live in a dynamic city, you’ll gain a supportive international community as you study here. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a hotel and restaurant management school open to local and foreign students.


Hopefully, this guide to the best countries to study hospitality management was informative and helpful for you. Make sure to also check out our Scholarships Page for different information on scholarships and universities across the globe!